From great ideas I had and never executed…

I bring you the Waiting for Godot video game.

You may recall a couple months ago, an online video game based on The Great Gatsby went viral.  It is a strange game, and I watched someone play through the entire thing.  Because I'm more a game connoisseur than a gamer myself.  It was pretty funny, particularly as I developed an incredibly deep hatred of that book thanks to the fact that I was forced to read it in school.

I immediately suggested that we create a video game based on Waiting for Godot.  I blame this on 1) Theatre 101 humor and 2) the movie Waiting for Guffman.  I couldn't decide if it would be funnier to have absolutely nothing to do in the game or to make it super action packed, but since I know absolutely nothing about programming and the idea of not making a video game seemed just as appropriate to the Godot oeuvre, I just let it go.

But someone else didn't!  Someone else knew it was genius!  Thank you internet for answering all of my stupid needs.

From great ideas I had and never executed…