Affordable Health Care for America

All day yesterday I kept tags on the liveblogging of the House Health Care Vote.  And then at 9 or 10pm-ish (I’m getting the EST-CST zones mixed up),  I watched the House vote on Live.  It was incredibly terrifying to watch the numbers come in, but finally we achieved the 216 votes needed to pass.  The numbers on the screen were about 5 seconds behind the actual tallies, so at 215 we started to hear clapping, and by 216 the chanting of “Yes We Can!” was being taken up by the Democratic majority.  The final vote was 219-212 for the Senate health care bill, and 220-211 for the revisions package (Do you wonder what was going on in the head of the lone democrat who came on board for the revision package after voting against the health care bill?)

All in all, being the geek I am, I would say that was at least as exciting as the final minutes of some silly superbowl!  Of course, at the end of the superbowl, the winner is the winner and you move on with your life.  You don’t have to follow up with a  bunch of people who challenge the win, and there’s no messy paperwork – except maybe with the bookies.  Although, maybe there are some parallels between the total amount of money spent because of the superbowl and the cost of providing health care for 32 million Americans?

Finally, the following is an exclusive interview conducted by yours truly with the Senate Health care bill last evening:

Me: You just won the majority vote in the US House of Representatives.  What are you going to do now?

HR3590: I’m going to the White House!

Me:  You mean, after the Senate approves the revision package.  Then on to the White House, right?

HR3590: Biodork, quit harshin’ my buzz.  The Senate’s just a quick stop before I get to go see the Prez.

Me: Of course, Health Care, you’re quite right.  Congratulations on your win.  And ours.

Update 3/22/10 12:17pm CST:

Cafe Witteveen has a cool post from Reuters that lists the year-by-year health insurance reform events that will rollout starting this year through 2018.

Affordable Health Care for America
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