2 thoughts on “Fett’s Vette and Sweden

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    I’m not a huge uke fan (unless it’s a double-neck electric uke, which might be the most ridiculously spectacular thing upon which I’ve ever laid eyes), but I had no idea about this MC Chris fella, and I just watched his rant about The Clone Wars cartoon, and he says the same stuff about Star Wars I do – Star Wars is awesome when you completely remove the Star Wars part (except for that show, which I quit watching when I quit watching all television, but it was sweet when I did watch it).

    Anyway, thanks. I don’t think he’s terribly funny either, but he’s totally interesting (and, Disco Fett was a moniker of mine, lo those many years ago…)

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      mc chris is really awesome. I don’t think of him as funny so much as silly — he’s smart and has incredible rhyming skills. He reminds me a bit of Tom Lehrer but less satirical.

      I love my ukulele!

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