Nikki Haley also vetoed funding to help rape victims

Nikki Haley looks like Human Ursula, enough said

I know, you’re all probably sick of hearing about how horrible my governor is.  In defense of my homestate, we didn’t *all* vote for her and her approval rating is not great, though depressingly high all things considered.

I wrote about the Arts Commission and many of you wrote on my behalf, for which I am immensely grateful.  This other issue, the one of defunding rape crisis centers is less personal to me, but even crueler to people of South Carolina.  Of course, Nikki Haley is the same woman who said, “Women don’t care about contraception”, so perhaps it is unreasonable to be surprised that she is saying that helping victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse is a distraction from *real* health issues.

The good news is that we’re only seventh in the country for women being killed by men!  There are states worse than us!

The SCCADVASA has a statement that’s worth reading, which includes the following info:

The $453,956 that the Governor vetoed will result in a 37% decrease in funding for rape crisis centers.  In FY 11-12, the total amount distributed to rape crisis centers was $648,114, which included both recurring and non-recurring funds.  If the veto stands, the total amount available for programs serving the entire state will be only he recurring $403,956.

They also have a letter from a survivor, one that I cannot read without crying:

The man has yet to be caught, but when he is caught, I KNOW I can call the rape crisis center and they will be with me as I identify him. They will be with me as they prosecute him. That gives me COMFORT. Comfort KNOWING that these individuals witness the pain of women EVERYDAY who are raped. The comfort that they are out there HELPING individuals gain back SOME of their normal life. They help women become survivor, not victims as best they can.

I did NOT choose to be raped that night. I was ASLEEP in MY HOME, yet you are cutting a budget for people that did NOTHING WRONG!!!!! They did NOT choose this pain, they were forced upon with this pain. HOW CAN YOU TAKE WHAT HELP, COMFORT, SUPPORT they have????? How can you take that away from them, from me, for a mother and father’s daughter?????

Here are the contact links again if you want to tell the legislature to override:

All the Senators:

All the House Members:

The good news is that Nikki Haley is making lots of people hate her.  Ms. covered the story and we’ve gotten delightful articles, including one that names her TART of the year — TART being the “Taxes Are Rape Too” group.  Many of the people who have contacted the legislature have gotten positive responses, so there is hope.

Nikki Haley also vetoed funding to help rape victims

10 thoughts on “Nikki Haley also vetoed funding to help rape victims

  1. 1

    As I read it, the “distraction” line was used for more than rape centers. it also included other “distracting” issues like medicine for AIDS patients, a children’s shelter, an elderly home and basically every program that helped the weakest or most vulnerable in the state.

    So basically, those weakest and most vulnerable can just go die already. Sheeesh! Nikki hasn’t got time for those whiners.

  2. 3

    As one of the ones who has been raising the roof over this piece of faulty logic by my governor, I’m glad to see it posted on yet another blog. I was told at another place that I needed to learn the facts since the budget under her increased funding to rape crisis by 6.4% this year. No, SERIOUSLY! Mind you, even if it did, it is no where near the funding they need as far as I’m concerned.

    Even if the budgeting increased by 6.4%, that one cut drops funding by $453,000. Still a net loss, at least according to the classes I took.

    Anyway, we’ll find out what happens next week when the Legilature returns for session. I know the Republicans are scheduled to hold their caucus on Tuesday to decide just which vetoes they are going to override.

    And just for info reasons: I am a male, 44 years old. The reason this is such a big deal to me is because several years ago, I met a young lady who had been raped by her cousin when she was about 10 years old; mind you, not in SC, but still… anyway, she had a hard time because no one wanted to listen to her, and lived in a state where rape crisis help was hard to get to, especially for a child.

    Beyond that, my oldest niece, who for all intents and purposes is more my little sister, was slammed around and choked by her (now ex-) husband. After calling the police, the only thing she got was the cops who had went to school with her husband and who worked really hard at not noticing the finger prints around her throat. But then such has been how domestic violence is seen around here at times.

    So, I’m glad to see more press about Governor Haley and her bonehead move. Oh… and just for the record, she did say that rape victims were “deserving of our sympathy and encouragement”, while showing they aren’t deserving of our tax dollars.

  3. 4

    Wanna balance the budget? I am sure there are plenty of tax abatement deals that could be reduced a little.

    And why cut this particular funding? Aren’t republicans supposed to be all law and order? Don’t they want to identify perps and jail them. Oh, wait, I suppose most of those women who were raped were sluts who had it coming to them. Rape those sluts so they’ll know to stay home. Shame on them wanting to have independent lives. And make them have their rape babies be born both to punish them and make them transformed into good Christian mothers.

    Fuck these pieces of shit. They are not fit to swallow the planaria that feed on the turds I crapped on their front yards. Haley has done this because she kinda likes rapists. And they like her.

  4. 5

    From the other side of the country, but they’ll be hearing from me.

    It’s asshole moves like this that won me over to progressivism from libertarianism. I don’t understand how anyone who isn’t a sociopath can be anything other than raging about this sort of insanity.

  5. 6

    And yet when Republican women get criticized by the press they turn into the whiny victims they seem to hate. If only being raped were as painful as being criticized in public, maybe rape crisis centers would have a chance.

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