TIL: Cheerios are flammable and McKayla Maroney is awesome

I’m sick and I have a ton of work, schoolwork and job work, so here are some random things.  First up, man protests the fact that General Mills supports marriage equality by setting a bunch of Cheerios on fire.

And they’re so sparkly when they burn!  Totally gay, if you ask me.  “Queerios”

Second, McKayla Maroney is basically the best vaulter on the planet and she messed it up badly, winning only silver in the event.  Let us stop for a moment and see that she is so good that landing on her butt after a vault put her in *second* still.  Anyway, as announcers always do with the gymnasts, they made her frustration with herself be about how she was such a bitch.

McKayla is not a bitch — she’s an amazing athlete who was pissed at herself for losing what was probably her only opportunity to win an individual gold at the Olympics.  She’s the best in the world and she fucked it up.  Why is anyone surprised or calling her a bitch for being unhappy with her performance?  It’s completely absurd.

Go watch how amazing she normally is: http://deadspin.com/5930714/relive-mckayla-maroneys-phenomenal-vault-in-super+slow-motion

That’s all.

TIL: Cheerios are flammable and McKayla Maroney is awesome