A Matter of Doubt Podcast: Starring Yours Truly

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A local very cool podcast about atheism and all things philosophy had me on to talk about atheist activism and the SC billboard campaign.  It’s got my deconversion story, horror of childhood religion, and limited occurrences of me going “um, like”.  If you’re into podcasts, you should give it a listen!  I have my super sexy horrible cold voice and everything.


A Matter of Doubt Podcast: Starring Yours Truly

3 thoughts on “A Matter of Doubt Podcast: Starring Yours Truly

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    Regarding Ep. 18 – Atheists Need to Argue with Emotion …

    I have started to talk to fellow atheists about emotion too, but I found it only confused and irritated them until I learned to clearly distinguish between beliefs/knowledge and values.

    Atheists are good at talking about beliefs/knowledge, and this is where reason and science reign supreme.

    But atheists are totally clueless when talking about values/motivation. In the absence of a god, values can only come from emotions/feelings e.g. “reason is … the slave of the passions” as David Hume said.

    Neuroscience and psychology are starting to confirm the Humean picture of emotion-driven motivation. But it is counter-intuitive to atheists who are obsessed with reason and science. This is a huge mental hurdle that stops most atheists graduating from atheism to humanism. So it is going to take a huge slap in the face to wake atheists up to this fact. Somehow I think that is your specialty. Have fun …

    PS – I tried to post this over at amatterofdoubt.com but I can’t login for some reason.

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