South Carolina Democrats Fail Shamefully

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Not one Democrat has entered the race for the US House of Representatives against Joe Wilson.  The party has entirely failed to recruit or field a candidate for a national office against a man who is an absolute disgrace to this state.  They also have not responded to my inquiries as to why they’ve failed to do so.  This shows not only a flagrant disregard for the state, but also a complete failure of priorities.

Normally when I am embarrassed at politics in my home state of South Carolina, it is because an individual Republican politician has done something that makes me cringe.  They disappear on the Appalachian Trail, say women don’t care about contraception, or scream “You lie!” during the State of the Union.  I am a generous person and I’m willing to allow that it’s really none of my business that Mark Sanford was having an affair, though there were some legitimate governmental interests involved in that story, and maybe Nikki Haley really meant to say women don’t only care about contraception, but other things as well.  But there is nothing about Joe Wilson’s outburst that is forgivable.

I care deeply about the truth, but there is a time and a place for pointing out perceived falsehoods and if a Democrat had screamed “You lie!” during one of George W. Bush’s State of the Union addresses, I would have condemned them as well.  There is a rebuttal aired immediately after the address just for such claims!  You’ve got a platform that doesn’t require being rude!

Of course, caring deeply about the truth, I should also point out that Joe Wilson was monstrously incorrect when he claimed that President Obama was lying.  If you’re going to be completely unnecessarily rude, at least get your facts straight first!

There’s nothing about Joe Wilson’s political career that redeems him from this behavior.  He is a supporter of keeping the treasonous rebel flag on Statehouse grounds.  He’s repeatedly voted to limit the rights of his gay constituents and of the country, he’s voted to make the PATRIOT act permanent and to remove our fourth amendment constitutional right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure, he does not support scientific research, he does not support women’s rights, he consistently votes against education in a state that desperately needs better education, and he is a religious fundamentalist who doesn’t believe in separation of church and state.

The filing deadline has passed and I wish someone with any basic decency had taken the opportunity to use the public platform to bring some truth and dignity to the race, rather than more of the cowardly lies that Joe Wilson has to offer.  I wish I’d had $3,500 dollars and any knowledge of how to run a campaign or join a race because he’s the representative of MY district and I am mad as hell.  Perhaps Dick Harpootlian, the SCDem chair, should spend more time trying to get Democrats elected and less time insulting women, accusing Republicans of being gay, and schmoozing with Stephen Colbert.

South Carolinians deserve choices when it comes to sending a representative to Washington DC, but it looks like the 40% my district and of the state that votes blue is going to continue to be disenfranchised by a failure of the party and a failure of the system.

South Carolina Democrats Fail Shamefully

11 thoughts on “South Carolina Democrats Fail Shamefully

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    As a frequent libertarian I am used to being disenfranchised in south Carolina. The two party system in combination with “winner take all” districts means rule of the majority with silence of the minorities. The lack of Viable third parties is troubling enough for Americans who view their country as an ideal democracy and a paragon to be imitated; I cannot believe that even south Carolina is reducing itself to mono- polarity.

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    Wilson had his moment to do something for his country and went along with the lemmings who got us into Iraq, costing this nation trillions on top the human cost of the war.

    He has killed jobs in South Carolina by supporting free trade agreements in Latin America that devastated our textile industry.

    He helps funnel $3 billion in taxpayer money per year to Israel and his staff might as well be on the Israel lobby’s payroll. One quarter of that $3 billion/ year ($750 million per year is a direct cash transfer) from the US taxpayer and economy to Israel. I know a lot of communities here at home that would like to have that money used here…. especially in this economy. And Wilson is so Christian that he supports Israel’s persecution of Palestinian Christians and recognizing Jerusalem as belonging to Israel at their expense.

    He is a hardcore militarist who has never seen a military contract he didn’t like and would gladly support budget busting bloated Pentagon spending while slashing social services.

    It is indeed disappointing that no Democrat filed to challenge him. Third party candidates might be able to to challenge Wilson, but it would be difficult to defeat him without the Democrat line on the ballot. We have fusion… a decent protest candidate at least?

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    Rob Miller fought hard for this seat in 2008 and 2010. It’s a shame he was not able to defeat Wilson. It may have been too daunting for another candidate to take on the fight, after witnessing how good organization and lots of money (thanks to donations spurred by Wilson’s idiotic outburst) did not result in a Miller victory. And, if I recall, in 2010, it wasn’t even close. By the way, are you related to Rob?

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    @Sarah. The 2010 election was 54% for Joe Wilson, 44% for Rob Miller. The 2008 elections was 54% for Joe Wilson, 46% for Rob Miller. Rob gave it a swing twice and deserves credit for that.

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    I agree that Rob Miller made a valiant effort. I don’t know why Harpootlian hasn’t found someone to at least run against Wilson, who is an embarrasment to so many of us. Ashley is right on the spot with all of her commentary. It’s nice to know there’s someone who thinks like I do.

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    It does cost over 3 thousand dollars just to file as a Democrat. With new district lines & a 7th Congressional district, I don’t know where Rob Miller lives for a 3rd run. The SC Green Party is likely to have a candidate & with no Democrat, people with a million dollars can come help her or him beat Joe Wilson & do the world a favor… my race is the first in a decade against corrupt Speaker Bobby Harrell in House District 114… UNIONS SAVE LIVES 843-926-1750 @VoteLarryDis114 our fusion effort may have 4 ballot lines, 2 already official: Democratic Party and Green Party, waiting for Working Families Fusion Party & Independents Party in Greenville

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    TOM CLEMENTS OF THE GREEN PARTY almost got 10 per cent of the vote against Senator James DeMint 2010 …. good Greens & fusion candidates are viable in South Carolina but cybervoting computers are NOT CAPABLE OF BEING COUNTED OR RECOUNTED observed fixing the election for Nimrata Haley allegedly with more votes than Senator Sheheen. I am eyewitness to Rethuglican Party vote fraud changing Democratic Party votes into Green Party votes for the hapless DR Morgan Bruce Reeves for Governor 2010 843-926-1750

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    of course, some Democrats and other normal people think that the crazy descent into RepuKKKe hell will stop when there aren’t any jobs left, when people in large numbers start roaming the streets, etc.
    Ha ha! If it really comes to that, and it will, South Carolinians will shrug that off, blame Obama, or God. They won’t vote Democrat, no matter what, they’re too stupid.

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