Tonight at 7PM EST – The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 2

Join me, JT Eberhard of What Would JT Do?, and Nicholas Thurkettle of his eponymous blog as we talk:

Politics: Wendy Davis

Media: World War Z and the political nature of zombies

Guest choice: the surprise success of The Heat.

You can RSVP to the “event” here and it should send you a link of the YouTube page, or just come back here at 7 and the YouTube link will be up.

This is filmed in front of a live internet audience — if you’ve got input feel free to get in touch before or during the show by commenting here, on youtube, or on the event page.

It will also be edited and released as a podcast.

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Tonight at 7PM EST – The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 2

4 thoughts on “Tonight at 7PM EST – The Ashley F Miller Show Episode 2

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    Great podcast. Just another thing to add to my playlist now. I mentioned this over at JT’s blog so forgive the redundancy but I’d hate to waste the point on getting just one reaction.

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t bring up the whole Japanese-giant-monster-as-metaphor-for-nuclear-power thing.

    On the zombie front, I stayed up late and saw a old bad 80’s movie called Lifeforce. Seeing it after that last podcast made me notice some new things about it. In a way, it tries (almost successfully) to simultaneously embody vampires (including the erotic horror aspects), zombies (fast), science fiction (aliens), and straight up horror. In retrospect I can’t think of a film that juggles that much at once. It wasn’t a very good movie, but the plot structure did a pretty good job at synthesizing from all that disparate material. Also totally forgot until last night that Patrick Stewart (pre-Picard, post Leondegrance and Sejanus, around the time of Gurney Halleck) was in it.

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