The Biggest and Best of 2012


January: I continued to deal with fallout from pointing out that Ron Paul mixes his religion with his politics and is therefore not a good choice for secularists and sharing the death and rape threats I received by:

February: I began sharing videos of me playing the ukulele, which I bought myself for Christmas.  The first videos have terrible sound quality.  I go to Sweden with a research grant.

March: I went to Reason Rally and won a place on the front row by writing an essay for Richard Dawkins that won a contest.  I also made my acting debut in the stage version of Plan 9 From Outer Space.

April:  South Carolina continued to be a disappointing state for progressives, I got sent to church, and I spoke at the Rally Against the War on Women in Columbia, SC.

May: The SCA chooses Edwina Rogers to represent them and she does a poor job of introducing herself to the atheist community.  I attend and liveblog the Women in Secularism conference, which I am looking forward to again this year.

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June: I deal with the fallout of explaining the harassment I experienced at TAM and the uproar that women talking about harassment has caused in the online community.  There’s also good news from the national scene on gay rights and healthcare and bad news from the South Carolina scene on healthcare.  Also, I JOINED FTB.

July: Nikki Haley tries to destroy all arts funding and help for rape victims in the state of South Carolina.  AIDS is a major public health problem in South Carolina.  Chick-fil-A gets caught lying online.  Geek culture is criticized for being unwelcoming to women.

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August: We are introduced to the idea of fake middle grounds, legitimate rape, and I get angry about historical minutiae.

September: I got a co-blogger in the fantastic Kate Donovan, began my research into the ways mainstream American culture suppresses Southerners and poor people, and Kate gave us the friend manual on how to deal with friends struggling with mental illness (or any illness).


October: DOMA ruled unconstitutional and I continue to rant about the lack of options against Joe Wilson.

November: I discuss my football (soccer) fandom and my newly developed fondness for Liverpool and cover the election and what it means, good and bad.

December: My dad stops talking to me because I am dating a black man, I explain the legal possibilities in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases, Kate covers in-depth all the problems with tying Newtown shootings to Mental Illness, and I recommend some gun policy thoughts.  Robert Bork dies.


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The Biggest and Best of 2012

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