People looking out for Hollywood writers: Eddie Kritzer, the scam that will not die

I got the following comment today, and I’m sharing it as a blog post for everyone.  If you haven’t read the Eddie Kritzer saga, I will include a bundle of links at the end.

Just a PSA to keep Eddie Kritzer (a.k.a. Andy King) on the radar.

I’m almost certain a weekly post on Craigslist in LA is Eddie Kritzer scamming writers.

I have seen this posted EVERY Saturday since I moved to LA about a year ago. I did some digging and discovered Eddie Kritzer, and this post sure sounds like the scam he runs.

Here is the content:


Looking for writers that have a compelling story to tell. If you have a story that you believe in, and you cant believe it’s not at your local Barnes & Noble or on the Movie Screen, then email me.
Say in one sentence what your story is about. You cant? Then how do you expect to sell your movie or book, You cant..Do the best you can
You could make $5,000, $25,000, $125,000, it all depends on your story and if it connects with the public.
This is not a guarantee you will make it, it means you could make it, it depends how strong your story is.
You make money by the number of books you sell, or how much your script sells for
You must be committed and motivated, and have a passion for your story and believe in it

Compensation: $5,000, $25,000, $125,000


Eddie Kritzer: The Scam Artist

A “manager” or “agent” or “disgusting troll who used my business contact to actually call me to talk about having sex with me”, depending on who you ask. Advice: if someone asks you for a fee upfront to read your screenplay, they are not legit.  Further advice: If you want to hate someone, I highly recommend reading the disgusting e-mails he sent to me.  Warning: Graphic.

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People looking out for Hollywood writers: Eddie Kritzer, the scam that will not die

14 thoughts on “People looking out for Hollywood writers: Eddie Kritzer, the scam that will not die

    1. 1.1

      Here is Eddie Kritzer’s phone number. I have it because I was a fool.


      We should all feel free to give his number to lots of people. I also filed a complaint with the FTC, but they just replied with some guidance on “being a smart shopper.”

    2. 1.2

      I answered the ad, sent him a script, and he said ‘hey call me,’ so I did.

      We play phone tag, then talk the next day.

      We spend 20 minutes talking and he says, “hey, why don’t you have your book publisher sell the screenplay for you?”

      At that I think, ‘this guy could be legit. After all, he’s directing me away from him.’ But my publisher is very small-time, and very niche. So Eddie says, “I’d like to pitch the screenplay for you. But I need you to cover printing and postage.”

      “Email me the addresses and I’ll get them out today. Should I mail them to you, or the network offices?”

      “Save yourself the trouble and just PayPal me $225.”

      The thing is I didn’t have any money. I’d just had my daughter’s 16th birthday party. He says, “put it on a card, ask a friend, whatever. We’re talking about big money here, but I won’t pitch it unless you’re serious.”

      At this you’re thinking, ‘you’re a fool to do it,’ but I thought about if I was going to get into a business venture with someone, and they didn’t have $225, I would back out. Because a guy who doesn’t have a measly $225 also won’t be able to come to California for the TV meeting to pitch the show, or if he did he’d be desperate and would make a bad deal, at best.

      I called a friend, he PayPal’d Kritzer. I called Kritzer.

      “Hey Eddie, my friend Niceguy Jones just sent you $225. Let me know if it arrived.”

      He checked, and got really excited. Like REALLY excited – too excited!

      “Do you need me to re-email you the script? I know you must get tons of emails.”

      “Uh,” he said, “yeah yeah, whenever you can.”

      He got off the phone in a hurry, and all I could guess is that he was burning rubber to Warner Bros., or he was going to get a massive hit of crack.

      3 DAYS LATER

      My friend texts me

      “That psycho Eddie Kritzer keeps emailing me about how good he feels about our business partnership, and how we should talk about investing in projects together.”

      Kritzer emailed NiceGuy Jones 3 times in a day before my friend blocked him.

      I sent an email to Eddie a week after to follow up. No reply.

      Since then I’ve been signing him up for newsletters to all sorts of stuff.
      – 6 flags theme park
      – SMS alerts for subway delays
      – gay cruises
      – addiction
      – cable news
      – personal finance

      Either way I’m going to get my $225 worth out of this guy.

  1. 2

    Thanks for the tips! I got a message from the Eddie character just now, 4 minutes after I responded to a CraigList post. I decided to do some research before I took any further action. I was glad that I came into your post!!

  2. 3

    In its earliest days, eBay was essentially unregulated. However, as the site grew, it became necessary to restrict or forbid auctions for various items. Note that some of the restrictions relate to (the U.S. site), while other restrictions apply to specific European sites (such as Nazi paraphernalia). Regional laws and regulations may apply to the seller or the buyer. Generally, if the sale or ownership of an item is regulated or prohibited by one or more states, eBay will not permit its listing. ;”


  3. 4

    Dude.. I am not significantly into looking at, but for some reason I got to learn lots of posts on your blog site. Its incredible how fascinating it is that i can visit you very often. —

  4. 6


    Thanks for your blog and info about Eddie Kritzer. I mistakenly put down my wrong area code so he resorted to email. Whenever I search for an agent I know I will get both the scammers and the rejections first. The legitimate replies take much longer. Thanks.

  5. Ala

    This guy wanted 1000 dollars upfront for ‘expenses’ to read my script. He kept on pressuring me and basically hung up when I said I wasn’t comfortable paying the money.

  6. 11

    I answered Eddie’s ad on C’list including a LINK to my book for sale on Amazon. So he calls me wanting to “Promote” my book “Winning It’s a Lot more Fun!”, but…doesn’t know anything about it because he asks me to tell him what it’s about, DUH! He asks me to spell my last name which means he never looked at the link, and claims he’s at a “Disadvantage” because he’s not at his office and just using his cell ph. for info. I should sell HIM my book “Winning at sales, it’s a lot more money! Then he sends me emails with misspellings, and repeated phrases that tell me he must be an imbecile or just self-destructive. Suddenly I figure I’ll just do a check on him and this site is the first one that comes up, and the search engine even pops up with a guide link, “Eddie Kritzer SCAM” …really? You gotta have a lot of bad press to make a search engine guide link, put the word SCAM by your NAME! No Eddie thanks to this blog site (and others) you will NOT be getting my $600.

  7. 12

    Eddie Kritzer approched my wife at the Myzell Center in Palm Springs and said “what a great car, I like the color”.Then he introduced himself as a producer and somehow he got her to say my name and she said that I was looking for some help to get back into the business; and he called me the next second and wanted to see one of my scripts. Later that day (yesterday) I met with him and showed him this one script. He show me a cell phone full of his STUFF about how great he is at making you money and if I could just help him cover some expences. “Like I lost my social securty card and need a quick $100”. I thought what balls this guy has to ask me within five mintues for $100 bucks. Then, later, he looked at the script and said that I was a very good writer, ect, ect, and he wanted to rep me but he just needed a little more money for expences, another $375. to start showing the material around town for me. Total $475. He replied that He did not need an office because he had a cell phone. He also said I had a great voice and had I ever done any raido work or voice overs, I said yes that I was a SAG member and had movie credits. He said that he could get me alot of work and his cut would be only 15%. Now if he is so good why does he live in Desert Hot Springs? one of the poorest parts of california? If any body is looking for him, Eddie Kritzer’s # is 310 702-5356. He is one scam artist..

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