Prop 8 Media Appearances Round Up (UPDATED)

Two hours of sleep in freezing rain, mixed with joy of being the last one in

NEW: Me on Politico video where you can see just how terrible the conditions were.

NEW: Same photo in galleries at the LA Times and Politico.  You can see how creepy the statue is in the LA Times version.

Me on the NYTimes video talking about waiting to get in.

Me talking to CBS Los Angeles about the line.

Me on WUSA9 about people who are paid to hold lines for others.

Me on Red Alert Politics about hoping to get in.

Talk Radio News Service decides my name is Ashley Madison when interviewing me after the case lets out.

I also gave an interview for WCIV in Charleston, SC, but I don’t have anything for that.

High school friend Crista Cuccaro on the news for WSOCTV

Neverending thanks to Emmett for all the supplies, dry clothes, and many pictures.

Prop 8 Media Appearances Round Up (UPDATED)

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