Election: Good News from Around the Country (and some bad)

Same-Sex Marriage:

Maryland and Washington voted to uphold laws that legalized gay marriage, Maine voted by referendum to legalize gay marriage, and Minnesota rejected a constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man, one woman.

California Criminal Law

California failed to end the death penalty, but revised it’s overly harsh and prison-crowding three strikes rule to only apply to serious crime.

Marijuana Legalization

I don’t smoke pot, but boy do I approve of taxing it and ending the war on drugs.  Medical Marijuana was rejected in Arkansas, but approved in Massachusetts and Montana.  Full legalization and taxation was rejected in Oregon, but approved in Colorado and Washington.

Rape Gaffes Kill Campaigns

Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, John Koster, Linda McMahon, and Tom Smith were easily defeated in their races, some of which weren’t even close before their mistakes.  Steve King unfortunately managed to win his race.

Puerto Rico to Become a State?

Currently the vote to become a state is in the lead, and Obama has said he will accept a decision with a clear majority.  The US could have 51 states soon!

Unhappy News:

Bachmann and Paul Ryan won their races.  Pete Stark, the first open atheist in congress, lost his seat.

Happy News

Elizabeth Warren won!  Tammy Baldwin will be our first LGBT senator.  West Virginia elected an LGBT person to their state government.  Kyrsten Sinema, atheist, looks like she’s going to win her election.  Amendment 8 in Florida, which would allow government funded religion, was rejected.  Big Bird is safe.

NATE SILVER IS A WITCH and the rest of the world loves him as much as I did back when he was lowly dude on DailyKos.

Election: Good News from Around the Country (and some bad)

6 thoughts on “Election: Good News from Around the Country (and some bad)

  1. 2

    I was not aware of the statehood vote, but it does seem obvious that PR should be a state. I expect the republicans to fight it in the House because PR leans democratic, which could shift the balance of power congress.

  2. 3

    Kyrsten Sinema, atheist, looks like she’s going to win her election.

    You mean, “openly bisexual atheist”. I know it doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but it’s pretty major to those of us who fit both. Well, at least me and the other bi atheist I know.

  3. 5

    Just a quick note – Ref 74 (Same Sex Marriage in WA state) hasn’t officially been approved yet. It’s sitting at about 52% but the state still has a number of ballots to go through. It appears to be on its way to approval but we can’t say “win” just yet.

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