5 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Best of Comments as Interpreted by a Hippo

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    Typical brainwashed atheist who claims intellectual high ground while mindlessly following the establishment media candidates

    Yes Ron Paul the guy who wants to end the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, the only candidate with a proposed budget that will actually CUT spending, etc

    Yeah pick on that guy and roll with Obama the NDAA passing, bank puppet or Romney the Mormon version of Obama

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    Have you read Ron Paul’s the book, The Revolution? If not, I highly suggest you do so. I’m of the belief if you want to dismantle an argument, you have to understand that person through and through, and then attempt to dismantle it. Based off your posts, I currently do not believe you truly understand what Ron Paul stands for. I don’t see why Ron Paul supporters are given condescending names like “Paultards” and the like – it’s just not respectful. Some of us who support Ron Paul aren’t religious in our fervor; we are simply supporting a candidate with passion because he represents freedom and liberty.

    It is one thing to chastise a person because of their personal beliefs, but it is a wholly different thing to chastise a person who has personal beliefs, but at the same time supports your right to believe in your intrinsic right as a human being for freedom of choice, even if it means disagreeing with said person’s beliefs.

    Please, read his book. After reading it, should you disagree with what he believes, you will only have a strong arsenal of defense against his beliefs. Right now, your beliefs are obviously from whatever the media / propaganda has fed you – and for the sake of reason and reason, I strongly urge you to read – because only then can you truly understand all perspectives to come to the conclusion that is based on truth.

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