Liberal Tips to Avoid Rape: Conservatives on Twitter get nasty

A Colorado politician said:

It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop around at somebody. – Rep Joe Salazar

A guy on Twitter who goes by the name “Sooper Mexican” posted a joke in response:

: yell “racist” at your rapist… that’s like the worst thing ever!

I get the joke, right — blowing a whistle is like yelling racist, completely ineffective.  I have no particular great love of the rape whistle as a rape prevention tool, but the joke’s intent, apparently, was to point to the fact that guns are the only effective way to prevent rape.

The reality is that guns are dangerous and likely to get you killed, especially if you are the victim of acquaintance or partner rape, like the majority of victims are.  But if the “joke” had ended here, it would have been mildly obnoxious and problematic, but the hashtag caught on and turned incredibly ugly.

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape if you think you can stop any one by blowing a whistle then get on your knees and blow this

Ah, see, it’s not rape if you are coerced into doing it.

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape “I don’t have to fight back, I can just abort it”

Because the terrible thing about rape is that you might get pregnant, not the violent invasion of your body!  And see, while conservatives want women to have control of their bodies in a rape situation, they don’t want them to be able to control their bodies by having sex for reasons other than procreation or to have control over whether they are pregnant or not.

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape: pray to Obama extra hard, and promise to have 3 abortions in his name..

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape Go for the Democrat politician look. You definitely won’t be raped…

Rape is about power, not about sex.  And insulting how the women in the party look is about as appealing to women as… joking about them getting raped.  So fair enough.

#LiberalTips2Avoid Rape Just shag everything. When they realize you’re an aerobic activity at best, and ObamaCare looms, they’ll head for gym

People won’t want to rape you if you’re a slut? Or maybe being slutty means you can’t be raped?  Unclear.

Not all of the advice is bad:

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape Don’t rape anybody.

The Good Men Project made an excellent point: America voted against all of the conservatives who said crazy things about rape in 2012, maybe this complete inability to understand the difference between condemning violence against women and laughing at it will haunt more campaigns in 2014.

Liberal Tips to Avoid Rape: Conservatives on Twitter get nasty

11 thoughts on “Liberal Tips to Avoid Rape: Conservatives on Twitter get nasty

  1. 3

    While I have some problems, maybe, with what Rep Joe says, his advice on guns goes for everyone, not just people who are concerned about possibly being raped at the moment.

    Everything following that is just plain vile and ghastly.

  2. 4

    Actually blowing a stupid whistle might prevent at least your rape.
    Doesn’t solve the problem that there is a rapist running around.
    How many times do we get the message that we shouldn’t fight back, that we’ll only make things worse only to be told then that it wasn’t really rape because we didn’t fight back hard enough.
    At least for Germany* the data is clear that putting up a fight is quite effective. Not because you’ll be able to overpower the rapist but because they will stop. And that in a country with quite strict gun-laws. But that’s the question of whether it’s better to put on a band-aid or let things dry in the open. It doesn’t change fuck about rape.

    *Take with a big lump of salt because that’s only data for reported rapes

    Also, we can all imagine what would happen if women followed gun-nut advice. I remember the howling when some guys suggested that it’s considerate for men to change the sidewalk when walking behind a woman at night. Now imagine women pointing guns at them telling them to get a move…

  3. 5

    Do conservatives think that rapists stand 20 feet away and announce their intensions so that their intended victim has time to get her weapon out? The rapist following a woman late at night on a dark street is about 1% of rapes if that.

    The rest of the comments were just vile.

    1. 5.1

      Nope, but Treyvon was killed while bashing a mans head into the sidewalk..Why? because Zimmerman in the middle of being attacked, pulled out the gun and fired. You can be assaulted and still use one. Cops do it, and other armed civilians. When people are attacking you, they are intent on doing you harm and are focused on that. While all you have to do is pull it out enough to fire.
      Of course telling a liberal common sense is like having a pet rock and thinking it will respond to you..

  4. 6

    Take that politician’s quote and insert the following statement at the beginning:

    “All women are potential rape victims.”

    This article seems to be another attempt to reinforce the myth of Rape Culture. Some knuckle-draggers on Twitter start trolling their feeds, making tasteless jokes in an attempt to elicit a reaction from their readers (good job feeding the trolls, by the way), and the author starts crying, “Rape culture! Rape culture!” Because, of course, some troglodytes on the Internet are the voice of an entire society.

    This only enforces the victim mentality that feminism foists upon women. Feminism needs women to remain powerless victims, because if they ever did become fully “empowered” (as feminism claims is its goal), then feminism would no longer be needed or even relevant. The only way the feminist movement and feminist ideology maintain their existences is to keep women thinking of themselves as victims. The call boxes, rape whistles, and everything else that addresses women only serve only to validate this perception.

    If you look at ALL the numbers, including those coming from prisons, you find that far more men are raped every year than women. Violence affects both genders. Rape happens to and is perpetrated by both genders. As a culture and society, we decry rape in all forms as a violent, brutal assault. While this may not have always been the case, it is where we are now.

    Trolls are always gonna troll. It’s human nature. One of the oldest pieces of graffiti (from around 70 AD, I believe) ridicules Christianity. That’s how old trolling is. Quit legitimizing these apes by responding to their drivel. You’d be better served by treating them with the utter disregard they deserve. Their comments have no value, and therefore warrant no response. By feeding the trolls, you empower and encourage them, you reinforce the myth of Rape Culture, and you contribute to your own victimhood.

  5. 7

    The best tip to avoid rape is dont listen to a liberal. They will tell you its ok to be the victim, and that killing a rapist is the wrong thing to do..Speaking of rapist, I would love for the liberal community to address the majority of the rape perps, who just happen to be the black community.
    This is of course back up by every FBI,police and government statistic for the last 20 years?
    of course dat be raysis right?

  6. 8

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  7. 10

    “The reality is that guns are dangerous and likely to get you killed, especially if you are the victim of acquaintance or partner rape”


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