Gun Law Arguments/Tweet of the Day

This is Wonka meme has been going around my Facebook. I guess I’ve got a lot of FB friends who are idiots.

“Also, if you could please tell me more about why we have laws against rape, assault, murder… Actually, if you could explain the whole concept of laws to me, that might help. Because I’m an idiot.”

And, completely unrelated, here is the tweet of the day:

@beardedstoner: To everyone mad about Joe Paterno’s statue being taken down – just look the other way & pretend it’s not happening.

Gun Law Arguments/Tweet of the Day

4 thoughts on “Gun Law Arguments/Tweet of the Day

  1. 1

    That may be the best tweet out of the whole Paterno affair.

    I find that people who post stuff like that Wonka meme are generally not prone to thinking beyond, “Yea, that’ll show those socialist, Marxist, fascist, machinist, violinist, modernist, florist Nazis! ” It’s all about scoring points in a tribal game, which generally prevents nuanced thinking. Plus , when conservatives try to use Wonka, it always ends up stupid. Like the libertarian one about taxes and slavery.

  2. 2

    That Wonka meme was posted by the “Global Secular Humanist Movement” Facebook page. I immediately “unliked” and gave them an explanation why. Even if I am somewhat undecided on gun issues… there is NO reason to post something that snarky not to mention deluded on a page that represents humanist values. I think a bunch of others left the page as well.

  3. 3

    Aurora guy bought his guns legally. I’m not sure what side that fact supports. On the one hand we can’t restrict the keeping an bearing of arms enough to prevent that incident without an amendment that will never happen, on the other hand some of the weapons in other mass shootings were purchased at gun shows that don’t have (m)any of the regulations, background checks, or cool off periods that should be in place to help prevent crimes of passion and gun-related recidivism.

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