TIL: Cheerios are flammable and McKayla Maroney is awesome

I’m sick and I have a ton of work, schoolwork and job work, so here are some random things.  First up, man protests the fact that General Mills supports marriage equality by setting a bunch of Cheerios on fire.

And they’re so sparkly when they burn!  Totally gay, if you ask me.  “Queerios”

Second, McKayla Maroney is basically the best vaulter on the planet and she messed it up badly, winning only silver in the event.  Let us stop for a moment and see that she is so good that landing on her butt after a vault put her in *second* still.  Anyway, as announcers always do with the gymnasts, they made her frustration with herself be about how she was such a bitch.

McKayla is not a bitch — she’s an amazing athlete who was pissed at herself for losing what was probably her only opportunity to win an individual gold at the Olympics.  She’s the best in the world and she fucked it up.  Why is anyone surprised or calling her a bitch for being unhappy with her performance?  It’s completely absurd.

Go watch how amazing she normally is: http://deadspin.com/5930714/relive-mckayla-maroneys-phenomenal-vault-in-super+slow-motion

That’s all.

TIL: Cheerios are flammable and McKayla Maroney is awesome

8 thoughts on “TIL: Cheerios are flammable and McKayla Maroney is awesome

  1. 1

    I’m obviously missing something. The guy presumably bought the box of Cheerios, thereby enriching General Mills by several cents, and instead of eating them, he burns them. Burning Cheerios demonstrates what in relationship to General Mills endorsing same-sex marriage?

  2. Ven

    This “mean” deal annoys me. I’d quite like to see one of these people react with super happy fun times after putting in the amount of blood, sweat, and tears she has, then making a mistake any competitor would have a hell of a time forgiving him/herself for. The competition is about perfection, and it’s basically her life. Cut her some slack, you jackanapes. Besides, psychologically speaking, the person who gets 2nd place tends to be the least able to celebrate — 1st won, hooray! 3rd is happy to have placed, and is far enough from the gold that its draw isn’t crippling. 2nd is where the “if I’d just been that tiny bit better…” comes into play and drives a competitive spirit insane.

    Also, I kind of want to throw burning Cheerios at stuff now. Or maybe paint some in rainbow glitter paint so they can be entirely fabulous. Queerios, indeed!

  3. Bix

    Ugh, I hate all the NBC commentary. They create such weird, negative, reality show-type narratives. BBC is much better. I think people are disconcerted when female athletes, especially gymnasts, who are meant to be all cute and smiley, show actual anger and disappointment. Unless they’re crying, in which case cameras should be shoved in their faces as much as possible, like Jordyn Weiber, who was trying to discreetly leave to have a good cry over failing to qualify for the all-around, and instead got herded to the press area. It felt incredibly crass. Neither one did anything actually unsporting–they weren’t yelling at judges or punching other gymnasts or lying down on the floor having a temper tantrum. They were showing legitimate disappointment that they fell short of their own expectations. This is Olympic sports, not Miss America.

  4. 6

    Did you read a couple of weeks ago that when they started to picket General Foods, the staff came out and brought them coffee and donuts? Perfect Midwestern politeness wrapping up a colossal
    eff you.

    The Olympics is sometimes only bearable on mute. The commentators that are the best are the ones that focus on the event, not these tedious narratives. Look at how they were setting up Phelps after the first two races. Then they had to turn that around fast when he started to win.

  5. 8

    Doesn’t the Cheerios idiot know there’s a drought on? I’d love nothing better than to find out he’d been arrested for arson and run through the criminal justice system, hopefully with a conviction and jail time.

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