Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day

Do you have your towel at hand?  Today is both Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day!  So lay back and relax!  Wrap yourself in your towel and sleep under the stars of Kakrafoon, or for those of your looking for a bit more adventure – engage in hand-to-hand combat with your towel or use it to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.  Whatever you like, you big nerd – this is our day!

10 Nerdy/Geeky things I have done in the past 48 hours:

1.  Yesterday I saved confused, lost caterpillars from the hot tennis court by scooping them up with a leaf and put them back on their trees.  To be fair, we were at the tennis courts to play tennis, not just to save caterpillars.

2.  Last night I caught myself singing “Oh Doggy Dog” to the sound of Shenandoah.  To the dog.  More than once.

3.  The Hubby flies his pirate geek flag in Michael’s on Sunday:

4.  I wrote a blog post about Geek/Nerd Day and Towel Day.  And a facebook status update.

5.  I staged this photo specifically for Towel Day.  With my leather-esque bound omnibus of The HGTG.

6.  I’m a gal who knows where her towel is.

7.  I know that CONvergence is less than five weeks away.  I either lose geek points for not having a costume in mind, or win points for being anxious about it.

8.  This morning I whistled “Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to work we go!” as I walked to my car *and* I didn’t get embarrassed when my neighbor caught me doing it. 

9.  I played Anatomy Quiz and checked out the NASA app on my iPod Touch this morning.  Before 8am. 

10.  I changed all four of my desk calendars when I got to work this morning (Dilbert, Bunny Suicides, Sudoku, and Words of Wisdom for Women). 

Fess up!  What are you geeking out about lately?


May 27th, 2010 – Update.

One of my commenters let me know that saving tent caterpillars was perhaps not the most ecologically-smart thing I could be doing with my day.  Then I read this: Thanks, MPR.  Now my guilt is complete!

Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day
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64 thoughts on “Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day

  1. 1

    Wow – I didn’t know there was such a thing as nerd/geek day. Brilliant. I feel at one with my fellow geeks. Does watching Big Bang Theory season 2 dvd from start to finish, while blogging and tweeting qualify me to join in the occasion?

  2. 2

    I stayed up late last night to watch Pandorum. Then this morning, I had to reinstall my router so I could get internet access so I could read the blogs on bravotv. about Real Housewives of NJ. How sad is that?

    1. 5.1

      From your blog, I see you knew it was the anniversary of the Empire Strikes back, so that’s a complete WIN. And you know what Towel Day is, so I’d have to say you’re a true-blue geek!

    1. 7.1

      Ah….man! I actually said to the Hubby last night, “Watch, after all this, these are probably some invasive or harmful species that the DNR is trying to eradicate.” Curse you, tent caterpillars – you devious killer of trees and breakers of my heart!

  3. 10

    Oh yeah–I actually KNEW it was Towel Day before going on line. I also had to watch “The Engineer’s Guide to Cats” one more time on YouTube before actually searching for what I went to look for there.
    And I bookmarked a Steampunk Con before reading my three online comics: XKCD, Sluggy Freelance and Dr McNinja.

    And uh, I’d be just as happy if I’d made it onto Freshly Pressed to–and I’ll bet most would! 😉

  4. 12

    I totally forgot it was Towel Day! Epic fail. I was going to somehow have a towel with me all day. I’ll have to remedy this when I get home. But I’m probably not going anywhere once I get home, so it won’t be as much fun. ::scurries off to do geeky things::

    1. 15.1

      Muth-er, you’re embarrassing me! 😉 Just kidding, Ma – you rock in your own special geeky ways (who gets a Masters in Italian Renaissance History, anyway?). HGTG: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Towel Day is a celebration of the HGTG books and of the author, Douglas Adams.

    1. 16.1

      I learned about about geeks when I read “Geek Love” with my reading group. That was soooo not the book I thought it was going to be! It was definitely memorable, though.

  5. 18

    Oh my god! I almost missed Towel Day, thank you for writing about it or I would have forgotten…shame on me.
    I am proudly sitting here with my towel around my neck now.

    Loved the caterpillar saving story! Well done, they’re lovely fuzzy things. My duty since I was 8 years old is to rescue snails, yes, whenever I encounter one in front of me, I move them elsewhere so they do not get squashed. Of course, perhaps all I’ve done is the equivalent of a giant hand coming down to pick you up and move you 5 miles away from home (distances are huge for snails I imagine…)
    Anyway, HAPPY TOWEL DAY!
    I shall go write a small blog in honour of Douglas…

  6. 20

    update on the nerd-tastic events of the last few days:
    friday: my boyfriend and i had a date night at the griffith observatory. i took notes.
    saturday: went on “hike” to the park with a friend and ending up sitting on a bench discussing politics and futurama for a few hours.
    sunday: took the train to universal city walk for a coffee date. discussed the rising problem of obesity. and went home to re organize my books in alphabetical order.

  7. 21

    I did not know that it was Towel Day…But I love HGTG. I’m not big on Star Wars or Star Track but I am the Queen of useless knowledge…Did you know that Bush’s baked beans originally canned tomatoes who really needs to know that!!

  8. Meg

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to write an entry about Geek Pride Day! I had my towel with me today when I ran out to the coffee shop. Hooray!

  9. 23

    someone brought an old Nintendo Power magazine into work with a bunch of others and put a sign on them that said “take me”. I proceeded to snag the Nintendo power and out loud say “Yoink”. I then went back for the business one with an article about “Google”.

  10. 24

    1. I started my fourth blog last night

    2. I wrote on the menu board at work 4 Daily Celebrations and what foods to eat them with: Star Wars 33rd Birthday; Happy Tap Dance Day; Missing Children’s Day (observe not celebrate); Something Day

    3. Posted Happy Star Wars B-Day on Facebook

    4. Commented here on how I did some geeky things in the past 48 hours! and then proofread

  11. 25

    I simply wonder if the caterpillars were trying to get away from the tree, and you mistakenly undid hours of travel. I gues thinking like that makes me a geek too.

  12. 26

    when i was little, i used to save caterpillars. i had a caterpillar-rescue-911 song and a little dance i did before saving the caterpillars and i saved 17 caterpillars over the three years i did this (i kept a little Barbie notebook with the names I gave all the caterpillars I had saved and i still have said notebook ten years later)
    i did know it was towel day (but not nerd/geek day, that’s exciting), as well as neighbor day, tap dance day, and my first boyfriend and my monthiversary. its a pretty big day.

  13. 29

    Today I love….Happy Nerd/Geek Day and Towel Day…

    Thanks to Biodork, I can now wish all my nerdy/geeky friends (and family!) a Happy Nerd/Geek Day!!!! I wonder where I can find a list of all the ‘days’ – I wonder what ‘day’ it will be tomorrow?? As for Towel Day Well I……

  14. 31

    A fellow rescuer of small lifeforms – well done, you changed the world today!

    The difficult ones to save are moths and beetles near spotlights at night…still haven’t found a solution other than turning the light off.

    And I found you on Freshly Pressed as my own blog also popped up there unexpectedly today – I agree it’s very geekily exciting!

  15. 32

    1. I fixed up my desktop for the nth time today and wrote a blog about it. 🙂

    2. Will watch J-drama tonight and update myself about all things fangirly.

    3. Is constantly researching new words to use.

    I found you on freshly pressed and admit that I am happy that i did. Geeks rule.

  16. 33

    Those caterpillars… euw… (poor them, though. get lost and fortunately saved by you ;))
    And I wondering… is there really towel day? Is it really exist? Never heard about that before.

  17. 34

    Crazy, I’m a geek too. Didn’t know this before…
    Best I liked saving the caterpillars. That’s totally off-Nerd, isn’t it? It’s real life action, it’s empathy and it’s outdoors…

  18. 35

    I was just informed by my geeky significant other that I, too, am a geek—just because I’m a fan of Douglas Adams. Miss him—RIP. So, naturally, I had to read this entry. Thanks for the laugh.

  19. 38

    In addition to it being Geek Pride Day/Star Wars Day AND Towel Day, I am informed that it is also the Glorious 25th of May (for Terry Pratchett geeks).

    Come to think of it, the weight of sheer geeky awesomeness represented by this one day teeters on the edge of becoming a full-fledged Black Hole of Geektopia.

  20. 53

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