Keith Olbermann: WTF

He was fired? Doesn’t he have the best ratings on MSNBC?

I mean, I’m no particular fan of Olbermann, and he has a tendency to be histrionic, but he occasionally says things very well. Fired just like that… Was it Comcast?

Anderson Cooper, you silver fox, you must get on the news and tell us what is happening? Will MSNBC keep Maddow on air, because she is necessary!

Go watch his goodbye:

Keith Olbermann: WTF

6 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann: WTF

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    Nothing much was really said by Rachel……hmmmm. I am NOT happy about this! I sent an email to msnbc about it too. After all us folks who recently signed the petition to get him back and all the media coverage on that too which clearly illustrated his popularity.

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    I suppose MS (Microsoft) NBC will now be called CC (Comcast) NBC ———— In 13 years, Keith will tell us what happened if they haven’t “offed” him like some nut tried to do to Gabby — Oh, excuse me if the shooter was JUST A NUT who never listened to TV —

    Now FAUX will gloat for awhile and if you read the comments on Yahoo – you’ll see how many USA citizens actually believe FAUX gives facts. At least Olbermann gave FACTS with his opinions (as does Rachael) —

    Some Justice in the 1930’s or so said
    “You have a right to your own opinion, but not to your own facts”

    Finally – The United States Stupreme (not misspelled) Court gave us “W” in 2000 and then gave Congress to the “right/T-P” in 2011 — Who can make the Stupreme Court follow Scalia to BIG $$$? The President? The other Justices? NOBODY?

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    It’s a sad state of affairs today in the USA. Freedom and the press are both up for sale, and the highest bidders have no interest in truth or freedom. It’s time we all learn to pronounce a new word. Class, repeat after me: “Oligarchy”

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    I can’t believe this is really happening. I really love watching Keith. Something really needs to be done. I guess freedom of the Press is not a reality. Best wishes to you Keith. Keep up the good work no matter what forum and where you are allowed to express your opinions

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