I Get Racist and Sexist Hate Mail

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In case anyone thought that the amount of racist hate I was getting had died down since my last post about this, I am afraid I must dispel that notion.

For those catching up, Thanksgiving of 2012 my dad ceased contact with me because he found out I was dating a black guy.  Just under a year ago, I got DNA results from 23andme that said I was part Sub-Saharan African, which meant that my dad either was part black or had married my mother and she was part black, making his disowning of me more perfectly awful.  In February and March of 2014, my blog was linked to by a white supremacist website, so I shared that.

Here, then, are the kinds of messages I’ve been dealing with in response to old blog posts.  Some day, when I have free time, I think I’m going to analyze how many of these messages focus on me as a broodmare or sexual object.  I particularly like the one that accuses me of starting Atheism+, which I didn’t have anything to do with, and the one that suggests I got moist at discovering my Sub-Saharan DNA — is that meant to be a sexual comment?


This women ashley. Is now only good for someone to scoot their balls over her puckered lips. She is lost. No one will marry this worthless c*nt.


Ashley, your dad is right. You are a race-traitor. You’re gonna get beat up by your black boyfriend someday !


You disgust me. Your father cries his eyes out every day and you do not even understand why.


Your no hero, your an animal. Your father is a good man. My heart bleeds for him that he had such a worthless cu$t of a daughter.


Your hateful spiteful c*nt. Your shitting on thousands of years of your white ancestors.


He disowned her out of love. And he put himself at risk, and the outed him.

She is pure evil. Hateful and worthless POS. Set about destroying civilisation right down to her own ex familys DNA.


 Have all the sex with black men you want – nobody really cares. But if you think one nutcase Stormfront guy is a reason to start the ridiculous Stasi-esque organization that is Atheism+ then you’re a real quality fascist. All decent liberals hate fascists. You’re “damaged goods” because you’re a fascist, not because you had sex with a black man.


interracial mixers are the lowest of the low… you are a self loathing DEGENERATE… the HATE is all yours.

for anyone to suggest the only way to not be racist…is to condone or be willing to mix interracially IS HATE.

you dont want to be WHO you are, so you use racism to deflect from yourself. there is nothing more disgusting than a person with the kind of sense of worthlessness you must have in order to mix interracially. you couldnt denigrate yourself more if you tried.


you are the lowest a person can be.


this author is lowlife garbage… she absolutely is completely repulsive to the overwhelming majority of white men she will ever meet in her life. anyone…but any man or woman that does play into her mental illeness,


So why did your dad disown you? Because you completely messed up his genetic legacy. You put his genes at an evolutionary disadvantage by investing his genes in someone with low genetic stock value.


Black men and white women have the highest divorce rate in the country. Black men have the highest rate of HIV and STDs in the country. Black men are infamous for bailing on the woman after she gets pregnant. If he does that to you, and you’re a single mother with a black child, you will have zero value in the dating market. Good luck finding a decent man who will spend his hard-earned cash raising some other man’s black bastard child.


its not your belief systems…. its YOU. there is nothing more disgusting than you.

your “belief systems” simply point to the source of your own self hatred and willingness to have degraded yourself. now its just a matter of your living in denial, of just how truly disgusting you are.

its you.


Avoid this hideous turds blog site. Just an uber attention whore.

With emphasis on the word whore.

Right look, the reason i find it detestable what she is doing with her pet knee grow. Is this. Not only if she has offspring will she destroy her own family forever.

But also they will contaminate other White people.


When you have certain blue-eyed, blond haired types get all moist at the idea that they “are not 100% white” there is something deliciously ironic about racialists snapping back with celebrations of ‘white culture’.

I Get Racist and Sexist Hate Mail

99 thoughts on “I Get Racist and Sexist Hate Mail

  1. 4

    How horrible to receive such intense, yet dull and rambling, hatred!

    That there seem to be so many like this when I never, ever (well, not since the early 80s, anyway) hear such words spoken within earshot of me – where I could respond… appropriately – says something about the underside of the rock these presumably-human things now feel the need to hide under.

    Not that such a fact lessens the stupidity and horror you – and thousands of other ordinary women – have to somehow put up with.

  2. 5

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  3. 8

    Well Ashley. one thing is for sure: you have certainly laid to bed the notion that racism is dead. And all these chowderheads who are writing to your blog complaining you should “get no attention” seem to be expending inordinate amounts of time giving you attention.

    I don’t understand Sally (post #1) however. “Brogressive?” What is that?

    This atheist thinks that anyone is perfectly fine doing anything they wish as long as it does not hurt another. That includes Ashley performing a courageous public service in outing these -ah- expressive and colorful (irony intended) individuals (none of whom I would bet are atheists).

    By all means, keep up with posts on atheism, sexism, racism, and other issues that affect everyone (not just atheists). The only way to counter such speech as you have put up with is more (and sensible) speech. Do take care though, because folk who write such things are not always content with being keyboard warriors.

    Bringing such hatred to the light of day is hardly “seeking attention.” It puts a spotlight right where it belongs, on those that would take our freedoms in the name of some ideology, whether religion, racism, or anything else.

    It takes real courage to write about the evils present in our society flowing just under the surface and out of sight. Courage will always overcome cowardice.

  4. 9

    I don’t understand Sally (post #1) however. “Brogressive?” What is that?

    Brogressives are those guys who are all in favor of equality and progressive ideas up until it impacts their own, personal privilege, especially having anything to do with their male privilege, at which point they quickly resort to being sexist douchehats.

  5. 10

    Wow. It’s always amazing to me that these types of people actually exist.

    A comment vis-a-vis 23andMe and “sub-saharan african”: absolutely everyone I know who has taken that test has shown some percentage of “sub-saharan african” in their results. I think mine is around 1.5%. I’m not a geneticist, and my evidence is only anecdotal of course, but this leads me to believe that we may just be seeing the fact of our common (and universal) african ancestry. But even if not, I simply don’t care if there is a supposed “black” ancestor in my past. I’m about as pasty white as someone with a scandinavian ancestry could possibly be, and nobody who looks at me will think anything else. So some distant relative doesn’t change the realities of my day-to-day experience.

    At any rate, condolences on the persistent hate mail, and on your fractured relationship with your father. Thank you for posting this stuff, regardless. I need to be less surprised at the real vitriol and hate that exists out there.

  6. 11

    As for the hate mail, well, Ashley, of course you know you don’t deserve this shit. But I will say it again anyway: you don’t deserve this shit.

    And I know you didn’t have anything to do with A+…but if you want to, you’re always welcome. 🙂

  7. 12

    Flewellyn at #9 wrote (forgive my inability to figure out how to use the blockquote function; didn’t come with my high school diploma. My wife is the software engineer around here, I am just a disabled vet and unpaid town councilmember):

    “Brogressives are those guys who are all in favor of equality and progressive ideas up until it impacts their own, personal privilege, especially having anything to do with their male privilege, at which point they quickly resort to being sexist douchehats.”

    I presume that I do not fit that category then, though if I were to make some claim on male (or any other) privilege, feel free to clonk me upside the head with a 2×4 to bring me to my senses.

  8. 13

    I presume that I do not fit that category then, though if I were to make some claim on male (or any other) privilege, feel free to clonk me upside the head with a 2×4 to bring me to my senses.

    I have no idea. I believe Sally’s comment was more general.

  9. 16

    She is old disgusting race traitor whore.

    Who gives a dayum what this pos (piece of shit) does anyway.

    Her kind are best to die out. Any offspring this psychopath has will look nothing like her, as they will belong to Alien buck.

    Also they will have mental health problems and be violent towards other people.

    Thousands if years of her family bloodline destroyed in one stupid whore.

    Those DNA tests are highly fraudulent. She is not 2 pc black. I read up about then a while ago. It says that they can only compare other DNA they have in their tiny database. It’s all make believe.

    Hey stupid old ugly played out whore ashley.

    Can you tell us about the 100 thousand rapes by black men against white women every year?

    And the 0 by white men against black women?

    Or how about Channon and Christie murder?

    Fuck u james u pussie mangina. In public you would shit your pants.

    Most people are starting to come round to is now. U liberals time is at an end.

  10. 17

    This women is what i like to eloquently call a shit fuck whore.

    I want to contact her daddy via email to express my solidarity with him. Stand strong White man.

    I feel for you so much that your POS (piece of shit) daughter would spit in your face like this. But its the way it is sometimes.

    When she is an old women, and she looks into the eyes of her mixed race mutant offspring and eventually works out she is less related to her own bastard childrens then she is to any other member of the White race.

    It will dawn on her in her dying light, what a total stupid shit fuck whore she is.

    And James, I hope for your sake you are not some idiot white man liberal. I feel sorry for you if you are. Come back to us brother, we are your family. We can forgive you ‘White man.

    We understand the brain washing you have been subjected to .

    Like the 100 thousand rapes against white women every year in USA by black beasts. And the 0 by white men against black women.

    Why doesn’t shit fuck whore Ashely campagn against that? Oh yea i almost forgot she is a worthless old ugly played out traitor tramp.

    Any woman who would throw her daddy under the buss for a man, is loser.

    And one that would throw her daddy under the buss for a pet she wanted to commit bestiality with, can only be described as a shit fuck whore.

    I hope the negro chimps on her, and gouges her eyes out, and pounds on her face with his baboon like fists.

    Thats what happens to alot of white women who go black.

    Other wise the buck just deposits some niglets and then runs off.

    Please move to Detroit race mixing ho’s. Let the black man provide you with his civilization he has built for you.

    A mud hut and a hat with chicken feathers in.

  11. 18

    Oh, look. The idiot, racist shit weasels found their way here.

    Dear racist white dudes: GTFO

    You are sick, sad, stupid people. What little brains you have are corrupted by lies and hate. You aren’t special. Your skin color isn’t special. Your kids are not better than other people’s kids. In fact, with you as dads, they’re at a distinct disadvantage. I feel sorry for them. Being related to people like you is so embarrassing. As you racists get more and more irrelevant and younger generations look at you and cringe, the world gets better for everyone. When you are all finally gone, not one of you evil racist scum will be missed.

    Her’s a song for you:

  12. blf

    At the time I am typing this, there are two examples of this vile and bugfeck nuts comments here in the thread, presumably by drive-by trolls. Whilst I won’t quote or even paraphrase any of the numerous idiocies expressed, there a tiny amount of creativity there: Invention of patently absurd statistics, re-writing / ignoring (modern) history, DNA testing to a work of fiction, and so on. None of it is actually any good, a kindergardener’s (pre-schooler’s) crayon drawings are more original.

    It’s not so much that these twits lack originality, it more that they lack a grasp of reality. Or of other views. At best, they just seem to talk to each other (and themselves), and hence don’t have a large base of thought upon which to feed. Original ideas are not created in a vacuum, but when you’re worldview is a near-vacuum, there aren’t too many original ideas.

  13. blf

    Correction: “…DNA testing is a work of fiction…” (No, not my claim, just a synopsis of one of the many claims in one of the bugfeck nuts comments currently in this thread.)

  14. 22

    Aha you liberal pussies cant win an argument.

    You are retarded. White men invented everything. You can’t change that.

    Real White men. Not your iq 60 beasts, not your liberal feminised man, not the evil race traitor slut.

    Pure 100% White not mixed men invented everything.

    You idiots dont get we have a monopoly on being smart. You calling us dumb and unscientif? It just looks ridicous.

    Now let me continue on some more if you please.

    Ashley F MIller is a shit fuck whore. She has committed bestiality with an iq 60 Negro beast.

    Her honorable father kicked the shit fuck whore out of his life.

    I mean can you blame him?

    As if any self respecting white man is going to sit at a table with negro best and be cool with it destroying his legacy.

    Not only did the slut Ashley fail. But he will feel like he failed his ancestors as well.

    Its very sad.

    All you little liberals getting your panties in a bunch now because morally you know you have no moral leg to stand on?

  15. 25

    @ClausViking, go away. I’m not really sure whether you’re trying to make people angry with disingenuous bigotry or whether you actually believe what you’re typing, but either way, you’re behaving despicably. Go away.

  16. 26

    Ashely can you remove photo of yourself from avatar please?

    I dont want to look at you. you have this pathetic “boo hoo im a victim look” I suppose your happy now that you get the attention you so badly crave.

    You can say you have been a victim of white oppression (smh).

    But really can you just fuck off to poofrica with your buck, and live in mud hut their please?

    The only victim here is your father.

    And any White person worth anything will feel his pain like a fist in the stomach.

    Your not in the White family any more Ashley. You cant come back now. 1 day in the future White people will have a homeland again.

    And you and your bastard offspring wont be allowed in.

    You and all you were will be lost in a sea of miscegenation & nothingness forever.

    Your drunk with idiocy celebrating your own defeat.

  17. 27

    I don’t understand Sally (post #1) however. “Brogressive?” What is that?

    Sorry, that was a bit cryptic. When Ashley posted a link to this article on FB, there were a couple of atheist, supposedly not bigoted men whose immediate first response was something along the lines of, “Why are you seeking this out,” or “Why do you want this sort of attention”.

    There are always a few like this, and they are actually a bigger problem than the racists. They lend tacit support to racist and sexist harassment because they treat such harassment as an inevitable force of nature instead of the actions of individuals with agency, and treat the targets of harassment as responsible for being harassed.

    Progressives are the men who think they’re humanist and egalitarian but who haven’t done the necessary introspection and personal work to make their actions match their self-identification. See also: Brocialists (they think class oppression is the only true oppression) and manarchists (ditto).

  18. 29


    Thank you for clearing that up. I do not have a Facebook account, and there are only three out atheists in my very isolated town on the High Plains. Curiously, we are all in the village government; the two women—my wife is the library director and the other is the village clerk—get the paid jobs 🙂 while I serve as an elected village board member for no pay.

    I am not really up on some of the issues that go on in “the atheist community” as we don’t really have one here.

    Brocialists? The only class struggle around here is trying to get my car through large herds of cattle on the roads. Wow, all these movements I have never heard of. I must get out more, apparently.

    As far as my own attitudes toward women, I was raised in a household that had no men (and I am the only living male in my family). Perhaps that had an effect on how I treat other people (regardless of sex, gender, “race,” or any other identification. I figure all people deserve respect unless they show themselves unworthy of it.

  19. 30

    Yeah, you look super-duper smart, Mr. racist douchebag.




    Your lack of scientific and historical knowledge are only surpassed by your inability to spell and use basic grammar.

    We’re all very impressed. Not everyone can fail so spectacularly at most everything.

    My favorite thing about you, is that you’ve never amounted to much in your own life, so you try to claim other people’s accomplishments via race and gender. It’s so delightfully pathetic. You impotent rage only makes you fit for score and ridicule and you type like a goldfish is flopping around on your keyboard.

    You are a joke.

  20. 32


    T3h wite peepull haf t3h monippley on t3h smurtness! Luke hao smurt i iz compeared to t3h blak gaiz wit t3h 60 aikyu!!11!1!

    That’s you. That’s what you sound like.

  21. 33

    Brocialists? The only class struggle around here is trying to get my car through large herds of cattle on the roads. Wow, all these movements I have never heard of. I must get out more, apparently.

    To be clear, these are mocking epithets, not self-applied labels.

  22. 34

    You know alot of people talk about a day of the rope.

    But I want a day of the stick. In saner times, White men would discuss what was the correct thickness of stick to discipline their wife with.

    Well on the day of the stick, all nasty white ho’s will be put on boat back to poofrica with their handsome black princes.

    Once you get to poofrica tho, you wont be able to sit around in section 8 housing smoking dried water melon leafs like you do here tho.

    Oh no, your be sent to work with the black women, harvesting aluminum cans to sell and insects and nuts and berries to eat no doubt.

    Then you will go back to your love nest. Which will actually be a nest made out of dried animals dung and bits of twig and stick. (tho to be fair, a birds nest is far higher craftsmanship then the black mans).

    You will probably have to experience weird sex for hours on end. Also black men often exchange wifes as well. So you have that to look forward to.

    Then in the evening the blacks will have a dance party to voodoo music, played on dried water melon skins.

    You will have to dance for hours on end to weird alien sounding beat.

    Im sure you will be very happy. I wish you all the best.

    But I really have one question. To sally and Ashley. Whats it like now, knowing you could never get a decent white man?

    I mean your chances were probably pretty slim before.

    But now its gone. You know, some decisions you make are forever.


  23. 35

    I got the mocking epithets when you described what brocialism was. Hence my comment on all the “movements” (intended to be pithy but apparently I was not).

    It is amazing the number of people with nothing better to do than spend the day spewing such vile writing at someone they never met though.

    At least I have an excuse for not being at work, as I am a disabled veteran. I wonder what theirs are? No, scratch that, I probably don’t want to know.

  24. 37

    Racist Asshat,

    If you are what you think of as a “decent white man”, I don’t think anyone wants one of those anymore than they’d want a case of crabs.

    Ew…….just ew.
    You’re nasty.

    You’re twisted little racist fantasy is creepy.
    Look at yourself.
    You’re harassing strange women online, making ableist, misogynist, racist, homophobic comments.
    That’s you showcasing the allure and classiness of white guys, huh?


    Yeah, I bet the ladies line up around the block to get next to you. 😛

  25. 40

    Funny thing is Jakie I bet you have Crabs. You certainly are more likely to, if you practice the same stuff as Ashley and Sally.

    The cool thing is, You girls are all in your twilight youth years now. A couple more years and you will have 0 power over any men.

    You wont be the cute hot young white chick the blacks want to bang. Your be the racist white slave owner women.

    And theres nothing you can do about that.

    Do you think a black man, wants to have his friends over and have some weird old cracker women in his house at the same time?

    Hot young white girl yes.

    Weird old Cracker hag? Really?

    So what becomes to old played out race traitors?

    Well indeed. Your have a hard time finding a White man, because your youth will be all spent on bucks.

    The White men you will meet will resent that they just get the crap part of the deal. The old moaning bitter women.

    You can of course buy cats i guess. But even cats hate old race traitors as well. And really its not fair on cats to impose your principles on them.

    If the cat could talk, im sure it would ask to not live with you either.

  26. 41

    I much prefer indecent white men anyway. Updated my profile picture to something more dragfabulous. Thanks for thinking I’m such a hottie 😉

    As a scholar, I have to say the thing I find most fascinating about the racist screeds is how inextricably linked the sexism and the racism are. You shouldn’t date black guys because getting a good husband and having good children should be your main goal in life; not having a good man is literally the worst fate that could befall a woman. The idea that a woman might not give a shit about her capacity to attract white dudes just does not compute. The idea that a woman might be in a relationship with someone of a different race for any reason other than rebellion likewise does not compute. The dependence on gendered insults of people who disagree with them (pussies and manginas) and the wish for sexual and domestic violence to be perpetrated against women, who are obviously “sluts and whores.” Apparently women should wish for the olden days when the white men were allowed to beat them without consequence.

    You know who has never told me that I should get disowned, sterilized, beaten, raped, or killed? Black guys. Way to make a case for yourself, racist white gentlemen.

  27. 42

    The reason is Ashley You very stupid women.

    Is that black guys don’t really see themselves with you, when they are 50 years old. They don’t place any demands on you, because they just want to get into your panties.

    See didn’t think of that one did you?

    Are you really going to tell me about how men are? You really think you know better then a man about men?

    Im just honest. Your no scholar. You attended a marxist institution and learned how to regurgitate some crap. Doesn’t make you smart at all.

    Smart is when you have a unique angle and perspective.

    Also you may be surprised to know that I was a liberal for years as well. I use to have black friends. I use to try and fit in. I thought the problem was me.

    After a while tho, I worked out that it had nothing to do with that. It was all to do with biology.

    I knew this black guy who dated white women. One after the other. When he was with them, he was like a little dog. Then he spoke to me, and said how much of a slut and bitch he thought they were.

    Black guys murder and rape women at a staggering rate.

    I like it how you say thats not true? and then you say you are a scholar at the same time. Do some research.

    To be honest Ashely, all your worth now is a black man.

    I want you to remember this post. Not today or even next week. I want you to remember it in 20 or so years time.

    When you grow up, even you will become less stupid.

    I once knew this very liberal women.. Hardcore. Back in the the days when every one thought liberals were cool.

    Well when she was about 42 she said to me, mind you i dont think its bad having someone who wants to work and look after you.

    Lol she just figured it out. That feminism had screwed up her whole life.

    You wont work it out either for a long time. But im sure when the doubts start to creep in, I want these words to be with you.

  28. 43

    ClausViking/ernie applegate has to be some kind of parody. The made up statistics, the easily proven wrong “facts”, the terrible spelling and grammar, the use of conservative buzz insults like “mangina” and “lib-tard”. I refuse to believe that anyone that stupid can operate a computer or mobile device.

  29. 44

    I feel left out, Claus. I am also dating a black guy. Surely Ashley isn’t the only one deserving of your ire? You could also have some fun attempting to insult my parents, because they’re very happy for me and think my sweetie is a really great guy. They’re always trying to get me to bring him to their barbecues.

  30. 47

    I’m guessing Claus the Viking is fixated on the achievements of white doods is that he has achieved so very little. So it’s the only way he can claim some importance for himself and prop up a seriously fragile ego … Going on his inability to write a paragraph that is. Sorry Claus but some fellas in history having invented stuff, ran some companies, countries even, doesn’t reflect well on you personally. We can see who and what you are and it doesn’t look good from any angle.

  31. 48

    Ashley – based on MRA accounts of when women lose their sexual power over men, and this remark

    You girls are all in your twilight youth years now. A couple more years and you will have 0 power over any men.

    I’m guessing he thinks you’re about 27.

    Totally not grown up, because, you know, tits. Or something.

  32. 49

    Jackie wrote:
    James, could you not shit on people without jobs? That’d be great.

    Perhaps I did not come across clearly. I was not “shitting on people without jobs.” I don’t have a job either. I was noting that these particular individuals with nothing better to do than sit around writing hateful remarks seem to have nothing better to do. I know if I were an employer looking for new workers such folk would not be high on my list to hire.

    They sort of remind me of Cliven Bundy’s supporters. They apparently do not have jobs either.

    Lots of people without jobs do something about it aside from picking a random person out of the blogosphere to spew astroturfing hatred on.

    However, I will try to use more care in the future when I post to ensure I do not tar everyone with the same brush.

  33. 51


    Your problem is idiocy. You think that some how you are in a battle against me. And by dating beast, you some how win.

    You also make the mistake of thinking that I care that much about it.

    Heres the thing. Your not my daughter. I don’t care that much.

    If i had a child tho, and you wanted your mutant offspring to marry my child, Then I would care.

    You don’t seem to understand, your not hurting me, by doing what your doing. Your breaking your own genetic chain to your ancestors.

    Those thousands of years of struggle. They lived in hash conditions and survived. whit out them doing that, you wouldn’t even be here.

    Your not offending me. Your taking a dump on all their effort.

    I hope that when we die there is an after life. I hope you get to meet those ancestors of yours and explain to them why you think its good what you did.

    Ya know. do you really think your ancestors from a few generations back, would have even bothered to have offspring, if they thought that you would come along and just insult all their work?

    Mixed race people Sally are nothing special.

    The Arabs are not a race. They are just mixed race people. Thats the end result of mixing race. So are the Mexicans.

    They are mixed race.

    Look at the Portuguese. They were at one time full White. Then they brought in some blacks from Angola. The black vanished into the Portuguese population. Totally absorbed.

    And then Portugal went from being the leading power in Europe to the total failure. Its basically a 3rd world country today.

    They are probably only about 10% or so mixed. But its enough to destroy them forever.

    What you had was special, you were rare and unique. What you have now, is worth nothing.

  34. 52

    How can anyone who writes like that call others “stupid”.

    Seriously, Clausvonwunderdouche

    Are you day drinking?

    Are you typing blindfolded?

    Perhaps you’ve been giving dictation to your dog and the dog s doing the typing?

    I get that you are trying so hard to be insulting. Instead, you merely manage to be ridiculous and gross.

    Be honest, you’re really just angry that other people have found love and you only have toxic levels of hate and jealousy. It must suck to see a happy, successful woman like Ashley have so much, when you have so little. It must burn your buns to know you ain’t shit. You woke up white and male again today and nobody gave you a cookie or even gave a damn. You want so much for your color and gender to make you special because you don’t have anything else going for you.

    You’d just be a riot at parties, if you ever got invited to one that didn’t require white hoods.

    j/k You’d still be a creepy, hate filled, dolt.

    Please find a deserted island and maroon yourself there.

  35. 55

    Jakie when you cant attack the message, instead attack the presentation. I get it, I use to be some what liberal myself.

    Why would I be jealous of Ashely? Im not going to want to date her now, after she has had black pipes inside her body.

    I mean I wouldn’t go in to restaurant in ook hiyo, and start eating a black mans half eaten beef burger.

    So why would I want a black man to have sexually have used what would have been the most important person in my life?

    The person that I was going to be prepared to do and give everything for?

    I feel sorry for Ashelys dad and thats about it.

    I woke up today white. I don’t go out much now, because I live in an area increasingly filling with non whites.

    And its very unpleasant to live here. I normally do some work. Surf the net a bit. And a couple of other things.

    Im probably going to blog off this blog site now.

    Its been a satisfying release. And I learned some stuff as well.

    I learned that your alot of you, are not really hate filled marxists. Alot of you are just very lacking in knowledge.

    A shame Super Claus could not get here earlier to save poor ashley from black bucks pipe. But maybe other people will read this, and be able to stop them selfs making the same mistakes.

    Dont let ashleys sacrifice be in vain.


  36. 56

    Given racist asshats like Claus like to use allusions to monkeys etc as racial put downs I wonder if they accept evolution and the fact we are all descended from some chimp with a chromosomal mutation? Or do they mix their racism with a level of religious fundamentalism and science denialism … I’m guessing on science denalism as there is no way you could square ridiculous views like Claus’s with the fact that we are all very closely related as humans. The tiny bit of genetic code that scripts for eumelanin and pheomelanin production has no more effect on “superiority” than the bit that codes for handedness. My wife is seriously freckled and has red hair, does her over production of pheomelanin mean she is more or less superior than me? I must know the answer!!! Totally daft.

  37. 57

    YAY! A special racist message just for me.

    A special message that I was special for being white, but am now nothing because I periodically have sex with a black dude.

    So awesome. I feel like I’m doing my part for humanity today.

  38. 58

    Oh and of course, my lady bits are just like a half eaten burger. Sounds exactly like those misogynist abstinence-only sex education programs. Dicks are so powerful, they’re like viruses or dirt, they contaminate vulvas. Especially black dicks. But they’re also special and amazing and awesome! White dicks, of course.

    Don’t stop now, Claus. Maybe there’s SOMEONE out there you can save from brown-colored penises.

  39. 59

    Claus keeps talking about “his” offspring. I have so many questions.

    You don’t have any kids, do you “Claus”?

    What happened? Did your girlfriend leave you for a tall, dark, handsome man?

    Were your parents horrible racists who forbade you from learning anything at all?

    No one is born this fucked up. What was it that made you that way? Was it low self esteem and peer pressure?

    Are you even out of school?

    Have you ever received an education at all?

    How do you get wifi under your rock?

    BTW, I know three interracial couples in which the man is black and the woman is white. They’re all 3 married and have bee together for years. One couple is in their 50’s. So, if you are waiting and hoping to see those ladies get their comeuppance, you’re going to be waiting a very long time.

    You, on the other hand, have to live with yourself. Looks like they got the much better deal.

  40. 60

    What message? Your racism is not supported by facts. You predictions are pure fantasy and on top of all of that, you’re a stupid asshole.

    You’re wrong.
    You’re a hideous failure of a person.
    If you had the brains nature gave a newt, you’d at least have the sense to be ashamed.
    But, you don’t. So, you aren’t.
    Even if you weren’t dull as dishwater and twice as grimy, you’d be wrong.
    There is no need to debate you, but it sure is fun to mock you.
    You’re a clown.
    Go on, clown. Make us laugh. Tell us again how women should try to land a quality dude like you.

  41. 62

    Hah, I see the little racists have arrived. I love Claus’s impotent fury, pounding his tiny fists in fruitless rage like a bee in a can! Go on Claus, fill the thread some more with your hamster-wheel musings. (Hint: you’re getting nowhere, oh mister superior white man.)

  42. 63

    Claus doesn’t have to worry about eating any lady-burgers. He’s too full of sour grapes.

    You’re jealous of Ashley, Claus. She has things you never will, like self respect and integrity.

    I also live in a racially diverse neighborhood.
    I like it just fine.

    Especially if it keeps creeps like you away.

  43. 64


    Your nothing. Neither is sally or Ashley.

    I salute James, he is a hero. I don’t agree with the wars at all. James is the only poster on this thread that is worth 2 fried chicken sticks. In the old days he may have even have fought in a war that was good for white people. But there hasn’t been one of them for a long time.

    All you nasty white women, will be bitter nothings. Its like watching a dog eat its own puke. haha.

    You could have been respectable women, you had the opportunity to be decent and selfless and maybe even to stand behind a decent man like James.

    But you gave in to temptation and your own vanity. You try to ware words like integrity and dignity. But to you they are just talismans that mean nothing.

    As i said, one day you might work out, that great people give and sacrifice. They don’t demand and take, and complain.

    People that do that, are normally miserable.

  44. 65


    It’s “You’re nothing”

    You used a possessive pronoun in place of the contraction that means “You are”.

    Sally should be capitalized and “Neither is sally or Ashley.” isn’t a sentence.

    Keep the laughs coming, genius. It’s a hoot.

    Do go on about who is bitter, man who sought out a stranger on the internet to rain bigoted, angry screeds upon. I’m absolutely riveted.


    …and don’t leave out what temptation we gave into and what sacrifices you’ve made to make you so great. It’s not like you’d demand women believe your stupid, racist shit to have value or try to take away a piece of Ashley’s happiness with you’re hate mail, all the while hiding behind a nym like a pants pissing coward. Oh, heaven’s no. People like that are usually miserable. Not at all the sort of thing we’d think of you, strange cowardly, racist dude. You seem so well adjusted.
    (In case you are too dense or drunk to notice, that was sarcasm.)

  45. 66

    …and it’s spelled “Jackie”. See it up there by my avatar? (That’s the little picture by our nyms.)

    Yeah, that’s how it’s spelled. It was right in front of you and you misspelled it every single time.

  46. 67

    Hey difference is, Jakie. That I didn’t have your 200 thousand dollor education.

    That seems all you leaned to be able to do at college. Is learn how to spell well.

    Look how shit and boring Ashelys posts are. She has to submit her self to getting poked with black pipes, so she then has something interesting to write about.

    Her writing is so dry and boring, and tedious.

    I however have no education. And my posts, are fantastic! Basically you either have it or you don’t.

    Sure I dont have good presentation. My posts are as ugly as Ashelys face with out make up.

    Also I look at her photos and see she has saggy guy. Gross!

    Has she already had babys? She looks like she is 40?

    She is probably infertile already. Which is good, she wont produce any mutants.

    She has very ugly nose, kind of angular and square looking face, with sagy gut. And now she has black contamination as well.

    She’s not exactly deal of the day is she? hahaha.

    Like i said tho, If she put on all her make up, and put her head back and puckered her lips up, I would still like to scoot my balls over her puckered lips.

    The reason for this is, that i find this highly erotic and sexually stimulating act. If you were real ladys, I would never say that stuff to you.

    But your worthless sluts. And so I actually only see you now as sex objects. If Ashley wants to kneel there thinking she is empowered feminists while I rub my balls on her lips. This doesn’t bother me at all.

    She can even write one of her boring and poorly reserched papers on it, and even like she just done, Tell people she is a scholar.

    HAHA. Some scholar. She got a 200 grand education from communist joo’s, so that she ended up with black pipe’s in her.

    I bet the joos are laughing them selfs sick at how stupid the goy are.

    They get white people to pay 200 grand, so there daughters can race mix with beasts and then turn their own father into the joo media and loose his job and everything.

  47. 68

    LOL! It just keeps getting better. Stay classy, dude.

    I’m a stay at home mom who holds no college degree.

    Find another excuse for being dumber than a sack of hammers.

    No, your writing isn’t good or interesting. You can’t even form a sentence properly. You’re hopelessly incompetent, utterly repulsive and the only way you get your sad sack wet is when the toilet overflows with you on it.

    You’ve really showed us all exactly how superior your race and gender make you. Thanks, loser. It’s been swell.

  48. 69

    Jakie does that mean my tax money is going towards sponsoring your faulty man picking skills?

    Right if you have a husband that works, I think what your doing is perfectly fine (providing kids are white). But if you just got knocked up and then your on butt all day long, thats bad.

    But its not so bad. If you have white children and are under 35, you might still have a shot. I will tell you how to do it.

    1st, loose your crazy ego when picking men. You don’t deserve brad pitt or a millionaire.

    2. Try to avoid assholes and super over confident guys. There is a reason why you like them, and so will all other women like them as well.

    3. Once you find normal guy. Make a big effort to be sweet and nice. Dont argue with him, or think some how that by being stroppy and moody some how this till make your life better.

    4. Focus on your world. Dont compare what you have to what angelina jollee has.

    5. Try to find some positve things to be intrested in. Not only is feminism and liberal crap stupid, its also cheesey and oh so 90’s.

    Ok there are some pointers. I think there are some men out there that might give you a shot. Unless your fat. If your fat you have to at least try to loose some weight.

    I would date a woman with kids now if they were under 25 (I am early 30’s). Before I wouldn’t compromise like this.

    BUt now I think that, some women just do stupid things. As long as they are not evil. I suppose nowadays, I would say, as long as they have some kind of morals.

    Like I can understand them having a 2-3 different previous guys. I would give them 100% and not think any less of them for having kids with other guy.

    But if they are covered in tattoos and talk about previous guys, I would just try to get in quikly with my special ball scooting manouvre before making a dash for it.

    You know, I have to scale down my expectations. I obviously would want a beutiful young (18) girl how had no experience with other men.

    But thats not going to happen nowadays. But i refuse to believe all women are nasty. I think there are some nice quirky and weird ones out there.

    But yes jakie, it sounds like you still have a shot. Dont give up! Your in better position then silly sally and ashely.

    lol they have a “black mark” on their dating record! hahahha.

  49. 70

    All here who would like to date Claus Viking say “Aye”.







    *an owl softly calls*




    *wind in the trees*


    Yeah, that’s about what I thought.

  50. 71

    OMGlessness, did you just try to advise me on how to live?


    Dude, I could live in a leaky tin can at the bottom of a lake, surviving solely on my own earwax and I’d still be doing better than a racist hatemonger like you. Worry about yourself.

    1. How my family does what we do, isn’t your business. We do just fine and we do it with love you will never know.

    2. We’ve been married for 18 years. I don’t need your advice or your approval. You’re a barely literate, idiot clown with serious issues and very little else. I could not possibly respect your opinions less. What you don’t know about love and family would fill a library. In fact, what you don’t know in general could fill several libraries.

    3. I never said my skin color, my husband’s or my kids’. I didn’t say my kids were biologically related to me at all. You can re-insert your presumptions back in the orifice from which they came.You don’t know anything about anything.

    Go be miserable and clueless on your own and leave Ashley alone to enjoy her awesome life with her wonderful boyfriend.

  51. 72

    Jakie does that mean my tax money is going towards sponsoring your faulty man picking skills?

    Why shouldn’t it? My money probably helped teach you to read. Which was clearly a total waste of time and effort as well as being a huge annoyance. Other people? Maybe not so much.

  52. 73

    Is it just me, or do the racist trolls actually seem to get dumber every thread?

    Klaus up there seems somehow less intelligent than the main troll in the last post.

    She got a 200 grand education from communist joo’s

    Given that they apparently run all of higher education and, in the racist alternate universe, are taking over the world, you’d think that racist fuckwits would revere Jewish people as being clearly superior to white people (who, after all, evidently couldn’t stop it).

  53. 77

    Well, I don’t know about being a hero. I look at it more as being on the wrong Navy vessel at the right time.

    As for the rest of the messages, I will have to take some time to read, as I have been out of town for two days, and it appears I may have missed a lot whilst I was gone (or maybe not). . . .

  54. 78

    I am amused that Claus is in his early 30s. For some reason, that makes him extra funny. Like, if he was a bitter old man, it would be sad but sort of understandable–different era and all that. But early 30s? Wow. There’s decades of failure ahead…

  55. 80

    Glad I’m not the only one who got a chuckle from that.
    I especially liked how he talked to the women here as if he was much older and more experienced than us. That was hilarious.

  56. 81

    Spelling and grammar like that and the racist sexist jerks wonder why everyone NOT them is beating them out for jobs?

    Good grief.

    I just don’t get them. Pathetic dinosaurs bleating at the asteroid of progress.

    Yeah, terrible metaphor, it’s early.

    Ashley, you’re awesome, don’t let the sad and pathetic get you down.

  57. 84

    I would just try to get in quikly with my special ball scooting manouvre before making a dash for it

    Holy shit, that’d make an awesome t-shirt. Or maybe a punk band. “special ball scooting maneuver” Or maybe spell it like one of those euro-peens do: “special ball scooting manoeuvre” cuz that’s more intellectual-sounding.

  58. 86

    @ClausViking – May 13, 2014 at 6:38 pm (UTC -4)

    Notice how the troll invents physical problems and imputes them to Ms. Miller. I suspect that in reality, the troll has physical & mental problems, and projects them onto others. What a sad person.

  59. L.

    publish the contact details of these bastards, hopefully the bile the put up will make it back to their employers, and their spouses etc, and their lives will be totally fucked!

  60. 89

    Oh, Ashley, I feel bad that I didn’t welcome you to GORT when you first published your sad story about your dad. I hadn’t thought about GORT in quite a while, what with most people around me these days being sane and not floridly racist.

    What is GORT, you ask? Grand Order of Race Traitors. I’ve been a member since 1966 when I was friendly with the black kids that desegregated my high school in South Carolina. Didn’t call them names or worry about them raping me. My degradation got worse though. I married a good pure white German-heritage boy, but my sons both married women of Not-White, one Hispanic and one Negro. ALL my grandkids are racially mixed.

    It’s really cool.

    My father says he used to enjoy the looks on some people’s faces at the Walmart in his little East Texas town when those beautiful dark children call him Grandpa, but these days nobody seems to notice much. Even in small towns in East Texas it’s just not that big of a deal these days. Poor little ClausViking must be so lonely.

    So enjoy your membership in GORT. Even if you never have a kid, even if you break up with your black boyfriend, you are forever a member of GORT.

    You’ll enjoy it. We have the best cookies.

  61. 90

    It really eats the white racist up knowing that the fact is that every single one of them has a black ancestor. They can deny and whine and cry and threaten, puff up and posture but the truth is out. Belligerence and threats are a poor substitute for standing up, facing reality, being a responsible adult.

  62. 91

    I’m really sorry that you still have to deal with that shit. The intersection of racists and misogynists are the worst.

    I still must say that people like Claus Viking are a walking and talking clichee. Apparently he has nothing in his life. No loving partner, not cuddly kid, probably not even a dog and an intellect as brilliant as coal. The only thing he apparently has is that he shares a skin colour with some people who did great stuff. He will never shine on his own or be able to write a correct sentence* so he needs to take refuge in racism.

    *I’m generally not a fan of mocking people for poor spelling and grammar. There can be many reasons for this, from having a disorder over not being a native speaker* to having been unable to get an education**, but I’m all for it when combined with claims to superiority.

    *Though I doubt that in his case. “Your” instead of “you’re” is a mistake non-native speakers hardly ever make
    ** Only that you can still do a lot on your own. If you value education, that is, and don’t think that you’re already brilliant by being white.

  63. 92

    The “disowning out of love” thing is particularly mind-boggling.
    I can’t even. Does not compute. So space-and-time-bendingly backwards… how?

  64. 93

    My weekend with the Negro-beast–err, my sweetie–was lots of fun, thanks for asking, Claus. We went out to see Godzilla, which was a pretty good flick. Especially with 3-D.

  65. 94

    I call Poe. Perhaps argument from incredulity… I can’t believe that a human being exists with the combination of ignorance and “asshole-ness” exhibited by Claus.

  66. 95

    Claus @ 69 giving advice:

    “1st, loose your crazy ego when picking men. You don’t deserve brad pitt or a millionaire.”

    I’m pretty sure you are neither Brad Pitt, or a millionaire. As for your ego…

    “2. Try to avoid assholes and super over confident guys. There is a reason why you like them, and so will all other women like them as well.”

    Well that pretty much puts you out of the running.

    “3. Once you find normal guy. Make a big effort to be sweet and nice. Dont argue with him, or think some how that by being stroppy and moody some how this till make your life better.”

    Don’t forget the burka. Always wear your burka when going outside.

    “4. Focus on your world. Dont compare what you have to what angelina jollee has.”

    Great advice. Doctor heal thyself.

    “5. Try to find some positve things to be intrested in. Not only is feminism and liberal crap stupid, its also cheesey and oh so 90′s.”

    Indeed, don’t go with passe trends. Instead go with the classics like racism, bigotry, misogyny, and plaids.

    “Ok there are some pointers. I think there are some men out there that might give you a shot. Unless your fat. If your fat you have to at least try to loose some weight.”

    Absolutely… a shot… sounds wonderful… line up girls… there’s guys out ther willing to give you a shot… because according to ‘ol Claus (the Viking) that is your value… a shot from some men who might, not guaranteed mind you, but might give you a shot… please for the love of small furry animals take this heart felt, compassionate advice from the o so humble non-egotistical “Viking”.

    “I would date a woman with kids now if they were under 25 (I am early 30′s). Before I wouldn’t compromise like this.”

    Poor kids. The only reason this guy would fuck their mothers is because he thinks no single woman under 25 would have him. So in his mind he is tolerating the presence of children because otherwise he would not be able to “fuck anything under 25”.

  67. db

    Perhaps my skin is too thin, but being reminded that people like Claus exist rapidly makes me very depressed.

    Notice how he is both a vile racist and MRA, the latter including paternalistic admonitions to avoid the type of men he dislikes – probably due to envy – and instead to go with a stable, appropriately conservatice, altogether nice guy like himself.

    Ugh. I need to stop coming on the internet.

    Ashley, I am sorry that you – or anyone else, male or female or something else, white or black or something else – has to deal with appalling vitriolic hatred like this.

    I am glad that you are able to continue doing good things despite that; I might not be able to do the same were I in your position.

  68. 97

    I am just old enough to remember formal segregation in the South.

    My father was stationed in Maryland in the 1960’s. (Both my mother and my father were in the Navy when they met, he was killed in Vietnam when I was seven.) My family lived on the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River. (Military bases at the time were integrated, but Dixie was not.)

    I attended racially-segregated schools in Kindergarten and first grade (as a white). Most businesses in the area were segregated as well.

    I was not raised in a household that did such things, and my family had very long talks about what went on in Maryland and that our family was not like that.

    One story sticks out in my mind very well from my childhood.

    My sister and my own best friends at the time were two African-American kids our age named Marshall and Sylvia. Across the street from us was a woman named Thelma and her daughter Wilma (from Georgia I think).

    We regularly played with all three. Marshall and Sylvia were not welcome in Wilma’s home due to her mother’s attitude, nor was Wilma allowed to go to their home. (We normally played at our home.)

    Thelma would frequently come over to my mother and ask her how to deal with uncomfortable questions Wilma asked her (like why can’t Marshall and Sylvia play at our house or why can’t I go to theirs). My mother would usually respond with “that’s your problem.”

    There was a particular humorous vignette that sticks out in my mind as well. One day my mother was mopping in the front of our house, and Sylvia came over and started climbing up our rose trellis. My mother yelled at her and told her to get off it or she would throw her bucket of mop water at her.

    Sylvia’s mother yelled across our yard, “Don’t come dripping on my clean floor!” (My mother was friends with her.)

    Many years later, when I returned to the South (as I was stationed in Virginia when I was in the Navy), I could see while the legal segregation was over, the attitudes were not. I wonder today if they ever will be.

    People with attitudes like Claus’s still existed in Virginia Beach when I was stationed there in the Eighties and Nineties: I suspect not much has changed since.

  69. K

    Using socially conservative males’ same logic, one could quite easily argue that since men have greater susceptibility to lots of wacky genetic diseases and since they’ve had to play dirty pool with women to get on top, that women are the smarter and more competent sex and should be in charge of everything and men’s only place is giving us X chromosomes for liberal daughters and polishing our heels.

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