10 Things I’d like to do in 2014

I never make resolutions, I tend to think of them as lies we tell ourselves through the month of January.  But I do have some goals for 2014.

1. Make people call me Doctor.  I am still in the proposal process of my dissertation, but since my advisor is leaving in May, I really need to get everything done by then.  I also just want to be finished.  Honey Boo Boo and me gonna spend some quality time these next four months.


2. Take advantage of having decent insurance.  I have had pretty awful school insurance for the last several years and, while the insurance I now have is not super fancy, it is enough that I can go see someone about my growing list of things that need attention.

3. Watch all the rest of John and Hank Green’s videos and read all John’s books.  I’ve watched both series of Crash Course history, all of vlogbrothers, Mental Floss, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and maybe 1/4 of hankgames, which leaves Crash Course sciences and literature, Sci Show, Emma Approved, and the rest of hankgames. The books are: Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, Will Grayson will grayson, The Fault in Our Stars (I’m halfway through this).

4. Learn to cook some new things (I welcome recipes for picky eaters who hate to cook.)

5. Record more ukulele videos (I consider requests!) and blog at least once a week even if it’s just about my New Years resolutions

6. Finish writing my novel and novelize my screenplay.  I mean, what else am I going to do with my free time when I’m done dissertating?

7. Do something amazing for my 30th birthday (Cage diving with sharks? Tour Britain and see Cornwall, Wales, Scotland? Australia and New Zealand?? Hawaii?)

8. Be vulnerable, feel feelings, risk rejection, be OK with how I feel rather than anxious about how other people respond to my feelings.

9. Figure out where I am going to live.

10. World Cup. Experience this one and figure out how to attend the Women’s World Cup in Canada in 2015.

10 Things I’d like to do in 2014

8 thoughts on “10 Things I’d like to do in 2014

  1. 4

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  2. 5

    Here ya go, a “two-fer” – recipe & ukelele tune

    ‘Crustini’ (I think that’s its name):

    Place slices of sourdough bread on cookie sheet and put
    in 220-degree oven until bread is hard but not browned.
    While that bakes, slice about 8 tomatoes into a bowl with
    a chopped onion, add about TBSP of Basil and about
    2 TBSP olive oil – mix all (better the longer it sits).
    Remove bread and let cool a bit while you husk 2-3
    garlic cloves. Sandpaper garlic cloves across bread
    slices. Sit cookie sheet of bread slices next to tomato
    bowl of stuff on coffee table (or whatever). Have salt
    shaker handy as well. Insert movie and start.
    Spoon some tomato-mix over a bread slice, letting
    the juice re-soften the bread a bit. Salt (if desired)
    and enjoy. YUM!

    …and, wayyy back some time ago, the ‘song from hell’ got stuck
    in my mind. I discovered that (for me) the way to live
    with such is to re-write it so I can stand it – not sure how
    well this would work on a uke.

    It’s the Third World
    (sung to the tune of: “It’s a Small World”)

    It’s a world of oppression, a world of fear,
    There’s a different dictator every year.
    And you dare not protest, or you’re under arrest,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    It’s the Third World, after all,
    Line ‘em up against the wall,
    Ready, aim, fire, then they fall,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    There’s the Ayatollah, Saddam Hussein,
    There’s Omar Khadafi, they’re all a pain,
    But diplomacy’s a bore, let’s just start a desert war,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    It’s the Third World, after all,
    We can’t play ‘cause it’s their ball,
    Foreign tyrants sure have gall,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    And although the world says that they’re all creeps
    They’ve got long-range missiles and brand-new Jeeps,
    They’ve got weapons galore, but who’s minding the store?
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    It’s the Third World, after all,
    Rattling sabres in the hall,
    Combat soldiers standing tall,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

    And you may be thinking that they’re all wrong,
    We should try to stop them before too long,
    But eventually they’ll fall, so, who cares, let’s hit the mall,
    It’s the Third World, after all.

  3. 6

    For 10, you may need to become a U.S. Soccer Supporters Club Member, which apparently starts at the low, low price of free. I thought it had cost a bunch…so I don’t have it all figured out myself. (I’m hoping to make it up to Winnipeg as it’s a drivable distance from here in Iowa.) It looks like, though, the higher levels, for which you do need to pay for, have priority over the freebies. Not sure how important that would be for women’s World Cup.

    This is a link for the men’s, but I would suspect the rules for the women’s would be much the same.

  4. 8

    Here’s a very simple one: Roasted Red Peppers:

    Preheat oven to broil (550)

    Slice 4 red peppers in half. Remove seeds.

    Place on upper rack with the skin up as close to the heating element as possible (or flame if a gas oven) without the peppers actually catching fire.

    Roast them until the skin side is uniformly blackened. Should take anywhere from This can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. I recommend checking after 30 minutes.

    Remove red peppers from oven.

    Place peppers in paper bag and seal. Let sit until they cool.

    Remove skin. It should pull off very easily from the flesh of the peppers.

    Slice the peppers into small strips.

    Place all of the pepper strips into a small bowl with 1 table spoon of olive oil. You can also add a dash of balsamic vinegar and some minced garlic if you like but the peppers themselves should be good in the olive oil.

    Serve on bread. Impress your friends.

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