NaNoWriMo Character Brainstorm Vomit

Sometimes, when I have a hard time or am rushing through trying to establish characters in my mind in a sort of Fixed way, I do a big image search and try to set tonally what I want a character to feel like.

The Anti-Hero:

1.      Sex Male
2.      Age 30ish
3.      Height Tall Weight Thin
4.      Color of hair: brown; eyes: brown; skin: tan
5.      Posture: Catlike
6.      Appearance: Calculatedly disheveled
7.      Defects: Catlike

Class:  Upper
Occupation: Evil Overlord; Enchanted Forest, INC.
Education: Boarding School
Home life: Non-existant
Religion: Worships self
Race, nationality: Claims to be from nowhere
Place in community: Evil overlord/business owner
Political Affiliations: Big business
Amusements, hobbies: Being slightly malicious, bothering other people, magic tricks, grooming, stealing things

Sex life, moral standards: A big fan of sex, but easily bored by partners (who are generally princesses, so can you blame him?)  Moral, in a sort of chaotic neutral self-interested way.  Like a cat.  Willing to be heroic for things he cares about, like his secretary.
Personal premise, ambition: Originally, to take over the magical world through creating corporations and unions.  Now, to hold it together and not let his own inability to focus on non-active things destroy it.
Frustrations, chief disappointments: Secretary will not sleep with him.  Easily bored.  Currently, witches strike.
Temperament: Catlike
Attitude towards life: Alternately bored, malicious, and giddy with hate
Complexes: Narcissist
Extrovert, introvert, ambivert: Parasitically extroverted
Abilities: Magic, being really attractive, being entertaining assuming one’s entertainment isn’t lessened by moral qualms
Qualities: Arrogant, talented, impulsive, emotional, difficult to get to sit still
I. Q. Astronomical

The Heroine:

1.      Sex Female
2.      Age Very nearly 17
3.      Height: A bit short Weight: Solid
4.      Color of hair: A boring sort of reddish eyes: pale skin: freckled
5.      Posture: Depends on mood
6.      Appearance: Desperate attempt at sheveled despite peasant background and being outdoors a lot
7.      Defects: Stubborn, naive, is a teenage girl, snobby
8.      Heredity: Mother was maybe a witch, father is a farmer

Class:  Peasant
Occupation: Farmer
Education: Self, lots of books
Home life: Father is sick, field hand is old, she does most of the farm work
Religion: Nominally whatever the local thing is, but not religious
Race, nationality: Plains
Place in community: Bit of an outcast
Political Affiliations: Doesn’t know what politics is
Amusements, hobbies: reading, trying unsuccessfully to do magic

Sex life, moral standards: None, very high
Personal premise, ambition: Wants to become a witch to save her father and incidentally punish the idiots in her village who are total assholes to her. Later, to punish the witches and make them cure her dad. Also, to avoid marriage.
Frustrations, chief disappointments: Couldn’t leave to get an education because her father was sick, lost her mother at a young age, the stupidity of boys.
Temperament: Matter of fact, bossy, and easily irritated
Attitude towards life: Attempting to subdue it to her will
Complexes: A perhaps not totally merited sense of self-worth
Extrovert, introvert, ambivert: ambivert
Abilities: lifting heavy things, sticktoitiveness, fairly clever
I. Q. High, but not absurdly so

Additional: Touchy about her weight. She’s solid in the way of hardworking farm girls, which is to say not fat, but nothing like a waif.

The Princess:
1.      Sex Female
2.      Age 20ish
3.      Height medium Weight slender
4.      Color of hair blondeish eyes blueish skin fairish
5.      Posture rigid
6.      Appearance: easily mistaken for a beautiful princess from long distances or when wearing a veil
7.      Defects: Big nose, horsey face, bad teeth, acne, terrible makeup
8.      Heredity: Kings and Queens (inbred, no doubt)

Class:  Princess
Occupation: Princess
Education: Princess
Home life: Princess
Religion: Princess
Race, nationality: Regno di Fiore
Place in community: Princess
Political Affiliations: Princess (pro-monarchy)
Amusements, hobbies: Annoying yappy dog, makeup, pining, vanity, opining on things she doesn’t understand

Sex life, moral standards: Not til marriage, whatever her father/future husband says
Personal premise, ambition: To get married
Frustrations, chief disappointments: She’s not married for some reason
Temperament: Ditzy but sweet
Attitude towards life: Positive
Complexes: Seemingly unaware of her looks
Extrovert, introvert, ambivert: Extrovert
Abilities: None yet discovered
I. Q. Not very high…

The Secretary:
1.      Sex Female
2.      Age 20s
3.      Height medium Weight slender
4.      Color of hair regularly changes in a rainbow assortment/bald eyes black skin fairish
5.      Posture rigid
6.      Appearance: Bad ass bitch in a bright colors on black sort of way
7.      Defects: Pretty hardcore
8.      Heredity: Secretly a princess

Class:  Servant
Occupation: Secretary
Education: Private tutors
Home life: Involves drinking, partying and dragons
Religion: HAHahahahano
Race, nationality: Amalfia
Place in community: Secretary, scary person, badass
Political Affiliations: Pro-union
Amusements, hobbies: drinking, hitting people, getting tattoos, getting piercings, drawing, impeccable manners, embroidery (seriously)

Sex life, moral standards: Unknown, but won’t sleep with her boss
Personal premise, ambition: To turn Amalfia into a democracy when her father dies, to avoid getting pregnant until that point
Frustrations, chief disappointments: Her family is awful, her boss is usually an idiot, she could run the company better than him
Temperament: Stern
Attitude towards life: Stern
Complexes: Self-loathing, family loathing, sort of loathing in general
Extrovert, introvert, ambivert: Introvert who drinks to become an extrovert
Abilities: Change hair colors, doesn’t seem to notice pain, can ignore brutally stupid things, apparently never bored, excellent needlepoint
I. Q. Pretty high

NaNoWriMo Character Brainstorm Vomit