Tonight at 7PM: The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 4

Join me, Ian Cromwell of Crommunist Manifesto, and Andrew Tripp of Considered Exclamations and More than Men as we talk:

Politics: The Zimmerman verdict

Media: Ender’s Game and the boycott

Guest choice: Representation issues in YA Lit.

You can RSVP to the “event” here and, when the hangout is on-air, it should send you a link of the YouTube page, or just come back here at 7 and the YouTube link will be up.

This is filmed in front of a live internet audience — if you’ve got input feel free to get in touch before or during the show by commenting here, on youtube, or on the event page.

It will also be edited and released as a podcast.

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Tonight at 7PM: The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 4

One thought on “Tonight at 7PM: The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 4

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    A lot of people thought that Zimmerman might have been in grave danger from the photos of his nose and the back of his head immediately following the incident, but I’m not so sure.

    Its not hard for me to imagine a scenario where he hunts and kills this teenager, realizes he’s going to be in a lot of trouble, and then decides to punch himself in the face and bang his head on the concrete so he can say Trayvon did it. That would be pretty insidious, if you ask me.

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