Happy Linksgiving!

I’m seriously considering this as a regular repository for the worst puns I can make. Maybe I’ll make it a contest–can I best the last one?

I hope the Americans among you are celebrating…turkey and stuffing or something. Stephanie has some recipes for you.

I’m staying at home, catching up on classes before I head out to staff a Model UN conference in early December. My holiday will be spent making dinner with the housemates. We’re all vegetarian, so it’s more Tofurkey than turkey, but I adore these wonky people, and it’s going to be lovely.

And the internet! The internet has been blossoming this week, dear readers.

There’s this thing on Women and Casual Sex: The Pleasure Theory.

Adam Lee has tough questions for the pro-life movement.

Sean Austin has a documentary about African-American atheists.

This featherless chicken is running. It’s either cute or terrifying.

Speaking of cute, this is Amanda Palmer with a crochet Dalek.

Math is less cute, but Mindy makes it fun. The Physics Philes series on Teen Skepchick is like Vi Hart in written form.

Down with fake nerds!

I’ve also recently started re-using my Facebook Page, which aggregates all my writing into one nifty place. I also have a tumblr…thing. Really, this medium baffles me, but I’m giving it a try, because there’s no character limit on my dashboard.

I’m also reading Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser, and it’s fascinating. Self-identified feminst PUA’s? Definitely exist. Clarisse Thorn (who you may recognize for her writing about BDSM and sex-positivity) is the author. She stopped by NU a few weeks back and this is what my book looks like.





Happy Linksgiving!

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