45 years since the summer of Loving

Today is the 45th anniversary of the decision in Loving v Virginia, which legalized interracial marriage in the US.  With Perry v Schwarzenegger (Prop 8.) and DOMA heading to SCOTUS this year, let us hope we will soon have marriage equality for all.  Even though the cases don’t have the perfect name Loving did.

45 years since the summer of Loving

2 thoughts on “45 years since the summer of Loving

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    Ashley, welcome. I just went through your Ron Paul post, and it has he best summary of his stances (as he has publicly stated them) as I’ve seen. Perhaps that is why his “supporters” dislike it so much, cause it shows what an inconsistent nutbag he is?

    Anyway, welcome to FTB, I’ll be stopping by to keep up with your stuff from now on. (and, by the way, if it helps, you are NOT ugly…)

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    Hooray for Roy Zimmerman! And an even bigger hooray for equal rights for all! I just wish people learned the real lessons from that period in history: that denying people their civil rights just makes you look bad, and that single-issue advocacy doesn’t work (e.g. MLK’s work on racism, poverty, and war).

    I’m just imagining someone trying to tell MLK “How can you work to combat racism when people are dying in Vietnam? Get your priorities straight!” … and yet we still hear things equivalent to that all the time, don’t we?

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