Good Riddance, Scott Roeder.

Today Scott Roeder was convicted – in 37 minutes – by a jury of his peers of the first-degree murder of Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortion provider in Kansas.

New York Times
AP News via Yahoo News

Everyone is happy that Scott Roeder received a just conviction…well, almost everyone.  I was intrigued when I went to google “Scott Roeder verdict”, and there on the third and fourth lines in the drop-down search bar was “Scott Roeder hero” and  “Scott Roeder defense fund”.  I went to a few of these sites and now I’m nauseous. 

One guy uses the phrase “Scott Roeder’s righteous, divinely-inspired assassination plot”.  There is a woman who has up a pulp-art style poster with the phrase “Blow the Whistle on Anti-Americanism!  Liberals, Gays, Muslims, Union Organizers…Report them all!”  This same charming female had the following post:

Don’t delay, get out and donate to the Scott Roeder Defense Fund right here (link not attached) note: yes, the Roeder Defense Fund link has been cleverly disguised as a “Planned Parenthood Dontation” link; this is to throw off the libs. In fact, this rouse is so clever that your credit card statement will even show “donation to Planned Parenthood”. Clever, no?)

This way, no one at your credit card company has to know that you’ve donated to a bigoted, hateful campaign that you’re ashamed to admit you support!  Yeah for privacy!

Good Riddance, Scott Roeder.
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    The phrase “safe, legal and rare” has been attributed to Bill Clinton as early as 1992. Googling “safe legal rare” yield lots of commentary about the phrase. I think most Americans on both sides of the issue would be satisfied if this phrase represented reality. The argument is about what means are used to reach that end. All I know is that the pro-choice/pro-life debate will rage on until that end is met.

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