14 thoughts on “Backyard Biology: Dead Squirrels

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      I know right? Watching a bunch of them swim into a lagoon is an awesome sight. Turtles also taste lovely in a soup (green flesh is not for the unadventurous), it’s too bad their numbers have dropped so low they’re protected from hungry pacific islanders. I hope their numbers rise to sustainable levels in my lifetime (so I can have more yummy turtle soup).

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    They thrive in Portland, Oregon. Grey Squirrels. They are no match for a crow when it comes to intelligence. Squirrels change their minds about crossing the road when they’re four-fifths (4/5) of the way across before they turn around and run back…

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    Not all crows are that smart. My son had one who flew off the centre of teh road right into the side of his motorcycle, immediately killing the bird. Fortunately, my son was able to keep the bike upright, despite the surprise. I guess that means Darwin awards shold be given to animals too.

    Where I come from, squirrels sometimes invade homes, expecially the older farm houses with their sandstone foundations. Once inside, they act much like any other rodent and chew and destroy everything. They are then treated the same as any other rodent and trapped and killed. As far as I am concerned, squirrels are just rats with flufy tails.

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      I had a bird fly into me on my bicycle one time. It was terrifying, though it wasn’t as large as a crow (sparrow-sized, possibly a sparrow). I’ve also run over squirrels on my bike twice, and a rabbit once. It shocks me how bad some animals can be at judging relative movement (granted, people are frequently terrible at this as well, judging by how many drivers cut me off).

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    Actually, squirrels are pretty darn smart, If they weren’t, they wouldn’t survive as well as they have.


    Studies have also shown that when given a rope that crosses above a road, they choose it. (Fragmentation of habitat requires them to cross for food and mating.)

    Perhaps it’s just a coincidence you saw them when it rained. Perhaps drivers should go the speed limit.

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    I’ve had mange victims. It’s not swift, and can kill several squirrels around the same time. Their fur starts falling out well before death, and they start acting weak. It happens around this time of year in my (very small, two separate years) experience, about when the young of the year start being able to travel. Looked to me like it took a mom and all of the kids both times. No doubt other diseases work too.

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    My cat hunts squirrels (and mice and rabbits – sadly, he has yet to kill the chipmunks inhabiting my porch, but he may soon); perhaps a nearby someone’s mostly-indoor cat escaped, or a nearby someone just got a new/rescued cat.

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