SC Christians: Harry Potter makes them CRAZY MAD

Oh, man, here I thought I was going to go a little while without dealing with any hyper local news, but in my fair state, in my fair city, something absolutely, mind-shatteringly, hysterically pathetic is happening.  (That many adverbs necessary when talking Harry Potter, just ask Stephen King).

My local library is doing a series of screenings of the Harry Potter movies for the local populace.  The library system in the Midlands is actually pretty impressive, and while Richland County’s library system outshines Lexington’s, Lexington has gotten more attention just lately.  Because a group of idiots is protesting Harry Potter.

It seems the group believes children who follow the adventures of Hogwarts’ young witches and wizards will grow up to become spell-casting Satan-worshippers themselves… You know, in the same way that watching Dexter turns people into serial killers or CSI turns them into crime-solvers.

Asking supporters to call and email Lexington County Council members demanding they put an end to the Witch-a-thon and decrease the library’s funding, Columbia Christians for Life indicated that any council member who disagrees should be voted out of office. The group backed up their demands and proved God’s apparent dislike for the Potter series by including several Bible verses from Deuteronomy and other Old Testament books.

Can I just start with the fact that Harry Potter is over?  Like, that was so five years ago!  Or last summer.  I mean, I still care because I grew up in the Harry Potter fandom and some absurd portion of my brain has, as the Christians fear, been taken over by Harry Potter.  But, come on!  Find something new to be pissed off about guys!

Also, get a new web designer because your website is super ugly.  Linking to them is probably mean; they’ve gotten fewer hits in their existence than I got yesterday.  Favorite part?  There’s a whole section about the “War between the States” — commonly known as the Civil War to people who aren’t morans.  Oh Hell… I’ve started reading their documents… this is going to be a project, I can feel it.  SO MUCH CRAZY.

Seriously, download any of the things they link to and just your brain will melt.  Oh fine, I’ll copy and paste some!  A excerpts from a much longer document I found there:


If child-murder-by-abortion were to end today in America, there would still remain the need to REPENT for all the innocent blood which has already been shed (over 52 Million murdered by surgical abortion alone, not counting the likely multiple times that number chemically aborted by dual action contraceptive/abortifacient “birth control” pills, Depo-Provera, etc., ad nauseam).

Numbers 35:33; Jeremiah 19:3-5; Psalm 106:37-44; 2 Kings 24:1-4 (KJB) – the shedding of innocent blood (e.g., child-murder/sacrifice-by-“abortion”) incurs the righteous judgment of God upon a nation.

There is corporate bloodguilt upon the land, and upon we who dwell in America, for the 52+ Million pre-born human beings slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs by surgical abortion, and for perhaps multiple times that amount destroyed by chemical abortion (including immoral Birth Controlpills, which act both contraceptively and abortifaciently).


Just as there is the need for the Nation, the States, the Churches, Families, and individuals of both the North and South, to Repent, where it has not been done already, for the national sin of slavery, which was not ENDED until 1865 by the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, after Americans fought our most costly war (over 600,000 dead), against each other !!!  The 13th Amendment stopped the perpetration of the sin and crime of American slavery, but that’s not the same as repenting,saying we as a nation are sorry, for what had already been done during 250 years (from colonial Jamestown, VA until 1865) of “unrequited toil,” as Lincoln said in his March 4, 1865 Second Inaugural Address.

The Southern Baptist Convention repented in its 1995 national convention in Atlanta, GA, for slavery and racism.

Resolution On Racial Reconciliation On The 150th Anniversary Of The Southern Baptist Convention

June 1995

Leaders of the pro-abortion, pro-sodomite, women-priests-ordaining, apostate Episcopal Church USA apologized “for their ancestors’ slave ownership” in a “solemn repentance service” in Philadelphia, PA in October 2008.

In February 2007, the Virginia state legislature also apologized:

Virginia state lawmakers pass slavery apology

Child-murder-by-“abortion” is a national sin.   

9-11 was a national calamity.

More and greaterdivine judgment is coming upon America, unless we repent of the national sin of “abortion”.

If we will not repent of the national sin of “abortion”, then the America of today will be destroyed, just as God destroyed the kingdom of Judah, with successive waves of foreign invasion in 605 BC, 597 BC, and 586 BC (2 Kings, chapters 24 and 25).  We’ve already been attacked on September 11, 2001.  Consider the undeclared / unconstitutional wars, calamities, and other dangers America has suffered since 9-11:  War in Afghanistan (2001 to today), War in Iraq (2003 to today), Katrina (2005), ongoing Illegal Immigration (Foreign) Invasion, Economic “Great Recession” (?)

What will it be next, America ?  What will it be next, Church ?

Repentance finally, or further and greater divine judgment ?


In spite of all his failings, Lincoln was right in his March 4, 1865 Second Inaugural Address,

when he said God gave “this terrible war” to BOTHNorthandSouth for the offense of slavery.

And today, God is bringing (increasing) divine judgment on America in the year 2010,

for our ongoing, unrepented, national sin of child-murder/sacrifice-by-“abortion”.


As America considers the twin major national security issues of:  


1) Millions of illegal aliens having already entered our country, and 2) The disaster from the undeclared, and therefore unconstitutional, and therefore illegal; as well as unjustified (no 9-11 connection, no WMD’s), and therefore unnecessary (not a “just” war),  and therefore immoral; War in Iraq, REMEMBER:   

It is God alone Who can bring peace, safety, and security to a land (Leviticus 26:5,6, KJB), and … Foreign invasion and War are divine consequences upon a nation, any nationfor the shedding of innocent blood (e.g., 2 Kings 24:1-4, KJB)…

Child-sacrifice is an offense to God.   

God says child-sacrifice defiles His sanctuary, and profanes His Holy Name.      

Leviticus 20:3, KJB   

What is the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in America doing to Establish Justice to END this offense to our Creator ?!   

Establish Personhood now !

As has been said, it’s now either Christ, or Chaos (and then Tyranny)…

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 

2 Corinthians 3:17, KJB

Repent, Church !       Repent, America !   


Hallelu-Yah !

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
PO Box 50358, Columbia, SC 29250
(803) 794-6273

Columbia Christians for Life
US Army active duty, 1977-1982, CPT, FA
US Army Reserves, 1982-1993, MAJ, FA
USMA 1977
December 24, 2010 / Revised December 30, 2010

Many thanks to Logan Smith for pointing me the way to this story.

SC Christians: Harry Potter makes them CRAZY MAD

27 thoughts on “SC Christians: Harry Potter makes them CRAZY MAD

  1. 2

    They skip right over Deuteronomy 5:11-31. Which in some translations is rendered ’causes your belly to swell’ but was generally understood, and is translated in some versions, as ‘causing you to abort that baby that might belong to another man, you nasty whore”

  2. 3

    Also against child sacrifice, unless, presumably, by Abraham. (Yes, I know he didn’t actually do it, but many Christians and Muslims praise him for being perfectly willing to do so.)

    1. 3.1

      Yeah, Abraham didn’t go all the way, but Jephthath made a deal involving sacrifice of a family member. When it turned out his daughter was the family member required, God didn’t stop the sacrifice; the daughter was sacrificed to Him.

    1. 4.1

      Stories like the Jephthah narrative could be found all over the Near East. The story (later than Homer) of Agamemnon sacrificing Iphigeneia so that the fleet could leave for Troy parallels this one. The alternate version (Artemis saves Iphigeneia from being sacrificed) parallels the reprieve of Isaac. Looks like there was lots of divinely-ordered child sacrifice back in the day, differing only in choice of divinities. It was precisely this (the case of Iphigeneia) to which Lucretius referred when he wrote that “only religion could persuade one to such evils.”

  3. 5

    Living in the Upstate region (Greenville/Spartanburg Counties)I find this hilarious in some ways, in that the books sell really well and are ALWAYS checked out of the public libraries and such, and depressing in others, in that for several weeks I passed a “church” going to and from work that was having a weekly series of bullshit lectures on how Harry Potter was teaching kids how to be witches and cast magical spells… as if that bastard son of a roman warrior carpenter wasn’t practicing satanic rituals himself. Go figure.

  4. 6

    The funniest thing to me about anti-Harry Potter protests is that, if you bother to read the books, the wizarding community is very obviously Christian and magic is very obviously not a religion. If you’re going to oppose something, knowing wtf it even is might be a good place to start.

    1. 6.1

      Ah… but the point is that “magicking” is passed down through the family bloodlines–for the most part–which therefor supports evolution, therefore un”christian”/”devil”-worshiping/unclean/un”godly”/unwholesome/unwhatever.

      If Harry and crew had been passed off as disciples of Teh-Jeebus!(TM), then the books would be heralded as triumphant pastiches to the timeless truthiness of Der Babble.

  5. 9

    The “shedding of innocent blood”; how do they know this refers to babies? Were stillborns given last rites and buried? Or were they unceremoniously disposed of?

    1. 9.1

      Does that work? The concept of “original sin” dictates that perhaps from conception onward through embryonic stage to fetus to baby all humans are sinful and rotten and are sent to hell by their omnibenevolent Creator to be tortured with infinite resourcefulness for an infinite duration. It is after all not the biological machinery, but the pre-existing soul that is what is foul and has to be cleaned through Jesus.

      Unless a fertilized egg cell, perhaps blastula-onward, personally confesses with it’s not yet (fully) formed brain that Jesus is God and at the same time believes in it’s not yet (fully) formed heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, it is doomed and beyond redemption and remains unsaved. What happens then if the biological vessel dies depends on whether the embryo has developed a belief in purgatory. If it didn’t it will go straight to hell, otherwise it has a dim chance yet to escape from infinite torture to infinite boredom. Additionally the embryo has to have adopted the right denomination, but that speaks for itself.

    2. 9.2

      Oh it has a chance yet to adopt the concept of predestination in which case it doesn’t have to do anything or abstain from anything, but it’s a bit of gamble and the odds or not particularly favorable.

  6. 10

    Bear in mind, this is the same crowd that a few years back passed around this article as evidence that the Harry Potter books are evil, evidently unaware that The Onion is not a reliable news source. You can tell it’s real just from this section:

    With membership in Satanic temples reaching critical mass in some areas, many children have been forced to start their own organizations to worship the Lord Of Lies. Houston 11-year-old Bradley Winters, who purchased Goblet Of Fire with his own allowance money at the stroke of midnight on July 8, organized his own club, Potterites To Destroy Jesus, with his neighborhood pals. An admission fee of $6.66 grants membership to any applicant willing to curse the name of God and have a lightning bolt carved into his or her forehead with an iron dagger.

    “The Harry Potter books are awesome!” Winters said. “When I grow up, I’m going to learn Necromancy and summon greater demons to Earth.”

    It’s more than just the kiddie set and Satanists, however, who are rejoicing over Harry’s success. Educators nationwide are praising the books for getting children excited about reading.

    “It’s almost impossible to find a book that can compete with those PlayStation games, but Harry Potter has done it,” said Gulfport (MS) Middle School principal Frank Grieg. “I have this one student in the fifth grade who’d never read a book before in his life. Now he’s read Sorcerer’s Stone, Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chamber Of Secrets, Goblet Of Fire, The Seven Scrolls Of The Black Rose, The Necronomicon, The Satanic Bible, The Origin Of Species—you name it.”

  7. 11

    This is complete bullshit. Not one of the spells I have tried has worked. Harry Potter isn’t any good for helping someone become a witch or wizard. I need a better set of instructions with better graphics.
    And the materials for the potions? Have you priced boomslang skin or gillyweed?

  8. 13

    Yeah, didn’t that God fellow kill a whole punch of babies back in the day? Granted they had already been born, is this the distinction?

    Smearing animal blood above your doorway to stave off a murderous supernatural entity invoked to kill the children of your enemies, that sounds absolutely nothing like witchcraft, amirite?

  9. 14

    I am new to building web sites and I was wanting to know if having your blog title related to your content really that critical? I see your title, “SC Christians: Harry Potter makes them CRAZY MAD | Ashley Miller ” does appear to be spot on with what your blog is about yet, I prefer to keep my title less content descriptive and based more around site branding. Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. 15

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  12. 17

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