VA Firearm Safety Classes

Yeah for Kindergarden!  Who doesn’t love kindergarden????

8am – Play Time!
9am – Snack Time!
10am – Sing the Bananaphone Song!
10:30am – Learn the Colors!
11am – Lunch Time!
11:30am – Play Time!
12:30pm – Nap time!
1:30pm – Gun Safety Class!
2:00pm – Play Time!
2:30pm – Snack Time
3:00pm – Go home with Mommy(ies) and/or Daddy(ies)!

Hey wait…what’s that at 1:30pm?

Virginia lawmakers have tasked the Virginia Board of Education to draft a firearm safety education class for elementary students.

I think it’s a great idea.

As long as we have guns all over the place, we might as well teach children to respect the damn things and to not be afraid of them.  We teach kids to not play with fire, not walk alone after dark, not hang around swimming pools without adult supervision, we might as well teach them not to look down the wrong end of Daddy and Mommy’s hunting rifles and/or pistols.  Gun safety, I’m all for.  I don’t know if teaching kids how to shoot guns should be under the educational system’s purview; I think I’d have to go with the family’s wishes – maybe it would be an extracurricular club or an elective class?  The VA board of education hasn’t yet released any details about whether they would offer training in the use or maintenance of guns.

VA Firearm Safety Classes
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2 thoughts on “VA Firearm Safety Classes

  1. 1

    I second your opinion. If we don’t want parents to think sex education will make all their kids go out and have sex, then we can’t assume gun education will make kids go out and play with guns. Education about a dangerous subject is always better than ignorance

  2. 2

    I third your opinion. For better of worse, guns are all over the place, as are many dangerous things. The best course of action is always education. Ignorance about dangerous things will not keep us safe. (I think I’ll have some bumper stickers printed up.) I don’t think teaching kids how to shoot guns is necessary to understand them. But I’m not against gym classes going to the range – parent should definately be allowed to opt-out. The cost of going to the range would probably be the biggest hurdle for a school. I got my rifle merit badge in Boy Scouts when I was 10 years old (4th grade) and I think it was an appropriate age.

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