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I’ve been writing for about a year now (more on that in another blog post), and I’ve been writing in a bunch of places. Since I’m now mainly here, and lists appear to be legally required of everyone with access to online publishing, here’s a List of Arbitrary Length of Stuff I Wrote and Liked in No Particular Order.

An Interview with Mary Johnson, a Nun Who Worked Under Mother Teresa and Later Became an Atheist

What message would you like to send to anyone who is sitting in a Church pew right now but may not believe in Catholic doctrine?

Trust yourself. Find someone to talk to who will listen to your doubts with an open mind. Realize that those who pronounce on doctrine are human, just like you are. Find a community that will nourish you and in which you can be yourself without pretending, whether it’s at your gym or in a book group or an atheist or Humanist organization. Is remaining in the Church worth losing your soul?

BRAAAAINS! Being a Skeptical Mental Health Services Consumer

Another Burnt Out Atheist

Eating Disorders: The Stories We Tell


I went home last summer and I worked at the same places. I went to the studio twice. I said hi, I hugged everyone. We socialized a bit, and I plead errands. I drove to the closest Starbucks and cried.

This year, I live by a ballet studio. I walk by it each day–it’s impossible to avoid on my way to school. The girls slip in, black leotards and elbows and knees and bobby pins. When I come home from my night classes, I can hear the music bouncing off the mirrors and wood floors.

I grieve.

History Just Happened and You Should Care



Everyone is cheering. I’m doing my best to squash all the jumpy and shouty tendencies this is bringing out in me. My roommate is both sick and asleep, and running around yelling isn’t an option. I get all teary instead. History is happening, and I can stream it on a tiny computer while sharing excitement with people around the world.

This is what the future looks like.

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Said I Wasn’t Skinny Enough to Have an Eating Disorder

The rate for attempted suicide in those with eating disorders is as high as three times that of the general population.  Everyone quotes statistics, but I want you to take a hard look at that one. If you combine the neurotypical people out there with those who have PTSD, with those who have major depression, with everyone else who has considered their life not worth living, they attempt suicide at one third the rate of those with eating disorders.  You know what makes me hurt so badly I want nothing more than to make it stop any way I can? When people I trust decide some number on a scale measures the weight of my claims, when they reinforce the horrible things I believe about myself. I just never thought one of them would be you.

Teen Skepchick Interviews: Gwynne Shotwell — President of SpaceX

The ‘We’ of It: An Apology

The Friend Manual, Parts I-IV

Stuff About Stuff

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