My Life is Exploding & Boba Fett Ukulele


First and foremost, go give the SSA money.  They are the best, they deserve at least five of your earth dollars.

The timing of my getting a blog here is not totally ideal — I’ve had to abandon my house and move in with my mother because I’m allergic to it, I have to be out entirely and into a new house by the end of the month, I’m coming up against the final deadline for a class, I’m leaving Thursday for 10 days of traveling, and I’m about to start another class.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been massively sick with allergies, but I can tell you that it’s not good for productivity or creating a will to live.

How I've felt for 3 weeks

So, this spot may just end up hosting various and sundry not terribly deep things for the next two weeks, including pretty travel pictures, links to interesting things, and perhaps a few things I dig up from the vault.  I scheduled this post ahead of time to prevent myself from blogging at all today so that I will get some work done.  We’ll see how that goes.

My Life is Exploding & Boba Fett Ukulele

6 thoughts on “My Life is Exploding & Boba Fett Ukulele

  1. 1

    Sorry to hear about your house.

    Hopefully whatever your body’s allergic to won’t move with your stuff. We ended up with a box of clothes that had…something on them. Whenever the box was opened, severe sneezing would soon follow.

    We ended up getting rid of the box.

  2. 2

    Much suck about the house. I hope it will work out ultimately.

    As to the song, I like it and you do it well, but I don’t get the love people have for Boba Fett. He really didn’t do much other than call Darth Vader, let the Imperial army do the actual capturing of Han, then get killed, and I can’t stress this enough, by a blind guy. Seriously, the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy was taken out by accident while trying to aim at somebody five feet away by a person with a stick and no ability to determine more than light from dark. Not impressed by this at all and not sure why other people are.

    1. 2.1

      This song was the only thing I liked about Boba Fett for a very long time. When I was first getting into Star Wars, I was always really pissed off because I loved Princess Leia and there was almost no merchandise for her — it was all of the boys, especially Boba Fett. He was in the film series a fraction of the time Leia was in it and yet he had three times as many toys and so on. SO ANGRY

    2. 2.2

      I agree that Boba Fett is over- hyped and, from what I recall, George Lucas did too at one point. I think the level of fandom around Fett started with the toy line. The toys related to the first movie in the late 70’s included a Boba Fett figure that was only available by sending in so many proofs of purchase from other toys in the line. The thing was, the one and only scene Fett would have been in was cut out of the first movie so to most people Fett was just this mysterious character that no one knew anything about, but you had to do more than just go to the store to get the toy.

      Then we get Empire Strikes Back where we get to see Fett and the first thing is Vader telling him “No disintegrations!” and Fett’s response was basically “Yeah, yeah whatever, dude.” He later gives Vader something of a backtalk with his “He’s no good to me dead” line. So by now we have a mysterious character that apparently disintegrates people (perhaps for sh!ts and giggles) and can easily get away with giving Vader a bit of lip. Sure he gets punked, through slap- stick comedy at that, by a blind guy in the next movie but Han did seem pretty terrified at the prospect of Fett within his immediate vicinity.

      Also note that Chewbacca, a pretty fearsome Wookiee, didn’t exactly hop over and do anything about Fett being dangerously close, leaving his only role in the matter to a simple “Dude, is that Boba Fett behind you?” to Han.

        1. It does look badass, yes. But is it functional? I mean, it’s armor, right? Meaning it’s supposed to be hit on the outside so you’re safe on the inside. But it’s not too useful when hitting it on the outside causes the jet pack to randomly fire, crashing you into a pleasure ship and sending you careening into a giant Freudian space vagina.

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