Temporarily Broken

I am sorry I haven’t posted this week. I’ve been put on some new medication that’s absolutely knocked me out, I’m barely functioning.  It is also making my feel hyper emotional about not being able to get stuff done.  Double thumbs up.  If I was not so exhausted, I’d be in hysterics now, so… I guess there are positives?

On top of this, I have a big research paper I’m trying to finish. So… blog, I will get back to you soon as I function better. Promise.

Also, I will be speaking at Dragon*Con and you should go cuz it’s gonna be hella bitchin’.*

*”hello bitchin'” Seriously, I am not functioning correctly.

Temporarily Broken

15 thoughts on “Temporarily Broken

  1. 3

    Hello Bitchin’ should be the next prefabricated character/mascot from Sanrio, available in several playsets with their flagship character/mascot Hello Kitty.

  2. 7

    Fun times, whee. I hope it gets better soon! What you’ve described sounds horrible.

    If any of us can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here for ya!

  3. 13

    Hope you feel better soon- and that you come out with a “If I was not so exhausted, I’d be in hysterics now” line of T-shirts.

    Cause, seriously.

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