I get e-mail! Noboma fo fou mo yrs

The following is an e-mail I received from family. Feel free to go nuts in the comments.  Everything presented as it was, with names removed.

These are all govt stats & are only the tip of the iceberg.  What did you expect from a couple disbarred lawyers whose only “job” had been a inner city community worker?   Sure will be interesting to see if anyone but non caucasians vote for oboma husain for four more years of these stats.

He is the most inexperience President in our history.  He is the most corrupt President in our history.  He is the most destructive to our Constitution in our history.  Noboma fo fou mo yrs.

Subject: Stats


You decide – 4 more years????


I get e-mail! Noboma fo fou mo yrs

Nicholl: OMFG! please SEND via email! thx!

Congrats on your achievement in the Nicholl Fellowship Competition!

Formerly a producer with *** and lit manager with ***, I now run my own mgmt/prod co. Currently, I have client specs with *** and others attached/packaging them. Representing writers from every top contest, I discovered former Nicholl’s quaterfinalist *** and set his project *** up at ***.

I would love to learn more about you. Has your material already been exposed to the industry? Please also let me know if your repped or looking? I’d love to hear about your fellowship script…as well as the loglines to any others you have.

I sent my logline, as well as the loglines for other things I have.  I explained that I’d sent out the script to a couple managers, agents and productions.

Hey Ashley,

Good to hear from you and congrats again. Wow — how did those other people get the list so early? It just came out today. Would love to see the script. Can you send me a pdf.

First, I would like to say huge congrats on your Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist placement!

My name is ***. I am a producer:*** I own a new production company by the name of ***. I was mentored by ***, who produced *** and *** among other films. I am simply seeking out great, well-executed scripts to option/purchase, attach elements to (directors and actors) and set up at the studios.

My company recently received the Nicholl semi-finalist contact list as we do every year and we would love to take a look at a logline or short description of your script. If it is something that is up our alley, we will request the script and read it for our consideration.

About *** Prods:
*** Prods has several projects in development and pre-production and one film in post-production, ***: ***. Three of our projects were discovered through The Nicholl Fellowships. *** and *** are attached to star in our quirky comedy, Academy Award-winning director of *** and the *** franchise, *** is directing our biopic based on the life of ***, *** is attached to play the lead in our horror/thriller and three other projects we are producing with *** at *** Films.

We are looking forward to taking a look! Please send loglines or short descriptions in the body of the e-mail; no attachments please.

I sent my logline

please SEND via email!

Congrats on placing in the Semifinals! We’d love to read your script. Our company has found a lot of clients in the Nicholls and we’ve helped them achieve great success.

If you’re not familiar with us, please go to our website (***) and check us out. You’ll find our submission form attached so please feel free to reply with a PDF.

Congratulations again and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Ashley,

I’m sure you’re getting bombarded with email, so I hope this finds you well. I’m with ***, a writer-driven company based at *** Pictures.

We’ve heard great things about your script ‘Bible Con’ and would love to read it – we’re always interested in finding new material to produce and discovering new voices to work with.

Who knows if they heard anything at all, but it’s a classy touch to put my name and the script’s name in there.

I’ve also gotten an e-mail that I have yet to respond to because I can’t find any reputable info on the company and their contract makes me nervous.  Has anyone heard anything on Abbot Management?

Hey Ashley F. Miller,

Congratulations on being a Semifinalist in 2009 Nicholl Fellowships.  As you know, this is quite an accomplishment.

My name is Tim Lambert and I am writing from Abbot Management, a Literary Management company.

It is our hope that if you do not already have representation that you will send us ‘Bible Con or another one of your scripts via our submission form. www.abbotmanagement.com/screenplaysubmission.php.

We offer traditional representation and are also launching our “Buyers Login” which is further discussed on our website.

We never charge a writer a penny unless we are 100% directly responsible for the sale and welcome all of our writers to pursue alternate routes of selling their material. We also share our coverage with the screenwriter free of cost regardless of our decision.

If you decide to submit, please let me know so I can skip the queue and move your material directly into the needing coverage basket.

Nicholl: OMFG! please SEND via email! thx!