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Chana talks polyamorous marriage.

Ability status is important to talk about in relation to health services. (And the mental health community needs to do better.) If you’ve had experiences with ability status interfering with your ability to access care, tell me about it in the comments!

You’ve just been severely beaten by your partner, and you want to call the local crisis line for help; you’ve seen their number around town, so you dial it, only to discover that they don’t support TTY. Your caregiver has been subjecting you to recurrent sexual assaults, but when you roll up to the women’s centre to ask for counseling and help, their front door is up a flight of stairs, and the counselor who comes out to the sidewalk says they don’t have services for ‘people like you.’ Your partner, who is also your caregiver, is depriving you of medication and necessary care, but when you try to ask for help, people say they don’t know what to do. You want to learn more about your options for finding a shelter, but none of the materials are available in audio or Braille.

Welcome to the world of being disabled and in need.

Crommunist: Atheism is a social justice issue.

xkcd’s What If? tackles soul mates. This sort of thinking has always struck me as skeptic’s cotton candy–fun and pretty and good practice, but rarely life changing. That being said, it’s fun.

Ferrett talks about suicide.

Christina Stephens talks about phantom limb sensations.

Boggle has this for you and me:


Link Miscellany
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