Dragon*Con! Friend me on the App!

I am packing for Dragon*Con as we speak and trying to finish (read: create) my speech for Saturday morning (10 AM, come see me).  Of course, I am up against the parade, so I might be speaking to an empty room.

Regardless, I have the D*C app and if you do too, we should be friends.  We should all be friends!

My e-mail address just put your friend code there or put it here in the comments.

Here is a code for whoever gets to it first!



Dragon*Con! Friend me on the App!

One thought on “Dragon*Con! Friend me on the App!

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    I believe I am going to go, but don’t have the app or a friend codes or anything else like that atm. But I’ll probably be skipping the parade in favor for something in the science or skeptic track.

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