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If you look up at the top menu, after the FtB stuff, you’ll find some handy links to help you find things you might be interested in.  Ever wanted to see a list of my speaking engagements, television and film edits, or publications?  You’re in luck.  Ever wanted to watch all my ukulele videos or see if you missed any? BAM done.  Wanted to easily navigate to my favorite posts? It’s up there.  Wondered about my résumé? Well there you go.

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I’m at the SSA Board Meeting, virtually, so that’s also going on.  Also… I got engaged.  Below I am proposed to on my birthday just before midnight; I propose on his birthday, just after midnight; our engagement rings.

I am proposed to just before midnight, 5/23
Ashley proposing

I also just moved into my first house I’ve ever owned — where the engagement pictures were taken — and my best friend in the world who I haven’t seen in 2 years visited me and was there too.  And that whole narcolepsy yes no maybe thing going on. All the things!

Menu Updates; Life Updates