Those Trendy Hipster Nuns

Pete Heck has an article about how atheism is making ‘Merica decline. There’s a lot of the classic tropes: atheists are just angry at god, disbelief is proof a deity, confusing the “Nones” with atheists (more than 40% percent of Nones report praying at least weekly.)

And then there’s this.

Granted, the number of “nones,” as these trendy hipsters like to call themselves, is not overwhelming, but it’s certainly higher than it should be if we were still a humble and rational people.

I don’t know about you atheists, but when I’m trying to be the trendy hipster type and drinking my PBR at underground parties, I usually avoid labeling myself something that is phonetically indistinguishable from “celibate women who wear floor-length habits”. I would posit, for Mr. Heck, that the “Nones” label was developed by statisticians who don’t have to spend their time having this conversation:

“There’s been a huge increase in the number of Nones!”
“Wait, why are there more nuns?
“Not nuns, Nones!”




Those Trendy Hipster Nuns

7 thoughts on “Those Trendy Hipster Nuns

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    Isn’t being a ‘none’ and not committing to a position on god or gods (which can be, at best, speculation since no empirical proof can be obtained) both humble and rational?

    I find religious people use the word ‘humble’ in strange ways. If you raise a good point of criticisms about their beliefs, one is supposed to ‘humble’ (verb) one’s self and just accept it uncritically since a bunch of other people do.

    My take on why these people say ‘none’ instead of atheist is that for most of my life, I called myself a none. I’d been raised without religion, most people I knew were that way, and it wasn’t until I encountered a lot of Christian proselytizing that I changed how i thought of myself.

    1. 2.1

      I find religious people use the word ‘humble’ in strange ways.

      When speaking of those who seem to somehow like the idea of a totalitarian ruler of the universe, what I suspect they usually mean is “subservient/deferential,” but of course only with respect to their personal interpretation of their deity (possibly as interpreted for them by some religious leader).

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