Tonight at 7pm EST – The Ashley F Miller Show

Tonight, join me, Dan Fincke from Camels with Hammers, and Mavaddat Javid, who has a Tumblr here.


Politics: SCOTUS and Prop 8

Media: documentaries “The New Black” and “American Revolutionary

Guest Choice: Prostitution issues


After the discussion that the three of us have, I’m hoping to include anyone else who would like to join in the discussion.  This is the first run, so it might not go totally smoothly as it’s all being figured out, but I’m thinking I can answer any questions sent through chat as well as invite people to join the hangout for discussion.

Tonight at 7pm EST – The Ashley F Miller Show
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    Speaking of prostitution, our DC CFI Cafe Inquiry discussion group is hosting a moderated discussion on the topic. More information here.

    (I don’t usually post our groups events in comments but Ashley is local)

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