86 thoughts on “Mitosis inexplicably found in popular children's candy.

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    That is beyond awesome. Seriously, Ralph and I were great Physical Anthro teachers, but we always failed at Meiosis and Mitosis. Seriously, still couldn’t explain it but at least now I’d have an excuse to bring candy to class. Sugar highs always disguise teaching fails, right?

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    Wow, that sounds like a fascinating and amusing discovery! It’s quite unexpected to find references to mitosis in popular children’s candy. The combination of post-holiday snacks and sharpies seems to have sparked some creative scientific humor. Anaphase does sound intriguing! It’s amazing how inspiration can strike in the most unexpected places.

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    The idea of finding mitosis in benign children’s candy is absurd and humorous. It creates an interesting contrast between complex science and something as trivial as candy.

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