Guess who got posted about on ChimpOut again?

This might be my favorite ChimpOut thread I’ve been featured on because it’s so juvenile. I mean, it’s still racist and ignorant, but it’s also almost quaint in it’s schoolyard level antics.

For example, they said I was secretly a man by posting a link to Austin Powers:

They also seem to be under the misapprehension that I want to be martyred and decided to make fun of my self-descriptors by repeating them and laughing at them, which is so boring.  At least actually come up with something to say.  I swear even “Activists are lame” would be better than this nonsense.  And of course, wishing for my death.

Uh oh! Look out! We have a “polemicist, activist, nerd” after us! I’m quaking in my shoes. I’m sure she is hoping for “martyrdom” so that, one day, there will be an “Ashley F. Miller Day” holiday like MLK Day.

Guess what? No one gives a shit about you, your lousy blog or your views. You’re preaching to an empty auditorium. Your blog has MSNBC-level ratings and your views are a distinct minority in your city, your state and the country as a whole.

Please go choke on a negro dick and die.

I wish my blog got MSNBC level ratings, that’d be like a million people a day.  Guess it’s time to cancel Lawrence O’Donnell’s guest blog.

I also learned that they were technically not supposed to talk about “Coal Burning” on the site, which is fascinating as the entire goal of the site appears to be to say the nastiest, most racist shit they can invent.  But they have rules.

Which include looking forward to my death by beating.  I will say that the only time I’ve ever been hit by a man, it was by a white man.

Who gives a fuck? Really. She will be beaten to deff like all the rest.:

Sent from my non obama phone

inevitable statistic.

no loss.

I don’t know what an Obama phone is, but if these guys hate it, i want one.

Then they got in an argument about whether I was black because I have Sub-Saharan African DNA.  Sophisticated genetic understanding from these guys.  Also more about my imagined beatings.

she isn’t a coalburner she has african dna to begin with. Was just hiding, blacks in the past did alot of passing and pretended to be white.

It’s too ginger to be a nig, I think we can still classify it as a burner.

Still, it has the dead soulless eyes of an ugly girl who’s received one too many beatings from their pet nigger.

-Agreed. There’s definately a “looks at me” gene in her. Classic nigger DNA traits.

I find this denial of humanity and gender to be fascinating.  Like the guy who called me a man, it seems to be that to qualify for femaleness in their world you have to only have sex with white men, preferably just your husband.

I find this one interesting because it shows a deep lack of reading comprehension.  I was not given an ultimatum, there was no us or him, there was no warning, nothing like that.  So I didn’t really have a choice.  I’m no longer dating the guy, but my Dad’s still not talking to me, so I’m pretty sure it really didn’t matter what I “chose” after being alerted to my Dad’s racism.

How these dopes choose nigger over family is a mystery to me.

May her STD’s be fast and furious.

If having Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel develop in my nether regions is an STD… I’m really fine with that as long as they make out.  Spoiler Alert: They’re both half black.  And super gay (in my dreams).


But some of these guys do have a sophisticated understand of what I think about them:

Oh she’s an idiot. She think’s we are all YT; typical libtard stereotype of racists, she thinks we are all religious; another typical libtard stereotype of racists. Libtards don’t even have brains in their heads. They just pull out their script and regurgitate the same old tripe.


Fortunately, he doesn’t resort to any stereotyping in his descriptions of others.  What a charmer.

My main takeaway is that I am clearly a drag queen who will get to have a threesome with Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.  Not literally everything I want in life, but I can’t complain.

bringing willam makeup RAYLness
To Summarize: These assholes can suck my (admittedly imaginary) dick
Guess who got posted about on ChimpOut again?

14 thoughts on “Guess who got posted about on ChimpOut again?

  1. 1

    …I keep getting stuck on their comparing you to a drag queen as if that’s a bad thing, like, have they met drag queens? Their make-up is fabulous and outfits on point. Seriously.

    Also, can we thank an arbitrary divinity for Vin Diesel’s bisexuality?

  2. 2

    I’m straight as an arrow and I would pay ill price to watch Vin and Dwayne make out. I also wish I had msnbc ratings, even for they website. You go girl, and I admire your courage and humor.

  3. 3

    Will we get another barely literate racist in the comments insisting on their genetic superiority? Cos that was hilarious last time, they are the best argument against their own position.

  4. blf

    Snopes explains the “Obama phone” meme:

    Claim: The Obama administration created a program to provide free cell phones to welfare recipients.

    TRUE: A federal program subsidizes providers who supply telephone services to low-income consumers.
    FALSE: The Obama administration created a program to provide free cell phones and service to welfare recipients.

  5. 5

    I hope you don’t mind a tiny derail, but on the subject of the Obama phone that was one of the first times in a long time I’ve been exposed to my privilege. My father is very poor and has to move into a Medicaid-supported assisted living joint. We went to visit and they mentioned getting help setting up an Obama phone and I really had no idea what they were talking about. Nor should I.

    At any rate, I don’t really have much else to add. Racist shitheads should be exposed for the toxin that they are in society.

  6. 9

    I had to look up “coal burning”, which is having sex with black people.

    “Obama phones” I knew. Welfare recipients get cell phones, because they really need them. You have to have a phone number to find a job, and you need a mobile phone if you are homeless. Cheap mobiles on a simple plan are such a good idea that they were being distributed long before Obama. I can’t recall who was pres when it started, but I think it was a Bush. It has become one of those irrational hate memes that kinda backfires.

  7. 10

    I know there’s plenty after this that is far more horrendous and galling but I had trouble getting past this part towards the very beginning:

    Guess what? No one gives a shit about you, your lousy blog or your views.

    It always gets me when someone who has taken (what appears to be) an excessive amount of time out of their day in order to insult and denigrate someone they barely know, only to insist that no one cares about that person. Evidently they do, otherwise why would they bother?

  8. 12

    As someone married to a black man, I remember reading your story with horror. I’m lucky that both our families are extremely supportive. I always think it’s a point of pride to have idiots take the time to try to denigrate someone. It shows that they have been affected by you. Also, I would *totally* watch the Vin/Dwayne make-outs!

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