Watch me argue with a bunch of punks: with drinking game

FtB did another video podcast, if that’s what they’re called, in which we talked about education.  If you’d like to see me all huffy about education being a social justice issue (WHICH IT IS) feel free to skip forward to 1:04:45.

Drink every time Chris Rodda says David Barton
Drink every time PZ mocks JT for video games
Drink every time JT and I start laughing apparently unrelated to anything happening in the conversation
Drink every time Nikki Haley is a horrible person


Watch me argue with a bunch of punks: with drinking game

2 thoughts on “Watch me argue with a bunch of punks: with drinking game

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    I loved your comments about the importance of education in the arts. I’m a scientist, and I have absolutely no talent in any artistic area, though I’ve always thought the liberal arts are important. In fact, I think my field of (bio)chemistry is a liberal art, too. Nonetheless. I’ve come to realize how much I missed in having almost no formal training in art or music. A few years ago, I bought a course on tape about how to listen to concert music, and I was truly amazed at the effect of that education on my enjoyment of music. I was also angry that my schooling had involved no music theory or history at all. This is in direct contrast to a friend who learned to write four-part harmony for her O-levels (yes, I’m showing my age!) in England.

    So we need to increase funding for art and music education, not cut it. We definitely need to give talented students a chance to develop their skills as artists or musicians. We also need to make sure that art and music history are seen as part of an intellectually rigorous high-school education for everyone.

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