My Vagina is Destroying America or Love from Ron Paulians

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The overall sentiment is that I am an idiot typical woman who takes money and support from unsuspecting, trampled upon men, an uninformed cunt, a mentally retarded liberal arts failure, a really ugly troll, I should either be raped or kill myself and I should definitely never reproduce.

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Guys, seriously this mental midget ashleyfmiller isn’t going to understand. Her points have no validity and is basically taking everything RP’s said and turning it on its ass with no rational, realistic, thought-provoking evidence. She is a troll, which is evident by her appearance as well as her “points”, if you can even call them that. We are wasting our time on our page. Ron Paul has 30 years of consistent service to us and she only has this tiny webpage designed to piss people off, so if you’re going to post, just post “Fuck you ashleylmiller” and be on your way. Spread Ron Paul’s message because he is the last hope for the American people, and anyone tha disagrees with that can eat shit. The part that upsets me the most is the people that most vehemently protest Ron Paul’s popularity will also reap the social and economic benefits Ron Paul will produce if he becomes president.

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ashleyfmiller, you are a sad, pathetic excuse of a human being. Do the world a favor and get a hysterectomy so you can’t weaken the gene pool anymore than it is. You’ve taken every one of his points out of context and clearly have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. People like you RUIN this country and any real chance at change. He hasn’t violated his own philosophies, but sometimes I feel like someone should violate your civil liberties and lock you up for being a lying, hate mongering piece of scum that you are. Final note: you’re a cunt.

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Submitted on 2011/12/12 at 9:49 am
Why do we support Ron Paul?

Because people like Ashley F. Miller are perfectly happy with the status quo.

But hey, I don’t have a vagina, so it’s not like I can get my rich banker boyfriends to pay my way through college like Ashley F. Miller.

Congrats Ashley F. Miller! Enjoy the payoff while you can.

The “basically youngish white men”, you denigrate tend to remember the treatment they get from the little “white girls” like you while you use shame and blame to turn us into slaves, just to sell yourselves up for a piece of one of the members of the 1%.

mari dejun
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full of shit – full of lies – fuck you ashley f. mliler.

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I was going to watch some of your films to verify they suck but judging by your article I wont waste my time with a mike Moore disciple. You Hollywood guys and gals obviously dont realize that this is a republic not a democracy. we have a constitution which is the law and everything in this world is not free you have to take from one person to give to another and the mandate of that is a mix of socialism/communism the opposite of the “civil rights” that you advocate

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Ashley F. Miller

Filmmaker, Writer, Editor and mental retard

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ugly cunt. no guy would ever fuck you. you’re a 3/10 a best in your hideous picture. go kill yourself.

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Ashley F Miller!

Wow, you really are a piece of liberal shit !

Just do the world a favor and kill yourself.

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in the name of Mike Mazzone

get raped

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Why does anyone like a clueless c*nt? It’s not hard to understand. There are lots of clueless c*nts around, thus the disastrous state of this country. There’s not enough intelligence to make up for so many deluded, brainwashed idiots like you. You win – and everybody loses.

I’m Ugly!:

I can feel her cold dead eyed stare expanding throughout the multi-verse.

Let’s talk about the most important topic here.

That chick looks like a ginger version of Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. I’d give her a drunk 5.5.

“I’d give her an [EXTREMELY] drunk 5.5”

Minor correction needed.

My Degree is Stupid:

“Ashley is currently getting her PhD in Mass Communication from USC, with a focus on social media and film.”

Enough said.

And what on earth can you do with a a PhD in Mass Comm?

Teach writing at some podunk community college somewhere in California, write critical articles about “Deconstructing Transgender Stereotypes in Scooby-Doo” and the like, and complain to your friends that no one will even look at your screenplay | novel | whatever until you have succeeded in driving all but your most similarly embittered friends away.

And what on earth can you do with a a PhD in Mass Comm?

Purchase a frame?

And what on earth can you do with a a PhD in Mass Comm?

Teach other liberal atheists how to generate propoganda?

My guess

What do you mean? She has an MFA from the FSU film school, which clearly makes her qualified to make judgments about political theory.

When the time comes you need not worry. Anglos will industrialize the slaughter to new found heights. That’s what amazes me the most about the multicult. They think the likes of Paul Krugman and Nancy Pelosi have tamed us. I suspect it will look like some old episode of the X Files with the monster just below the surface bursting through the thin veneer of the multicultic skin. Silly white girls with “PhDs in Mass Communication from USC, with a focus on social media and film” will wet themselves in terror and excitement… at least for a while. Latin women will be filled with admiration… at least for a while. Then everyone will want it to end… but it won’t.

Girls are cunts!

Whether she gets your completely rational response will depend on how she feels in the moment.

She’s a complete and total cunt whose main problems with Paul are the usual inaccurate tripe “he’s a racist fun die-nutbag”. Please, what bullshit.

It upsets her that a part of what she considers her dating pool doesn’t share her political catechism. It’s tough to date outside the faith.

by spreading your legs, you give implicit permission for a child to become dependent on you.

This blog posting would be more compelling if it didn’t read like some lit chick trying to come to grips with something O-so-hard-to-understand.

This is why it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation about politics with or give any real consideration to the political sentiment of, generously, unmarried women, probably more accurately – any women who aren’t all the way through menopause yet. It’s a shame they are allowed to vote, but that’s part of the death-spiral of the republic.

The delightful and scintillating commentary of local snowflakes excepted, of course.

Well, of course you don’t get why millions of conservative Americans support RP, Ashley. It’s because you’re a raging left-wing socialist, man-hating femmetard, reverse-racist, pro-distopian, overly-artsy-fartsy, overly-idealistic, anti-logical hollywood retard. Stop trying to understand the policies of Ron Paul, give your brain cells a rest and go back to your laweekly and your bong.

I feel the same way about child molesters that you feel about the unborn (they’re not really “human,” so please, by all means, waste the scumbags).

Stupid bitch. There’s only one good thing about the coming economic collapse and it’s that this type of clueless c*nt will be too busy staving off starvation to blather her inanities.

Anyhow, I read Ashley twice and still can not figure what she hates about RP… unless she just hates men.

Racist what?

It’s funny how the Jews always want to remind us of the Holocaust …

It’s absolutely absurd. The closest thing to a fascist in the room is the black guy with the big ears and funny name.

What’s she got against straight, white, single, young, non-religious men? Once again, the diversity crowd is all for diversity as long as it agrees with them. That must be why so many aesthetically challenged women buy into it. Gives them the opportunity to exclude people from the groups in the same fashion as they were excluded from the in groups in high school.

But, thee are reasons that Jews have been hated for hundreds of years, even though it is most likely just a subset of the Jewish population that is the cause of the hatred.

This open borders business is my biggest problem with libertarians. It is anti-nationalist and pro-globalist, like marxism and communism. I know libertarianism is the ‘in’ thing this year but it does not serve the interests of the white race which is more than just the top 1% country club set.

Non-whites don’t love and worship the jews like dumb whites do.


you really can’t talk about the libertarian’s voting record, since no one will give them a chance to prove how they would vote.

Thank you for your article. Even though I think it is a load of inaccruate, fear-mongering, democratic tripe, I accept your RIGHT as a free-thinking American to express such ignorant views.

I hope you dig-in-your heels and vote for either Obomb-a or Newt World Order/Romney. That way once these candidates of your choice pass the NDAA, Patriot Act II and strip away your RIGHT to criticize anything about the government for fear of being labelled a terroritst, we shall all be spared your delirious rantings.

By the way, MOST doctors don’t believe in evolution. Probably because they can see the complexity of biological systems (that demands a designer), but aren’t a slave to research grants.

In reference to your commit……. “I’ve been trying to understand why smart people I know support Ron Paul and I just can’t get my head around it.”……well Ann Miller……..Maybe the reason you cant understand is simple ……YOUR NOT AS SMART AS YOUR SMART FRIENDS …….and psychological studies show that it is often difficult for people with greatly varied IQs to communicate………you said it your friends are smart and you cant understand them well said ann well said…….in the future listen to your “smart friends”

You should try reading a book before posting shit on the internet as if you actually know what you are talking about.

What a ridiculous article. Absolutely disgraceful, and it’s depressing to know that she is a human and has a brain and STILL is that stupid.

My vague and drunken point was that I’m pretty sure Ashley knows a lot more about Adam Lambert than she does Ron Paul.

The difference between people like her and the retarded is that the retarded don’t pretend that it is superior to be stupid.

I read that little pea brain’s screed, and the level of hypocrisy is amazing. She thinks Ron Paul is anti-science (because he has doubts about evolution) but she has a problem with Paul’s stance that life begins at conception. Seriously, how can one believe in evolution, yet deny when science says life begins?

Vague Death Threat

If logic and truth had any meaning, she wouldn’t be an atheist liberal. Only a piece of lead can have any impact on such a twisted, brainwashed brain.


It is clear to me that I missed the most important reason not to vote for Ron Paul: the people who are going to vote for Ron Paul.

My Vagina is Destroying America or Love from Ron Paulians

99 thoughts on “My Vagina is Destroying America or Love from Ron Paulians

  1. 1

    Pick any President… plenty of idiotic, racist and misogynistic voters have voted for him (because he appealed to their idiocy, misogyny or racism). I’m not defending these asshats and douchebags who insulted you… I’m just making a point that reason and politics are like oil and water.

    1. 1.1

      “I feel the same way about child molesters that you feel about the unborn (they’re not really “human,” so please, by all means, waste the scumbags).”

      This was my comment, and I am thoroughly disgusted that you would put this in the “women are cunts” category.

      The topic of abortion as you see it has nothing to do with the value of human life, only the value of the woman to choose. Anyone who feels that human life is of more value obviously hates women and thinks that they’re cunts?

      That’s some twisted fuckin logic right there. Especially in an age where we have condoms. Oh, and the pill. And the patch. The shot, the implant, RU-486, the morning after pill… Yes, anyone who thinks that with ALL these methods of birth control, that ending a human life is wrong, well they hate women. I gotta go make sure my wife knows that she hates women and thinks they’re cunts.

      Now you see why you get called stupid? You do stupid shit like this. Like I said in that original post, we can’t have an honest debate if you refuse to be honest.

      1. Have you read my response to your post on the original blog post? Or shall I re-post it here?

        Oh, and when those methods of birth control happen to fail (which they so often do), then what? Perhaps they should abstain instead? So you want to limit their freedom (i.e. have sex when they want) because there’s an off-chance that they could get pregnant, even while on birth control?

        Read my response regarding this being an argument about terminating the PROCESS by which a life is formed, NOT ending an already-existing life. Cite your science that supposedly claims life begins at conception. The only sources I see stating that are people using religion and the Bible as their sources (even though there’s nothing in there to back up their claim), and you can’t use religion to legislate and create laws. First Amendment, and all that. If anything, the science surrounding when life “begins” is shaky at best, because there is no point at which you can specifically point and claim that life begins “there”, much like I could show you a paragraph of text that transitions from red to purple to blue, and you cannot show me the precise letter at which it is purely blue.

      2. Yes, birth control can fail. I never even said that I feel that abortion should be illegal. I even posited that there are instances which, yes, I agree, one is completely justified in ending another’s life.

        You’d rather view the unborn as subhuman. A clump of cells that’s not really alive. You lump me in with women haters because I find that objectionable. So, I can then go ahead and lump you in with racists.

        How? Margret Sanger started planned parenthood as part of eugenics mission to reduce the amount of black people in America. Today, black people are around 18% of the population, and 40% of abortions. You’re twice as likely to find a planned parenthood in a black neighborhood than in a white neighborhood.

        Why do you hate black people so much?

  2. 2

    Ashley, how are you doing after all this over- the -top, crazed vitriol has been directed at you? I would imagine even the most self actualized person would experience at least mild trauma as a result.

      1. You’ve got a lot of courage. You’re also completely right about Ron Paul. I’ve posted similar things about him, but I’m one of the Obscurinati, and a white male as well, so I’ve never had to take that kind of abuse. If that day comes when I do, I hope I comport myself as well as you have.

  3. F

    How I wish your vagina could destroy *that* America. Or maybe you could just do it with your mind.

    I don’t agree with Ron Paul, but I hate his fans. Bigoted infantile idiots.

    1. 9.1

      Wait, seriously? You’re chiding her for not explicitly mentioning that she got at least one polite response? I kind of thought that was obvious, myself. In fact, I blithely assumed that the above quotes were the worst of the lot — the bottom of the barrel. Not, you know, representative of the median.

      If the fact that NOT every single last response was uncivil is really worth pointing out, then just say the word and I will personally see to it that Vox Day’s medal gets mailed to him at once.

      1. To his credit, as Rodney says, the e-mail he sent was very civil and, when I replied to it explaining why I disagreed, he sent another quite civil e-mail back in which he agreed that we simply had different political priorities.

      2. Thank you for your very polite e-mail.

        The point of my article was to say for that people like me — people
        for whom secular values, gay rights, and abortion are important issues
        — Ron Paul is a bad choice.

        For people like you, who believe the country is going to implode
        economically and therefore, relatively reasonably, don’t care so much
        about the other issues, Ron Paul may well be an excellent choice. And
        I agree that it isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing, I have no
        respect for either party.

        It’s just that I don’t think that the country is going to implode.
        And I don’t think a man who thinks it’s OK for states to take away my
        rights so long as the federal government doesn’t is libertarian or
        worth supporting.

        Thank you,

        Dear Miss Miller,

        I completely agree with you. If you don’t think the country is in any significant economic peril, and most people admittedly don’t, then there is no reason you should support Ron Paul if you disagree strongly with his social positions. I would simply encourage you to keep an open mind about him if your perception of the economic situation changes.

        Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you favor government support for the poor or for foreign invasions, if the government has no money, it can’t do anything at all.

        Best regards,

  4. 13


    Strange that when males want to insult a woman they say she has the attributes of a male !?

    It reminds me of another non sequitur; when fundies really want to insult Atheism they call it a religion.

    1. 13.1

      Or Fox News fans who say that places like MSNBC are “just as bad”. They’re not denying their own faults, they are simply trying to drag others along with them, and try to strike at the person they’re arguing against.

  5. 14

    Welcome to my world, Ashley! I’ve had to put up with the neck drooling knuckle dragging women-hating bigoted racist fucking bullies for years now! Like you, I just shine a mirror at their face to show the world who truly is the fucked up one!

    Hope you have an awesome holiday. The fact you called out the Ron Paul supporters has given me the greatest present of all! 😀

  6. 16

    Holy crap, thank you for speaking out to start with and thank you again for framing these little slices of heaven for us all to see and mock. It’s staggering what they said, and how common it is. Let’s air out the internet and expose “thoughts” like that for what they really are.

    And someone should really make a “my vagina is destroying America” merit badge or something. Because your title gave my my new mission in life 😉

  7. 17

    As is often the case, the bad guys make it hard for the good guys.

    I am a White, middle aged, married man, with 3 kids and a grandchild, who just graduated with my MA in Religious Studies [I have a BA in Philosophy and an AA in screenwriting]…. And I’m a Ron Paul supporter. What these people have posted is wrong, and not indicitive of the average conservative libertarian, and if they won’t apologize for their words, allow me to.

    I support Mr. Paul because I know first hand what big, obtrusive government power can and will do to you if given a chance. The old addage about power corrupting is true, and because the Progressive movement in both political parties have been collecting power incrementally for a while they have become thoroughly corrupted, top to bottom – from Obama’s relationship with Wall Street bankers down to the way you are treated by government employees [who work for YOU] when you go to the DMV or Unemployment office.

    Cops shoot people, or, as was the case recently in Tampa, arrest a man, handcuff him to a chair, then pepper spray him to death, only to be absolved of wrongdoing. Wall Street bankers announce publicly they plan to confiscate the FDIC insurance payments of their depositors on behalf of the bank’s owners should their bank go belly up and because of their cosy relationship to politicians from both parties aren’t arrested for this conspiracy to defraud innocent people. A family is forced out of their home to live in a campground when Dad, who was fired for having a heart attack thanks to the stress of working 50 hours a week AND going back to school, has his unemployment ‘suspended’ to ‘investigate’ whether his school schedule would interfere with him taking a full time job.

    This is the kind of thing that makes a person a Paul supporter, or a Tea Party or even an Occupy Wall Street supporter. Unfortunately as I have noted, the bad guys make life hard on the good guys, and those lost souls wishing you harm for your views are definately the bad guys. However much I may disagree with your political views, they are your and you are entitled to them.

    Best wishes,

    1. 17.1

      Goldman Sachs and all the top Wall Street companies support all presidents. Why? It’s who they are. They love power and use their money & power for more power. Obama has pushed for strict financial regulations, but it’s the tea bags in the House and Senate who continually block this sort of thing. Hell, they don’t even like helping those on unemployment at this point!

      10 great reasons not to vote for Ron Paul:

    2. 17.2

      Ashley F. Miler may very much appreciate your sentiments above For me, as someone who just happens to be on the thread, it sort of struck me as something like going to a church that has a soup kitchen but…being forced to listen to an indoctrination oriented sermon at the church *before* being allowed to partake in any of the food. And of course the average hungry person will passively demure, whether he/she wants to or not because they are hungry. For me, who has also had many negative experiences with Ron Paul supporters as well, your post would have been far more powerful and effective Sir, if you had simply apologized for the perhaps even criminal actions, in some cases, of your fellow Ron Paul enthusiasts on this blog and would have had the self discipline to leave it at that. That’s my 0.2 cents.

  8. 19

    “Anyhow, I read Ashley twice and still can not figure what she hates about RP… unless she just hates men.”

    change the gender and it’s the same argument for anyone who criticizes feminism, he is guilty of hating all women.

    “people for whom secular values, gay rights, and abortion are important issues – Ron Paul is a bad choice”

    “for that people like me ”

    “it isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing, I have no respect for either party.”

    does not compute.

    1. 19.1

      You poor, poor privileged male. It must be hard being you, isn’t it? Oh, the burdens you have for not understanding that women don’t have equal rights in society and simply want just that. That they want to be free from being judged solely on their personal appearance and beauty, as if the substance of their argument has no bearing on how you perceive them. That they want to be free from threats of rape and murder (credible or not) from men who are so insecure that they can’t argue on her level, and simply attack, attack, attack.

      In other words, shut the fuck up, Namae Nanka, your privilege is showing.

      1. If we had equal rights, men would be allowed to abort, too. Women have special rights. Ron Paul and his supporters are supporters of equal rights and the rule of law. He happens to believe that the person in the womb also deserve rights, whether they be male or female.

        Women aren’t oppressed in this country. That would be the middle east.

      2. W


        Not sure if you knew this, but males can’t get abortions because they can’t get pregnant. Just like a female can’t get treatment for testicular cancer because she can’t get testicular cancer.

        If men could get pregnant, there would be abortion booths on every street corner.

        Or are you saying men aren’t equal until they can dictate the medical choices of women?

  9. 21

    To be sure, most of this stuff is incredibly stupid. I have to wonder where it came from, as it does not reflect a level of intelligence sufficient to understand what Dr. Paul is talking about. Just for starters, Dr. Paul himself is unfailingly polite and considerate, even to those who most violently disagree with him. This is not just a tactic, but a matter of principle, based on a policy of mutual respect, without which “libertarianism” is meaningless. (Hint: there are many who call themselves “libertarian” — or are so called by the media and others whose intent is to mislead — who are not.)

    Cui bono? Who benefits from supporters of Dr. Paul being presented as a bunch of foul-mouthed pre-adolescent boors? The Ruling Elite (a.k.a. the “One Percent”) are clearly being made very nervous by Dr. Paul’s surprising success at awakening the long-dormant intelligence of the American people (well, some of them, anyway, we’ll see next month how deep this excitement really goes). And it’s certainly clear that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the country on the course that profits them. Flooding the Interwebs with obscene garbage from false-flag operatives pretending to be Paul supporters is certainly among the mildest of the tactics at their disposal.

    Thus, I will state for the record that I don’t believe the majority of these comments actually came from supporters of Ron Paul. This is the kind of stuff written by *opponents* of Dr. Paul, who can’t come up with cogent arguments to refute him and so resort to scurrilous ad hominem (e.g. “crazy, racist Christian fundamentalist”). If you want to know what Ron Paul’s about, you can read or hear his own words, or those of those who really do support him, e.g. at The Daily Paul.

    I have been a supporter and friend (well, not exactly, but I did get to have dinner with him once, and was deeply impressed by the character I felt in him) of Ron Paul since 1981. He is an honest man, and a good man. He truly does not want to run your life, nor you to run his life, nor anyone to run anyone else’s life. It seems clear that your real problem with Dr. Paul is a kind of projection: you simply can’t imagine that someone whose views differ from yours would not want to force you to live his way if he could — just as you and your friends have been forcing all of us to live your way for so long.

    The ideas Dr. Paul presents simply have never been tried before, on any significant scale, in human history. The Founders of the American experiment in republican self-governance made an effort (for which many of them died, and my 4x great-grandfather lost an eye at the Battle of Germantown), but of course it was seriously flawed, and soon subverted by those who had never “gotten it”. Like Rome 2000 years before, a Republic cannot become an Empire and remain free.

    Dr. Paul’s presence and activity in this time and place I see as perhaps Someone’s (I am not a Christian, but I can’t help seeing something beyond just blind chance operating in the world today) offering the world an opportunity to take the path never yet trodden in human affairs: a social order based on non-aggression and voluntary cooperation, rather than simple brute force.

    Whatever happens after next November, no one will be able to claim that America did not have a choice. Will it be More of the Same, or, finally, *real* “Change”?

    1. 21.1


      Most Ron Paul supporters have this view. Either that, or they have educated themselves in economics and realize how close the country (and by extension, the world) is to economic collapse. The hate only comes out when people refuse to see that the Ashley Miller types are going to continue to vote us into financial slavery from the baking elite. I, for one, do not want to be a slave, nor do I want my children or children’s children to be slaves. I want to live free, not off the teet of a socialist state that cares nothing for me but only for its own interests. Ron Paul and his supporters see, and have seen for a long time, how dire and desperate the situation is. Truth needs to be spread, and it is always a bitter medicine. The difference is that Ashley Miller bitches about the taste, and Paul supports realize the good that the medicine (truth) is dong for them and take it willingly.

      1. Calling one woman a bitch or a cunt doesn’t make you misogynist. Believing that all women are inferior makes you a misogynist.

        I must have missed the comment that said “all women are stupid.” unless you’re still talking out of your ass.

      2. W

        Treating women differently and worse because they are women is misogynist, because it makes it obvious that some people do view women as inferior. How many times do you see men being threatened with rape compared to women? How often are men’s appearances rated from 1-10 while their arguments are dismissed?

  10. 23

    Vague Death Threat…

    An observation, not a threat, you stupid bitch. It’s well known that brainwashed idiots like yourself are incapable of seeing reality.

    Your twisted ideology is the biggest threat to you. And you prove that you are not only a clueless cunt, but a vindictive, petty cunt. Typical female, always has to resort to playing dirty.

    1. 23.1

      Oh my, the irony… it is STAGGERING with this one. People like you should be locked up. You shouldn’t be allowed near other human beings, especially women. Wait… did you forget to take your meds? I know mental illness is not funny, but these days you really can’t tell if a troll like Taylor is really mentally ill, or just ignorant and violently dumb.

      1. I am a woman, you fascist freak. The day a limp-wristed liberal scum like you has anything good to say about me, I will know I am slipping. It’s always good to make little faggots like you get the vapors.

    2. 23.2

      Misogyny, homophobia, ad hominem, incorrect use of fascism(/Communism/socialism/Hitler), gender essentialism, stereotyping, reductionism…all in one set of comments??

      Thanks for helping me fill out my bingo card, Taylor! 🙂 Must be Christmas.

  11. 24

    It is amazing for me to see how much rage and hatred pours out because of opposition to their political candidate. If you expressed opposition to a candidate that they don’t “believe” in, then they would think nothing of it and maybe even agree with you. In the same way, if you present opposition to their religious belief the hatred will come forth. But if you write against some other belief that they don’t hold, they may be likely to agree. It seems to me that these people worship Ron Paul in some way, so they cannot handle or accept any criticisms of him. Just like believers can’t handle criticisms of their beliefs.

  12. 25

    This ashley miller guy’s blog traffic just went up like 200 billion percent.

    Formula for failing bloggers:

    – Take a jab at some popular guy
    – Post it around the web, pretending to be outraged supporters of the jabee
    – wait for traffic to flow in

    Fail, miserable little human.

    oh, and here’s my email and IP, just for your convenience.

    email: [email protected]

    1. 25.1

      Yep, fail to those miserable little humans who thought posting abusive nonsense in response to one woman’s well researched opinion was a such good idea. I mean, it’s not like they could have just not posted such hateful crap and not given her so much blog traffic at all, oh no. It’s all Ashley’s fault.

      No one forced them to piss on the blog-floor, and she’s in the right for airing their piss-stains.

      1. Not her fault at all, but she failed because she got found out. Being a student of mass communications, this failed blog must have been a constant source of invalidation, what with its 1 or 2 random comments from internet nobodies.

        But soon she’ll find out that her stunt did not work, see, because soon it’ll go back to the regular 0-traffic site that it was, and then she’ll have to try and stir something up again. try taking a stab at Justin Beiber, I hear he has many fans

      2. …and yet here you are still returning, still stopping by to pee on the blog, like some sort of compulsion. This irony is strong this one, especially from someone with a username that implies that there’s something wrong with being female with a penis, just because you disagree with her. Man, I hope any transgendered fans of RP are having a glance at how other supporters might feel about them..

        But I guess it’s easy to claim she only posted this to get attention when you’re still giving such negative attention. She was just asking for it, right?

      3. There is something wrong with a woman who has a penis, for example, it has a penis. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter BTW, just someone who saw through this attention seeker’s ploy.

        I’ll give her all the attention she wants as long as it costs me less than it benefits me.

    2. 25.2

      LOL, pathetic. Typical piece of shit Ron Paul supporter. Can’t deal in facts–all he can do is flail about like a moron. Get out of your mom’s basement, dude. I thought you Libertards were all about self-reliance and free market? My experience is that you’re all a bunch of cheetos-eating freeloaders. Get a job, loser.

  13. 26

    I’ve never read your blog before and I am sure I might have different political views as you, but holy cow, I cannot believe how rude people are on the internet. I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone declares that a woman is a cunt and her vagina is the root of her being wrong/evil/whatever claim they feel they need to make because they can’t take the time to come up with a valid argument or criticism to back their point of view up. Kind of like when a girl turns a guy down for a date and then he calls her a fat bitch. It’s just sad.

    1. 26.1

      It’s the same for other/many women bloggers, receiving the same sort of abuse from insecure males (I wouldn’t call them “men”) who want a christian variant of sharia law. The idea that women are allowed to talk horrifies them more than the fact that women disagree with them.

      I thought I was a cretin, but compared to the knuckledraggers hurling the garbage….


  14. 27

    Hey Ashley…All of these assholes with their hateful comments about you? Just step over them once your leave USC and by your 3rd step from there? You will be far away from them!

    A cannot believe someone could try to bad-rap a PhD from USC!

    Rick Peregoy

    PS~ Ron Paul: Watering down your political choices for decades!

  15. 28

    Posting IP and email addresses of private emailers was unwise. Report the threats of violence to police if you truly fear for your safety but publicly naming and shaming pseudo-haters may well make the pseudo-hate real. The greater danger comes from silent lurkers who see that you’ve done this than the emailers themselves. Better the danger you can see.

    1. 28.1

      They were all public posters on the blog. They chose to behave the way they did and I am under no obligation to protect them. And I’m really not sure why you think that telling me to “get raped” is anything less than real hate.

  16. 30

    It sounds like you’re trying to rationalise your actions after the fact.Their IP and email addresses were not intended to be public, just as I don’t intend mine to be public when I post a comment on a blog. It was entirely your choice to publish them, which you didn’t have to do. Agreed, you had no obligation to protect them but you did breach the common trust by publishing private details, and this was just as wrong.

    Further, typing “get raped” on a keyboard is not hate, it’s just angry language. Real hate would be rape itself. Your decision to publish private details, however, indicates that you want something real (presumably bad) to happen to those people, which is real hate.

    If you’re afraid of real violence report it to the police. If you’re afraid of typed words on your computer screen you should probably stop making provocative and inflammatory remarks in your posts.

    You reap what you sow in this world, sister. Let’s hope there’s never any real hate incited by your blog. There are enough people in the blogosphere doing this already.

      1. Publishing people’s email addresses and IPs is a nothing but douchebaggery.

        What’s the first thing internet scumbags like 4chan and anonymous do when people upset them? post their emails, IP and any other personal information they can find. That’s the kind of company you’re in now.

      2. Actually, “will not be published” is only an agreement one enters into with WordPress as part of their agreement to allow WordPress to process their response. If an individual blogger publishes it, that is separate from the agreement. I think Ron Paul supporters should understand that, but apparently they don’t.

      3. You would be wrong about that. “not published” means, as it implies, not published. It does not say “not published if you behave”, or “not published unless you call the owner a cunt”, or “not published by wordpress but may be published by owner”, or “not published as long as you agree with owner”

        Twist it all you want, not published = not published. Therefore, if “not published” appears in the email box, anyone, regardless of what they type or do, can reasonably expect that their email will not be published.
        Glad I could school you this afternoon.

        You’re both idiots by the way, from a non-Ron Paul supporter.

      4. And yet WordPress gives me the information to do with as I wish. The entire reason IP addresses and e-mail addresses are recorded is to prevent bad behavior. If someone is that uptight about not wanting it shared, they should read the privacy policy of WordPress.

      5. Actually, I’m not wrong. Despite what you might think “not published” means, it does not in fact mean to the extent you have expressed. Look up the laws governing what that in fact means. “Not published” = “not published” by WordPress, not by the author. Law wins out over your opinion every time, period. Glad we have that understanding. Twist that all you want.

        1. And here I simply thought it meant that it wouldn’t automatically be thrown up with your name onto your post. It’s sad when people need the threat of being exposed to behave. Personally I’d rather just not act like an asshole in the first place.

    1. 30.2

      Guess what Einstein, if you write stuff like ‘get raped’ – it is hate speech and you deserve to have your anonymity destroyed and your details published in the public domain.

      So, stop whining.

    2. 30.3

      You know what is woefully missing from this conversation is that alphabeta is making the argument that ashley should just happily be okay that there is a culture of threatening language toward women on the internet.

      herp a derp saying i’ll rape women left and right is okay on the internet qq more women.

      ps: PG is a white knight trying to get laid. obvs

  17. 32

    I’ve been trolling the interwebs for many years, and I haven’t seen a reaction this vitriolic except from the neonazis. Of course, those ignorant fuckers like ron paul because he wouldn’t prevent them from exercising their free speech in the form of baseball bats. A woman with a vagina powerful enough to destroy america should have some sort of ‘nom de guerre’, donctha think? I’m thinking like ‘supervag’ or something. FWIW – I’m an extreme socialist liberal with a penis, and watch out you haters, I know how to use it.

  18. 34

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, I love your eyes. The vitriol that follows Ron Paul around like a chihuahua that wants to hump your leg should tell us something about how big of a mess this country will be if he ever gets elected President. There is no possible way he could get half the things his supporters desire accomplished and their love for him could turn to hatred very quickly. If I were Ron Paul I would have serious reservations about trying to feed the appetite of the beast these people represent. I also find the ease with which these people throw around violence as a tool troubling. It reminds me a little of the the tactics used by abusers to hold their prey.

  19. 35

    If you are not going to support someone with hateful followers, that means you have no one left to support. There is vitriol from all sides. As a Ron Paul supporter, I’m very sorry you had to get those kinds of comments. Although I fervently disagree with your article, I felt it to be articulate and well thought out.

    And to those who believe only young white evangelists like Ron Paul — I’m a 40-year old gay, atheist, pro-choice farmer living in Alaska with my partner of 22 years.

  20. 37

    To the person who got their knickers in a twist about Ashley publishing the email addresses and IP addresses of her harrassers: if you don’t say hateful, repellent things, then you don’t need to worry about having your identity attached to them.

    While I’ve had some strong disagreements with people on occasion, I’ve tried hard to keep my rhetoric in check. I’ve sometimes expressed myself more strongly than I felt comfortable with later, but I don’t think I’ve ever said anything I’m truly embarrassed about. When I realize I’m wrong, I generally say so.

    It’s easy to eat your words when they aren’t too pungent to begin with.

  21. 38

    Now I haven’t ever had any relations with 3/10s but I know you aren’t a 3/10 bc you’re prettier than some of the girls I’ve ranked higher than 5/10. I hope that helps you feel better.


    This is the company I keep for being a supporter of RP (but I am trying to view all sides of the die, and the article in question helped a lot). I’m sure you get the same type of rhetoric even before this article. We need to grow as a society and not respond in such thoughtless fashion when engaging with other people.

  22. 39

    “What do you mean? She has an MFA from the FSU film school, which clearly makes her qualified to make judgments about political theory.”

    What was your point posting this one? It’s a legitimate point. What makes your opinion anymore pertinent or intelligent than anyone else’s? Certainly not your major. Perhaps the supposed high ground that all liberals believe themselves to be the lone inhabiters of.

    Pretty much all of the other were good points against people who can’t seem to discuss an issue and would much rather just attack whomever they disagree with.

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