Hey Girls: You Deserve Cancer, you sluts!

I live in a state that is often accused of being the worst.  We have a saying in South Carolina: “Thank God for Mississippi!”  When it comes to diseases and listening to the religious right being absolutely beyond stupid, we are pretty close to the bottom.

There is a wonderful vaccine that prevents several kinds of cancer, including almost all cervical cancer, anal cancer, and other cancers as well.  The vaccine also reduces the risk of fertility problems!  The problem is that the vaccine prevents HPV, something people can get through sex.  It should be noted, however, that this is NOT the only way people get HPV.  The thing is, getting HPV from a non-human object can actually happen.  In that study, over half of the virgins tested had HPV.

And it’s frustrating that I should even have to make that point.  Sex is good, sex is healthy, sex is natural, sex should be accepted as an important part of the human condition.  But you don’t have to be a raging slut/whore/liberal to get HPV.

Which is why it is especially tragic that, in a state with incredibly high cervical cancer rates (9th in deaths in the nation, three times higher in African American women), less than 20% of eligible women are getting this vaccine.  I am sure the number is even lower for eligible young men.  Why? Because we won’t enact a mandate like we have for other vaccines.  And, just last week, the house would not overrule a veto from our evil governor, Nikki Haley, that prevents schools from getting funding to provide information on the vaccine.  Not to force anyone to have it, but to tell people it exists.

Nikki Haley: It’s better for people to die than for parents to possibly have to discuss sex with their children.

Also, if you are under 26, male or female, you should get the Gardasil vaccine.  For yourself and for others.

GARDASIL is the only human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV. In girls and young women ages 9 to 26, GARDASIL helps protect against 2 types of HPV that cause about 75% of cervical cancer cases, and 2 more types that cause 90% of genital warts cases. In boys and young men ages 9 to 26, GARDASIL helps protect against 90% of genital warts cases.

GARDASIL also helps protect girls and young women ages 9 to 26 against 70% of vaginal cancer cases and up to 50% of vulvar cancer cases.

Since I’ve had mine, does that mean I’m contractually obligated to be a slut/whore/liberal now?

Here are some sobering statistics given in the hopes of scaring people into getting the jab.

Hey Girls: You Deserve Cancer, you sluts!

13 thoughts on “Hey Girls: You Deserve Cancer, you sluts!

  1. 1

    Wait a minute – Haley actually vetoed funding to schools to prevent them from just *telling* parents and students that the vaccine exists?? And the House declined to overrule that piece of fuckwittery? WTH?

    1. 1.1

      The house failed to get the necessary 2/3 majority to do so, although the majority did want to overrule. “The House’s 54-47 vote killed the bill, which called for informational brochures on the vaccine for human papillomavirus, known as HPV, to be provided to parents of sixth-graders.”

      Yes, information on the vaccine given to adults is encouraging TEH SEXXORZ

  2. 2

    Thanks for posting. I saw an actual deserve to die quote a few months ago. I’m pretty sure my mother’s mother’s mother died of cervical cancer. Maybe she had a very active sex life, or, just maybe she got it from her husband. Or even a doctor who didn’t always wash his hands between patients.

  3. 3

    Thank you. My 13 year old daughter had her 3rd HPV vaccination on Monday of this week. Before each shot, I explained to her why I wanted her to have it, told her that I’d prefer that she wait until she is older to start having sex, but that regardless of when she has sex and with whom she has sex, what I want most of all is for her to have a long life and that the vaccine will help with that.

    Despite having had all 3 shots, she doesn’t seem to have changed her sexual behavior.

  4. 4

    My mom-in-law died of cervical cancer. It was drawn out and ugly.

    She did everything by the GOP playbook for women – was a virgin when she got married, only slept with her husband, raised some kids. Except he was a lying cheating bastard and she got HPV.

    I can’t hope that Nikki Haley has some personal experience with cervical cancer in her family. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But is it too much to ask that she take five freaking minutes to look at the available evidence?

    1. 4.1

      “But is it too much to ask that she take five freaking minutes to look at the available evidence?”

      Well…… yes. Time spent reading scientific literature is time NOT spent reading the KJV bible or Atlas Shrugged.

  5. 5

    Would someone with access to the paper say how they determine virginity? Because there are plenty of things that virgins might have done that would cause sexual HPV transmission if they didn’t ask the right questions.

  6. 6

    This has always confounded me. Parents who object to their teenage children getting the Gardasil shot should have to look their kids in the eye and explain exactly why they don’t want to protect their kids against cancer.

  7. 7

    #5 Nepenthe.
    That paper is old, and journal obscure. Abstract doesn’t say, and full text is not on-line.

    To our poster: Thankyou for this. Sadly, our knowledge of transmission is still not very good. Kissing might be dangerous. I tell young people that without the vaccine, they should not have direct contact with other people’s genitals – how’s that for a bummer.
    And for the men: You should get vaxed even if it doesn’t benefit you personally. But it does. Beyond warts.
    I study Head+Neck cancers. They are increasing, even though tobacco use is decreasing. It’s thanks to the increased incidence of HPV+ tumors. There used to be ethnic disparities in one direction (african american men got it more), and now that has reversed. One theory: men are using their mouths on other people’s genitals more often. Probably both sexes. I’m totally with you on that score, but it comes with increased risks. Be part of the solution. Please. It’s in the collective best interest, and your personal interests too.

  8. 8

    It’s typical RW thinking. If you have sex with anybody but your husband, for any reason beyond creating babies for Jesus, you’re a dirty slut and deserve whatever horrors befall you. What’s more, teaching people about sex, birth control, vaccines and the like fills them with the uncontrollable compulsion to fornicate with everything around them.

  9. 9

    Wait, guys should get it too. A man in our town got throat cancer…and it was the same type of cells as cervical cancer.

    My 16 y/o daughter has had the shots, her twin brother hasn’t. Just as soon as our ins. covers it for guys, he better be ready to get stuck.


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