Hi! I’ve been gone for spring break, but am (obviously) back now! And wielding these:

Femin-Its. Because my partner is the best.
Femin-Its. Because my partner is the best.

I’m also taking this quarter off to work at an undisclosed location that involves babies(!), data analysis, (meh) and psychopathology(!!). While the schedule seems to work very well with blogging, I’m still settling in, and it’ll be a few days until I’m completely back.

Until then, what’re your thoughts on this?
Or these three responses?

Also, halp, I can’t decide which bowtie to get! (No, really. I can’t decide.)

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10 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. 2

    In order….

    Booo to open letter.
    Yay to responses much better.
    Yay bow-ties on everything! People, animals, possibly plants (actually that sounds awesome too starts imagining tulips and dandelions with little bowties…..). There’s nothing a bow-tie doesn’t improve. As to which one probably depends on your wardrobe to some extent. On their own I like the red and white coral and the brown leafy one.

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