Sarah Palin’s Target List and the Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords is a Democratic representative from Arizona, who was reportedly shot in the head today at a political event in her hometown of Tucson. There are rumors, but no official word on whether she has survived yet.

What I’d like to point people to is something that is in incredibly bad taste, and was in incredibly bad taste before this shooting. It is a list of targets, all marked with gunsights, that Sarah Palin released recently calling for Americans to “Take a Stand”.

I’m not saying that Sarah Palin called for the murder of this woman and we don’t know if the assassination was politically motivated — I am saying that the militant right wing of this country uses some very violent and dangerous rhetoric. I’m saying that using the word “solution” and showing a picture of rifle crosshairs with a list of “Targets” is a horrible idea.

Will the right wing learn its lesson and stop using such militant language? I hope so. I imagine a shit storm is about to fall on Sarah Palin and I almost feel bad for her. And I really hope that Gabrielle Giffords survives, that this wasn’t politically motivated, and there are no copycats.

EDIT: NPR is now reporting that she has not survived. Not good.

EDIT 2: She was the only member of Congress with a spouse in the military, her husband is an astronaut.

EDIT 3: @mattyglesias posts this image, a campaign event:

EDIT 4: NPR now reporting Giffords may be alive.

EDIT 5: Giffords office was broken into and vandalized earlier this year and there was also a man with a gun at one of her earlier campaign rallies.

EDIT 6: Andrew Sullivan posts in response to the event, which I will pretend had anything to do with the email I sent him.

For a public figure who has appeared on a national ticket and who commands a cult-like following, the irresponsibility is even more profound. And so one reads the following sentences from the Arizona Wildcat last September with the blood draining from one’s face.

Palin Reloads; Aims For Giffords

Earlier this year, Palin drew sharp criticism for featuring a map on her web page riddled with crosshairs targeting Democrats in vulnerable congressional districts. Tucson’s Gabrielle Giffords is among the 20 Democratic incumbents whom Palin intends to use for target practice.

And we get a screenshot from Sarah Palin’s Twitter feed:

EDIT 7: Sarah Palin has removed both the target list and the above tweet from her accounts and website.  There you have it — what’s that law of the internet that says when you try to remove something from the internet it only gets bigger? (The Streisand Effect)

EDIT 8: The congresswoman is out of surgery, they are optimistic as they can be under the circumstances, she was shot “through and through” on one side of her head.  I hope she makes it, it is truly horrifying.

EDIT 9: Accused shooter is being named as both Jared Laughner and Jared Lee Loughner.  The second name has youtube and myspace accounts, which reveal him to be a very strange guy who is obsessed with grammar, it has anti-government stuff, ramblings about the gold standard, revolution, atheism or antitheism or just not liking God (not clear) and major paranoia about mind control.

EDIT 10: News confirming it’s Jared Loughner, the owner of previously linked youtube account.

EDIT 11: I just want to be clear here, even if the shooter pointed to that hit list or tweet or whatever and said that he was doing this for Sarah Palin, it would not be Sarah Palin’s fault.  He’s a nutcase, a crazy person, who did a crazy thing, and that is all on him.  I just think that politicians and public figures should be looking at their violent language and question if it’s in good taste or terribly wise to say things like the things she has said.

EDIT 12: ‎(202) 747-1812 is the number for SarahPac. If you believe it was wrong for Sarah Palin to put crosshairs over Giffords’ district given the situation that occurred today, dial the number and let Sarah know your thoughts.

EDIT 13: According to @maddow “Pima County Sheriff says department is “actively in pursuit” of a second suspect — 2nd man not a shooter.”  And “Pima County Sheriff says AZ shooting suspect is “unstable”.” Describes second man being sought as “a person of interest”.

EDIT 14: Bomb squad called in to investigate suspicious package at vigil at Giffords office.  The gunman’s gun was bought legally in AZ a few weeks ago.  Tucson Tea Party Leader has no intention of changing the tone of their rhetoric.  The Sheriff thinks that this is the result of violent rhetoric, and they are looking for a second suspect.  And the MSM in Tucson is covering the SarahPAC target list.

EDIT 15: Witness Joe Zamudio says he helped bystanders subdue the Arizona gunman as he was trying to reload.  Holy crap.  It could have been worse.

EDIT 16: KSAZ-TV is reporting Congresswoman Giffords is awake, recognized her husband and spoke to people in her hospital room.

EDIT 17: Last post of the evening. Sheriff on Giffords.

Sarah Palin’s Target List and the Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords

250 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Target List and the Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords

      1. He must be the kind of guy that would hurt a woman…since he can call one that…A decent man would never say that…especially on a public forum.

    1. 1.4

      Disgusting word, disliking a person does not give you a license to use a revolting demeaning word. The use of the “c” word is not only offensive to the target of the comment but it also contributes to an unsavoury environment which is offensive to many people.

    2. 1.6

      I can’t believe people actually like her. What makes me sick is that many will vote for her only because she has a cunt.

      Would be nice if a SMART person with a hoo-hoo would run instead, like Carly Fiorina… I don’t know if she still wants the job. Seems like Palin the Pooty pissed all over that for her!

  1. tk

    I hope every bit of the “shit storm” to follow not only lands directly on Sarah Palin but ruins her and removes her inane rhetoric from the public forum. The way her ridiculous run at VP should have. Republicans continue to make a farce of their party.

    1. 2.1

      If Palin is bad for the Republican party, then why wouldn’t you want her to run for President? If you’re right, then the Dems would win easily.

      I think it’s more likely you, and the rest of the Left, fear Palin. The Left has no coherent argument for anything they do to counter the Right. Hate speech, personal attacks and lies are their recourse. Hell, it’s how they survive.

  2. 3

    Dont feel sorry for Palin for a second, she is old enough to know you reap what you sow. The fanatical right wing has now flown a plane into a federal building, attacked police officers and now killed a sitting member of congress. When will they be held accountable for their rhetoric?

    I hope they get pummeld for this, hateful rhetoric is very dangerous when people are losing their jobs and looking for some type of scape-goats…this may be only the beginning.

  3. 4

    IF this shooting was politically motivated, (and it WAS a rally, CNN reports), I hope that the one bright thing that could come from Giffords’s death, and perhaps the deaths of others, is a Palin exit, in utter disgrace, not only from the political spotlight but from all of our consciences in every single way.

    1. 4.1

      That was my first thought too -if it’s the only good that comes of this it won’t bring back the dead, but it will get that stupid woman off the TV and out of our lives once and for all.

  4. 7

    I have a feeling this will only spur the republicans on. They’re all guilty of secretly wanting this. They’ve always tried to convey that this is what they want to have happen, but they convey it in a way so as they can was their hands and say “What? Us? Golly gee willikers, we had no idea people would react to all our gun imagery and hateful rhetoric like that!…..hehehehe”

  5. 8

    what is this, f*cking Pakistan??? :s The right-wing rhetoric is directly responsible….notice the clever word-ordering of the ad in edit#3 ???

    Bitch Bear PALIN should be charged.

  6. 10

    Do not hold accountable a group of people for the actions of one. Don’t use Sarah Palin as a scapegoat. Historically, the public is never satisfied with the truth and points the finger at the institution that they have condemned already. If a black person shot them…should we point the finger at the entire race or group?… Christian, Jew, or Muslim, get a grip people….there are just crazy, demented, angry people out there capable of horrible acts.

    1. 10.1

      Karen, Please re-read this brief article. The author clearly demurs from blaming or holding Sarah Palin for thishorrifying crime, but rather simply holds her (and others who identify as Tea Partiers) accountable for her/their less than subtly violent rhetoric. THAT is not the same as scapegoating Christians, Jews, blacks, or any groups for a crime. I think you’ve caricatured what is being said here, and too handily washed your hands of addressing what many of us see as a real and scary problem: i.e., the violent and hateful speech that, though may not define, certainly flourishes in the movement with which Sarah Palin identifies, and on the part of which she herself uses tasteless, quasi-violent rhetoric and symbols. Whatever side of the aisle that comes from, it should be quickly censured.

      1. Wasn’t Hitler considered guilty when he told the German people that Jews, Catholics, homosexuals and gypsies were the sole causes of the problems that the German people faced?

        How is Sarah Palin no less guilty when she puts a cross hair on selected people?

        Hiltler didn’t kill the Jews directly, but his rantings got others to do the deed.

        How is Sarah Palin no less guilty when others listen to her and do the deeds?


    2. 10.2

      If as a group they are putting cross hairs on someone and advising to reload then yes they should be held accountable. One person may have done the shooting but the irresponsible actions of the group spur on this mentality. Now for them to say “Oh gosh, who ever thought someone would listen to us” is cowardly.

      1. If the map and the shooter were connected…then your point would apply….but the shooter acted on his own…not from her map…as you will soon find out.

      2. yes, I agree the cross hairs was completely wrong and she should be held accountable to some extent. Karen, you need to re-read and do a bit of research before you jump. Although I agree the inapprpriate language is not appreciated. The woman is not smart as she has proven this on several occasions. It appears her only goal is to divide the country.

        In fact, it seems like the people I elected are busy pointing fingers and worrying about 2012 instead of actually working on health care and the deficit. I am also concerned that someone is still quietly extending the ‘non-war on terrorism’ and now we have these horrible attacks to worry about.

        I really hope this accused assasin talks and states he did it in response to the “target” posts by Palin, maybe it would help as a wake up call that we are in this together and this ridiculous division is not what we need. I’m totally there that we are one nation: I don’t care what color your skin is, I don’t care what color your hair is, I don’t care if you never go to church or go daily, I don’t care if you want to have sex with a woman or a man. I do care that you are respectful, kind and are willing to have a discussion and a solution that ends with other people having a better day. It’s all good.

    3. 10.3

      Sarah Palin needs to be held accountable. She likes to run her mouth about being a Maverick a then being on TV and shooting defenseless animals.Sarah Palin exposes us all her to her annoying voice and her experience on how to kill. She needs to be charged with some offense.

    1. 12.3

      I saw the ad at the time; it has been played repeatedly to point out the irresponsible use Palin has made of her unearned power. This violent act was predicted that day Palin posted those ads and repeatedly used the word “reload.” Gee, who would have ever seen this coming from a nation that owns more hand guns per person than any other nation on the planet?

  7. 13

    No one should have to worry about being shot in politics, it doesn’t matter what party you belong to. They aren’t supposed to be career politicians either – they are there to help the country which I don’t think any of them are doing. TERM and SALARY LIMITS!

  8. 14

    My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. This just goes to show how out of hand this political firestorm has become. We are all guilty, both right and left. We spew out such hatred and disgust for each other and this is how it ends up. We can blame the media, and they are culpable. They have incited this chaos for no better reason than $$$. But it is we the American public who jump on to these Con-Lib bandwagons and incite more hatred with our narrow minded comments and actions. It needs to stop if we have any hope of ever saving this once and mighty union. The children are listening and are becoming infected with this self righteous and judgmental attitude on both sides of the fence.
    If you wish to comment anywhere on the internet, first stop and think who may be listening, then proceed in a civil tone and drop the talk of violence, guns, militias, anarchists, Nazis, communists, and all the other @##$%% that tear us apart instead of bringing us into agreeing to disagree. We are all Americans and it is time we started to act like it. May the higher power of each of us bless us and Mrs. Giffords today.
    PS: To Ms. Palin – it does not get much more tasteless than this.

    1. 14.1

      This is so wonderfully written and embodies everything we as a democratic society should embrace. With your permission I’d like to post your comments on my Facebook page

  9. Joe

    We have term limits – they are called elections.
    How many of us so the ad before today? Not me – I’m not ignorant enough to pay Sarah Palin any attention. That being said – I’m sure plenty of people saw the ad before today.

  10. 16

    Sarah – This is why Christians don’t use careless terms like “reload” or put careless graphics like “rifle targets” on people; because people die. Shame on you Sarah Palin, the blood is on you.

  11. SEK

    Didn’t Bristol Palin recently buy a house in Giffords’ district? With that piece of information in mind I think that we can with deadly certainty say that this was a political hit carried out by Sarah Palin and her minions. This is Palin’s Reichstag.

  12. 18

    Thank you for all of your updates. I’ve written my own post about this and I linked back to you so my readers could see the full timeline you’ve put up. What a sad, sickening story.

  13. 20

    […] Gabrielle Gifford had been targeted for execution by TeaBagger , animal killer, and neocon terrorist Sarah Palin, on her hit list that she recently featured on her website. Sarah Palin's hit list that caused the murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords…I know […]

    1. 20.1

      This is such a farce…can’t even get the facts straight….you must have got your info from FOX too….It was a 9 yr old, not a 9 mo old…same mistake CNN made…How can we trust this site?

  14. 21

    […] Gabrielle Gifford had been targeted for execution by TeaBagger , animal killer, and neocon terrorist Sarah Palin, on her hit list that she recently featured on her website. Sarah Palin's hit list that caused the murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords…I know […]

    1. 22.2

      Charles Manson never shot, stab, or dismembered anyone so why is he in prison for the rest of his life?….
      Here is a link to some information on his conviction for murder, even though he did not kill anyone:
      …follow the links, and what you will find is a case that can be persued to incarcerate Sarah Palin for her role in these killings.
      The Republica teabagger spin machine is busy twisting a story that claims a liberal killed a liberal which is as riduculous as them believing thousands of birds are falling out the sky die to fireworks, rather than their Monsanto financiers poisoning of the planet.
      Don’t believe it people, Sarah Palin is akin to Charles Manson, and they take their plays out of the same book, and they drink the same tea.

  15. 23

    Thank God, it looks like Congresswoman Giffords is about to pull through, however, a Federal Judge and a 13 years were killed. The shooter is 22 years old, we know nothing about him, nothing about how he got to the event, how he got such close access to the Congresswoman. This coming week the Repblicorps is going to start dealing with Healthcare, I think if anything gets repealed, we are in for a blood bath in the streets.

  16. 25

    I agree with Beowulf…there is too much hatred out there….Does anyone have any theories who killed JFK? I am sure the DEM/CON/LIB will all have different opinions….Sarah Palin (or her people) used very bad judgement in using this kind of format for their views…but the blame should be on the shooter….you can twist the facts any way you want to make something fit your views…but the bottom line is ONE person caused this tragedy…not a political ad… There are plenty of hate ads out there…and plenty of crazies…who should take the blame for the Manson murders or the Colombine Massacre….I am sure they were also inspired by something to do what they did….Stop trying to spread the evil, hateful thoughts.

  17. 26

    What a sad day this is. This was bound to happen with the teabaggers, Beck,Rush, Ann Coulter, Hannity, Sarah Palin and many others spewing hate daily from Fox news. They all hate Obama and all democrats. Everytime there is breaking news I fear that Obama has been assassinated. Today it was about Rep. Grifford being shot. She has fought so hard for Arizona and because she is a democrat and voted for the Heath care bill, Palin targets her on her Pac map. Suddenly the map goes down and Palin issues a report that she and Todd are praying for Grifford and her family. What a bunch of bull. She and the rest of her buddies on Fox are as guilty as the shooter and should be prosecuted. I have never in all my 77 years seen such hatred that has come from republicans that are serving in the house and senate. Just listen to McCain, McConnel, Cantor and the list goes on. It’s time to stop it. Rep Grifford and her family are in my prayers as are all the other victims.

      1. Karen, you’re right when you say that only the shooter is completely responsible for the shooting. But I think you’re turning a blind eye to the role that public policy makers can have in inciting such acts. Most people would agree that a website with rifle targets, and rhetoric like “Take Aim”, while perhaps not meant to be taken literally, is provocative to weak-minded and politically frustrated people. Since there are a lot of such people out there, it’s irresponsible to use such terms so freely. Your point about Reagan doesn’t correlate, because Reagan’s wanna-be assassin wasn’t influenced by a website targetting him. Nor was JFK’s. Eliminating hate speech is a worthy goal, but we have to do it before people get killed as well as after.

      2. I am not turning a blind eye to anything…as in my other statements, I do not condone the poor choice that Palin made or any other politician that would post that kind of mind set….But knowing Palin and her advocacy of guns…it is almost her trademark…I can see why she would naturally think of something like that….however, she could not have fortold that someone would take it literally…And from what I gather, it was not the basis for the shooter’s decision to kill all those innocent people.. And we really didn’t have PC’s available for the masses during Reagan’s time, so his shooter was influenced by something else…as well as JFK’s shooter. Sadly, these tragedies will continue….as long as unstable people exist. For whatever their reasons, we can’t second guess them or what is going to set them off…Some nuts just do what they do because the voices tell them to.

      3. You must not have remembered the 8 years George Bush was in office, everytime I turned on the TV it was hatefule rhetoric towards him and his administration. Jesus, people. You only state the facts that help your argument.

  18. 27

    Giffords was a pretty conservative Dem to. By no means a “crazy commie hippy liberal” that the right typically likes to hate on.

    This guy was insane… regardless of his views.

    It’s a shame he targeted the people he did, instead of just killing himself. This guy needs to burn.

    1. 29.1

      Ronald Reagan fucked this country hard. We are still suffering the direct results of his turning poor mentally unstable people out onto the streets.

      Billions for Star Wars, not a penny for mental health!

      I feel Reagan’s policies, as well as Palin’s rhetoric, should share in the responsibility for building the foundations that led to this tragedy.

      1. I am sure you do, Jeff….your party had nothing to do with the state of this country…Carter, Clinton…oooooh! and now the Messiah…Obama….what a waste of talent…He would have done a better job as a basketball player.

    2. 29.2

      Reagan did more to harm this country than all other presidents combined. He imposed the largest tax increase in history on the middle class by gutting the 1040 schedual A by removing allmost all previos deductable items ie, interest paid on credit cards automobile, appliance, tv and all other purchases, sales tax, gas tax. He also raised the AGI for medical deductions from 3.5% to 7.5%, no one can deduct medical expenses anymore. He froze the minemum wage from a living wage and that caused welfare to increase ten fold. A free thinking common sence person knows the damage done. only the well-to-do benifited from Reagan’s presedency.

  19. 31

    In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.

  20. 32


    I saw the ad before today, and so did most of my liberal friends. I assume that all of Sarah Palin’s online conservative followers saw it. Some people do keep up.

    And yeah, actually, when they say that a Muslim bombed the twin towers, Muslim American civilians are then rounded up out of their homes, taken away from their children, profiled at airports, spit on in the streets, we go to war against an unrelated country, and people throw childish fits en masse because the some Muslims want to move their Community Center to a larger building (inciting cries of “Ground Zero Mosque!!!” All three words being incorrect. So yeah, we probably would point a finger at an entire race or a group. However, Sarah Palin is not an entire race or a group. She is one woman who told her followers to “reload,” and put this woman’s name on a map with rifle sites over her. She’s old enough to know how people will take that. It was at the least in poor taste, and at the most a crime. Why should her actions not have consequences?

    If she were a Muslim posting pictures with targets over politicians names, TRY to imagine how the public would take that. But she is white, rich, and elite, so it’ll just get brushed off, like Bush/Cheney’s war crimes. That is part of the problem. We’ll torture and bomb brown people with whatever made up justification, (Where ARE those weapons of mass destruction, anyway? Under the oil, maybe?) and nobody bats an eyelash, but if rich white people do the same thing, it’s just not a big deal and we should all just get over it. Somehow, I think not.

    1. 32.2

      I will just take your word on that…But the Muslims did bomb the Twin Towers. And what would your solution be…Say…Oh well…I guess they won’t do it again…we learned our lesson…should we just sit back and do nothing? over 3000 people were murdered in that attack…by Muslims……So there were Muslims that were taken to prisons….most have been set free to fight us another day….Although Muslims might be targeted at airports (go figure) many Americans are as well. No one can fly without being almost undressed and groped because of the Muslims…but if we single them out, we are infringing on their rights….Look at what we have had to give up.. Sarah Palin did not use that ad to set herself up…She just didn’t think of the ramifications before publishing the ad…do you think that she wanted this woman and a 9 yr old child dead? For what purpose? That is so far fetched….she is a politician…not a conspirator like the liberalis want to believe. Washington is not all white, maybe rich and elite…but that also includes the democrats and liberals….and I do think this is a big deal that all these people had to suffer because of one crazy guy….Listen to the news…he had mental problems….anything could have set him off…the media is quick to find a scapegoat in the conservative party..Everyone has different views.. thank God will still have the freedom to express them…

      1. You just proved my point. It would be different if it were Muslims. We could then target an entire group, and that is okay with you.

        If it is a white republican, it’s just awful to think she could have meant to do what she did! Golly gee, she thought those rifle sites were jest purty stars! Right.

        “Listen to the news…” If that’s your advice…. that I should know what to think by listening to the news (and I can tell by your failure at a logical argument that you mean Fox news,) then I will not bother trying to point out anything factual to you. That’s the kind of mindless sheep statement that just makes me sad. I can’t help you. Hopefully you’ll start to research and help yourself. If you intend to do that, I’ll give you a hint… you aren’t going to find much truth on the corporate owned entertainment tube. Get off the couch.

      2. Obviously Jessica….you jump to conclusions….your statement is incorrect…especially since you assume things. I harbor no ill will against anyone…no matter what or who they are…I think you have been brainwashed into thinking that everything bad in the world is a conspiracy…and think the worst in people. The facts are the facts…I don’t know where you are getting your information from but I spend hardly any time on the couch since I work most of the time..which gives me the opportunity to engage intelligent people in controversial conversations. And your statement is true: you can’t help me because you have nothing to offer me…I don’t dwell on negativity and I certainly don’t consider myself a sheep….I make my own decisions based on my own conclusions..not the media or yours.

      3. Sam

        I have to disagree with you. Considering they were hit by planes! Not to mention how they fell in a completely controlled manner such as in a demolition (some of which take years to plan and accomplish). I know it’s confusing, that’s completely intended of the media.

        I understand it’s hard for closed minded people to think that something isn’t what it seems, but just remember that when you get a chance to poke your head out of the rabbit hole, make sure you have some tissues at hand, because it’s a corrupt world we live in.

        Worry not though. If you do whatever they tell you to do, it will all be fine.

        Loose Change (YouTube)
        Invisible Empire (YouTube)

        Time to wake up people…

      1. I know, the whole world is a conspiracy, I am glad I am living my life…and not dwelling on that crap….I feel sorry for you that your life is consumed with these theories. You can talk all you want and try to convince people these stories are true, but you are wasting your time and your life…..Find something worthwhile to do…maybe help the needy…instead of sitting on a computer all day spreading lies…

  21. 33

    You don’t want anyone laying this at one person’s door but can you tell me what would have happened to someone putting up the same rhetoric and graphics if they had been aimed at a “conservative” politician or group of politicians?

    I can. They’d be doing hard time in Leavenworth before 6 people could see what they posted.

  22. 35

    When someone decides to go on a barrage of senseless shooting with the intent of hurting others because he or she is sick mentally, it is not a political issue, it is a health issue.

    In almost every situation where something this heinous and egregious happens, the Monday morning recap reveals numerous red flags and the question remains the same, “How red does a red flag have to get?” before someone says, “we have a serious problem here with this person. He needs help and then we have sense enough to say “enough is enough” and get it for him.

    Surely there was an incident with the law or at work or somewhere before this occurred.

    Blaming it on anyone but the perpetrator and the people who might have been empowered to assist is pointless.

    Blaming it on the right wing or the left or their disagreements is very simple thinking.

    There is a sick person out there and he needed help and he ended up hurting others because we as a society looked the other way.

    1. 35.1

      Thank you for pointing that out…but there are still others out there dead set on blaming the wrong person. Just because she was a politician doesn’t mean he shot her because she was a politician…What about the other 19 people, including the 9 year old girl?

      1. Good republican spin just like fox news rejects pushing the mentally Ill point….however it is the mentally unstable that palin and the tea baggers attract…because no one normal would give these idiots the time of day….

        People who are like tHe tea baggers and mentally Ill are influenced very easily reading some posts on here makes this point clear…

        Nothing any of you say will make this go away your in the middle of a shit storm it is sad that you people are so brainwashed from the BS rhetoric a dimwit like palin dishes out….

        I almost feel sorry for people that can’t think rationally and realize she is for herself and her bank account…

  23. 37

    I’m really, REALLY glad that we have now become a country where we don’t have to have personal accountability or responsibility and we can all pin our actions on someone else…this should make life soooo much easier for all the nut jobs out there with a vendetta. Obviously this blog post was put up before all facts were confirmed (due to all the edits) and I appreciate the last edit, the truth is, this sick person is an anti-Christ, extreme leftist, liberal NUT, not a tea party advocate, because we know the left would love that. Palin’s targets inadvertantly made her one because of a psycho….I think if people are gonna point fingers, educate yourselves and get ALL angles of the story, if possible, before looking biased and stupid.

    1. 37.2

      If you speak of accounyability, was it not palins actions and the tea party members instigated this ok fine he is crazy but he hand picked the corgresswoman due to palin and the tea parties actions- ots one that he just open fired in a public location but to target someone- read his you tube rating. Yes palin and the tea party did not tell him to kill or gave him the gun. But they did point people like these who just wants to blame people to open targets. Anyone who is god fearing or is educated will know posting things like what they posted will hurt someone.

  24. 39

    Unfortunatly fine lets say he was crazy but why did he target her, it was instigated by politicians dont blame this 22 year old man there are people disturb we or anyone should instigate it and yes people can blame palin i blame her y cause a educated christian will not publish anything like this or use this language….. You know if you keep on pushing something will give so we know something was bound to happen. Like someone posted we just hear we sorry for what happen to the congresswoman but since shes a democrate its really not an emergecy watch someone whos in the tea party get shot everyone will have no rights and will just be trown in jail!!!! Watch it is so shameful how politicians use the internet and people who follow them… I hope the congresswoman survive god bless her and my heart goes to all the injured and who died….

    1. 39.1

      OK…don’t blame the shooter…he is an innocent victim of society…..Let’s just keep blaming everyone and everything else other than the actual person or persons that did the crime…

      1. No one said dont persecute the man, he is responsible for his actions. But is’nt everyone responsible…. Like what the sherif said there are consiquences like the reporter for msnbc we should reflect and not instigate violence, we can say fine its not palins fault its not the t party they just put it out there!!! Sarcastically yes its not the 22 years fault…. And no one is blaming everyone just the responsible ones!!

      2. No, not everyone is responsible….That is part of the mentality that is ruining our society…Criminals get away with crimes because of bleeding hearts…always trying to figure out why they did it…It could not be so simple that they just wanted to..

  25. 40

    Our society and politics in this country need a complete makeover. I think we are seeing the birth pains of the inevitable fall we are destined to take, driven by our own greed, self-righteousness, ignorance, lack of cultural proficiency, shallow or non-existent spirituality, callousness, and lack of love and compassion. Certainly there are exceptions to this, but they really are the exceptions, not the rule. Sad but true.

  26. 41

    so if Palin’s target graphic is so horrendous hopefully you will be as shocked at the use of the same thing by the Democrats

    but what is really sad is how fast the left is to assign blame to the right for this horrific event. much the same as when Mayor Bloomberg tried to blame the Tea Party for the attempted Times Square bombing a year ago

  27. 43

    I live in Tucson..this whole thing is just horrible. I can’t help but think that Jared Laughner was somewhat inspired by rightwing rhetoric such as this. Much of what he said on his myspace is similar to what is spouted out by the right wing and tea party leaders.
    I am deeply disturbed by much of what the right wing has said and done. This is not freedom of speech… this is a threat to our governing officials. This is and should be treated as illegal and treasonous period. As Americans we must rise up and work toward gaping what is dividing us. We must now allow people to make such threats as palin has done here. We must wake up and stand up and stop the fearmongering and hate.

  28. 44

    As one human being, (speaking strictly of my reactions to the preceding posts), I dismiss Karen’s responses out of hand as a form of spin control. But Beowulf frightens me. A brilliant woman has been gunned down, and in a manner that assasins, hit men and enemies on the battlefield know to have the most fearful effect. If the Congresswoman lives, what is the probability that she will have normal brain function even after a long and careful rehabilitation…. Beowulf you may have fine intentions but I wonder at your lack of a human, emotional response to the evil that has visited this young woman in the prime of her life. This incident has nothing to do with “we” spewing out hatred and disgust for eachother. This was one adult male, sneaking up behind an innocent women and firing a pistol round into her head! When a defenseless person, in this case persons, are slaughtered in cold blood, I want to know why… Don’t you Beowulf? ….. Say a prayer for Congresswoman Gabrielle and say another for the United States of America!

  29. 45

    Palin’s rhetoric “load em up and shoot” is no different than yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    If the Republicans and T-Party don’t dump Palin now after Rep. so many got shot in AZ — I will fight the R’s all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Palin my send a message of “condolences” but her sincerity is unbelievable —

    Palin was yelling “Drill baby drill” when 11 died in the gulf spill in summer 2010

    Palin is OUT OF CONTROL and should remove herself from the the limelight.

    People are hurting with the economy as it is and are easily affected by Palin’s type rhetoric — JUST LIKE HITLER CAUGHT THE GERMANS WHEN TIMES WERE HARD AFTER losing WWI

    Good bye Sarah Palin — do not appear on TV or anyplace any longer. Your crazy rhetoric has and will continue to incite violence.

    The constitution mandates that one cannot call “FIRE” in a crowded theater. YOU SHOULD GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

    1. 45.1

      You’re right on.

      Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone either, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is serving a life sentence.

      Liability goes beyond the trigger.

      1. Palin’s ad and the the Democrat’s map are just what they are…ads….done in poor taste…but they are a far cry from yelling fire in a theater…..Your comparisons are illogical and flawed….stop trying to form a lynch mob against the Rep party and Sarah…..You are part of the problem by inciting hatred and violence…Maybe someone will read your post, get angry and commit violence against another person….You should think about what you post… and as far as Manson need to get your facts straight on him as well…comparing him to Palin… are way off base…….just keep spreading the hate…

      1. You are just a hater….not concerned with the real problem…you need to self edit your hateful crap. Start focusing on the sadness that America is experiencing because of this tragedy…That maybe some compassion for others will come out of this…And do your homework….you will see that this had nothing to do with the Rep. party.

    1. 46.2

      Only a Republican would see a target and think of shooting someone with a gun. I see a target and think of darts or a bow and arrow. When I see the crosshairs of a gunsight I think of someone or something being shot. See the difference. There is no question what Palin had in mind. She may not have intended for someone to actually follow through but the seed was planted. All the Democrats target images might have fostered would be assault with darts; your typical mass murderer weapon! When someone says “we’re targeting certain states or ridings” the use of a target is symbolic, not a call to arms. When someone says “reload” and puts a name in a gunsight it goes beyond simple symbolism.

      1. I am a Rep. and when I see a target, I don’t automatically think of a gun….so don’t group us all up with your own narrow minded assumptions.

      1. What is obvious is that the “target” is used by both the left and the right. Is is disingenuous for you to imply that it is confined to the “militant right-wing”. I can google hundreds of photos of “militant left-wingers” inciting violence against Palin, Bush and other conservatives. Many with targets over their faces or calling for their assassination. The left-wing is equally violent. Perhaps more so, considering that while the majority offer prayers and condolences for the victims of this tragedy it appears that the hateful rhetoric is all coming the the left. You included.

      2. I’m not sure I see where my hateful rhetoric is, but beyond that, I think it’s awful for anyone to list someone as a target and to encourage violence. Which is in fact my point. I’ve seen it much more in the right wing, but I’m open to being shown mainstream left wing politicians calling for people to be shot. I’d say that what they were doing was wrong.

  30. Al

    I thank God that I live in Canada where handguns are strictly controlled and where access to Fox News is not that easy (you have to pay an entra fee to your cable bill). We have enough crazies ourselves without having somone encourage them.

    1. 47.1

      You are so correct….it is to bad fox was even an option to get in Canada…they are a bunch of nut jobs…who get paid a lot of money for being crazy…Glenn beck being the absolute worst…

      America says they have the best country in the world…that is very much worth a debate…

      I would take Canada any day….

  31. Ned

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Gifford family.Looking for the first time at “Palin’s Target List” I felt sick to my stomach. What type of fringe lunatic would advocate taking rhetoric to the next level and place symbols of a rifle scope over each State and list the names below? It’s like a listing of America’s Most Wanted. Then what’s really pathetic is what follows. those politicians who incited such behavior by sick nuts back away and deliver holier than tho speeches.

      1. LOL…republicans don’t like debates when they are losing…

        Karen first of all had this murdering piece of trash done this 3 years ago there would be no blame being placed on Palin…

        However let’s look at this from a intelligent point of view…when was the election? Was it November was there a Xmas vacation for politicians? yes there was…when was the targeting ads going on? When did the tea bagger do the ad targeting Gifford?

        It was not 3 years ago it was recently so someone with some common sense knowing how mentally unstable people can be influenced can very well assume these hate filled target ads did influence this shooter…

        palin and the tea bagger may not of said shoot her but they sure as hell were implying violence against Gabriel and others that they knew were a threat to there winning an election…

        Is it just a coincidence this piece of trash just killed people and has others in critical condition….is everyone to believe he decided oh 3 years has passed time to assassinate the congress woman…not likely…mentally Ill people can be and are influenced especially when the hatred they hear and read is directed to someone they already despise…

        So yes palins actions do influence the unstable people out there as did the tea party candidate with her ads…

  32. 54

    Just reading through all of the (mostly insane) comments, and have 2 things to say.

    As long as they can keep the poor fighting amongst themselves, believing it’s us against them… us being the poor, and them being other poor… Republicans v Democrats, Christians V Everybody Else, White V Black, Middle Class V Lower Class, Male V Female, America V All of the brown people of the world, Patriotism V Free speech…. then we will NEVER get together and solve the problems.

    And that is what the rich bankers are counting on. How are we going to stand up as a united people and say “No, you can not rob us and then take a record bonus and a vacation,” when we’re too busy fighting each other and trying to survive the poverty they put us in? How are we going to stand together as a people and say “No, you can not molest us at the airport and tell us it’s because we’re free” when we’re too busy watching our favorite partisan T.V. shows to find out what our new talking points are, and which side we’re SUPPOSED to be on? How are we going to stand together and say “No, you can not ruin our oceans, pollute our air, kill our birds and leave us with no clean water, and then charge us for the dirty water that’s left” when we’re too busy getting in our SUV’s to go to Wal Mart and buy more lead painted plastic crap that our T.V.s told us that we need, or we won’t look popular and sucessful? How are we going to stand up as a people and say “No, you can’t put up prison guard towers in our tax funded public places… our parks where we go to PLAY when we are afraid because our televisions tell us we should be afraid, so we think we need that as protection? How are we going to stand up and say “No, you can not gut the regulations on big food producers, and over regulate organic food production so that we have nothing healthy left to eat, and you can’t patent life, seeds, water…” when we’re told the choice is between farmers rights and regulators, not between eating poison or food?

    How are we going to stand up as a people when speaking out is called treason and terrorism? When fellow Americans are called our “enemies?”

    United we stand. Divided we fall. Learn from history, or we’re all doomed to repeat it. Only this time, in a highly technological and weaponized world.

    Also Karen? Your posts have not been positive.

    1. 54.1

      Well, I agree with some of what you said…and I am not trying to be negative….but your view is very depressing…If you could come up with a solution that everyone would agree on, I would feel more positive. Since this discussion is made up of mostly dem/lib…I feel a little outnumbered…I am just trying to hold my own. Everyone sees things from their own perspective and in this day and age it seems the lynch mob mentality is what brings people together…One important thing you mentioned is about the genetic alteration of our food. People should really check out what “Monsanto” is doing…but that would take us off topic….I don’t know what the future holds for all of us…and I certainly don’t have the answer…I just pray and hope for the best. LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE….And for the record, you all wore me out…so, I am done…..good night and good bye.

    1. 57.1

      Wish in one hand…

      I suspect she’s only unhappy that she needs to back off to try to preserve her “holier than thou” self-image.

      I do appreciate your attitude, if only it was more widespread. Are you listening, Karen?

  33. 59

    “I think it’s awful for anyone to list someone as a target and to encourage violence.”

    Right there!! That’s hateful rhetoric. And actually a downright lie. Show me where Palin called for violence against anyone. Ever!!!

  34. 60

    So, do you live in Arizona? Do you have a criminal record? Do you have a history of mental illness and a diagnoses? Or are you just–in general–pissed off at the government (maybe ’cause you watch Fox News)? Well, good news! You can buy yourself a semi-automatic weapon with no problem and destroy human lives. Just saying…

  35. 61

    “but I’m open to being shown mainstream left wing politicians calling for people to be shot. ”

    Are you implying that right wing politicians are “calling for people to be shot”?

    More hateful rhetoric Ashley.

  36. 62

    This man said it better than I ever could…

    “This is a time of shame and sorrow. It is not a day for politics. I have saved this one opportunity, my only event of today, to speak briefly to you about the mindless menace of violence in America which again stains our land and every one of our lives.

    It is not the concern of any one race. The victims of the violence are black and white, rich and poor, young and old, famous and unknown. They are, most important of all, human beings whom other human beings loved and needed. No one – no matter where he lives or what he does – can be certain who will suffer from some senseless act of bloodshed. And yet it goes on and on and on in this country of ours.

    Why? What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created? No martyr’s cause has ever been stilled by an assassin’s bullet.

    No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders. A sniper is only a coward, not a hero; and an uncontrolled, uncontrollable mob is only the voice of madness, not the voice of reason.

    Whenever any American’s life is taken by another American unnecessarily – whether it is done in the name of the law or in the defiance of the law, by one man or a gang, in cold blood or in passion, in an attack of violence or in response to violence – whenever we tear at the fabric of the life which another man has painfully and clumsily woven for himself and his children, the whole nation is degraded.

    “Among free men,” said Abraham Lincoln, “there can be no successful appeal from the ballot to the bullet; and those who take such appeal are sure to lose their cause and pay the costs.”

    Yet we seemingly tolerate a rising level of violence that ignores our common humanity and our claims to civilization alike. We calmly accept newspaper reports of civilian slaughter in far-off lands. We glorify killing on movie and television screens and call it entertainment. We make it easy for men of all shades of sanity to acquire whatever weapons and ammunition they desire.

    Too often we honor swagger and bluster and wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others. Some Americans who preach non-violence abroad fail to practice it here at home. Some who accuse others of inciting riots have by their own conduct invited them.

    Some look for scapegoats, others look for conspiracies, but this much is clear: violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul.

    For there is another kind of violence, slower but just as deadly destructive as the shot or the bomb in the night. This is the violence of institutions; indifference and inaction and slow decay. This is the violence that afflicts the poor, that poisons relations between men because their skin has different colors. This is the slow destruction of a child by hunger, and schools without books and homes without heat in the winter.

    This is the breaking of a man’s spirit by denying him the chance to stand as a father and as a man among other men. And this too afflicts us all.

    I have not come here to propose a set of specific remedies nor is there a single set. For a broad and adequate outline we know what must be done. When you teach a man to hate and fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser man because of his color or his beliefs or the policies he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you threaten your freedom or your job or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens but as enemies, to be met not with cooperation but with conquest; to be subjugated and mastered.

    We learn, at the last, to look at our brothers as aliens, men with whom we share a city, but not a community; men bound to us in common dwelling, but not in common effort. We learn to share only a common fear, only a common desire to retreat from each other, only a common impulse to meet disagreement with force. For all this, there are no final answers.

    Yet we know what we must do. It is to achieve true justice among our fellow citizens. The question is not what programs we should seek to enact. The question is whether we can find in our own midst and in our own hearts that leadership of humane purpose that will recognize the terrible truths of our existence.

    We must admit the vanity of our false distinctions among men and learn to find our own advancement in the search for the advancement of others. We must admit in ourselves that our own children’s future cannot be built on the misfortunes of others. We must recognize that this short life can neither be ennobled or enriched by hatred or revenge.

    Our lives on this planet are too short and the work to be done too great to let this spirit flourish any longer in our land. Of course we cannot vanquish it with a program, nor with a resolution.

    But we can perhaps remember, if only for a time, that those who live with us are our brothers, that they share with us the same short moment of life; that they seek, as do we, nothing but the chance to live out their lives in purpose and in happiness, winning what satisfaction and fulfillment they can.

    Surely, this bond of common faith, this bond of common goal, can begin to teach us something. Surely, we can learn, at least, to look at those around us as fellow men, and surely we can begin to work a little harder to bind up the wounds among us and to become in our own hearts brothers and countrymen once again.”

    -Robert F. Kennedy April 5, 1968

    1. 63.1

      I think it’s reprehensible. I don’t think anyone is calling for people to be shot, but they are using unfortunate language.

      Do I think it’s as bad as Palin’s? No, for a couple reasons. 1) Does anybody even know about the DCCC? 2) How long did it take someone to even find that image? 3) Palin also encourages gun use and tells her followers to get armed and reload etc 4) She has a cult like following 5) little Target logos like the one on Target stores are not as bad as rifle crosshairs.

      I still think it’s in poor taste.

      1. Don’t you think you’re kinda splitting hairs here? You asked me to show you Democrats using the same lanquage and I did. You’re problem is that you HATE Palin so much that you are blinded by it. You wouldn’t acknowlegde the truth it it jumped up and bit you. Adios sister. I’m all done arguing with fools.

      2. I agree with Catherine……You people spewing your hate, just hate Palin so much…you would blame her for whatever you could conjure up. You don’t want to hear the truth, or even remotely think that she may be a good person with good intentions for this country…look at the previous posts….all the anger and cursing and name calling….insinuating that the Rep. are responsible for these deaths….But there is no convincing any of you…you will try to run over the Rep…until you get your way….You wanted Obama…you got him….but it is never enough…

  37. 65

    Thank you very much for writing this. I am tired of the Republicans and Tea Partiers in Congress calling actions like these ‘isolated incidents’. It might have been isolated early on, but we can now clearly see the trend. Conservative hate rhetoric is ruining political discourse in our country, and those politicians need to be held responsible. I am ashamed at Sarah Palin and her cronies, and I would hope for an apology soon. There are no words to describe how angry I am right now.
    Thank you.
    Check me out at…

  38. 66

    Charlie Manson was charged, sentenced and incarcerated for capital crimes he did not directly commit however followers of his fanatical beliefs did. Sarah Palin is generating followers to her fanatical causes and should be held responsible in the same manner. She needs to be arrested and tried for capital crimes for instigating targets and victims in her personal postings. This is my opinion however U.S. courts of law have already deemed this a punishable crime.
    For whoever thinks that Sarah Palin is not guilty you should be her cell mate for being an accessory to the crime. On a similar note Leonard Peltier has been serving a life sentence for crimes he did not commit at Wounded Knee in the 70’s for protecting Indian lands and rights. So why in the hell is there a double standard for Palin and others like her?

    1. 66.1

      Your logic and comparison is so far out there…and just because you hate Palin, quit making her out to be the guilty party…Your hate speech fuels this kind of violence as well.

    2. 66.2

      If Palin is not convicted for doing the exact same thing as Charlie Manson, then it’s just like the Republican/Teabaggers saying that he should be exonerated.

      I think they will o anything to cover the evil deeds of Palin, and it shows us that they are weak on crime!

  39. 67

    How about waiting for the shell casings to stop bouncing before you jump to conclusions. Political assassination is an American tradition. Palin had nothing to do with this, obviously, and left-wing hand-wringing doesn’t do a thing for your credibility or contribute to coherent dialogue.

  40. 68

    Well, you have overly vilified Sarah Palin like a left wing extremist. The problem is insanity, impulsiveness, disrespect, and mindless treatment of all people. Both sides are a bit responsible to be reasonalbe all the time. This guy is crazy. He has a drug history. How about just blaming drugs, or mental illness, or just insanity? The Palins had nothing to do with this, and hurt for the families of all involved as much as everyone does. This is just horrible overall. Do not make yourself as radical as the people you are pointing at.

  41. 69

    I wonder if this is what Sharron Engle meant by “Second Amendment remedies”? If so, she said “Take out Harry Reid.” earlier in the senate race last year. Oh and by the way, hows that cross-hairy, hit-listy, thingy working out for ya SARAH?

  42. 70

    Hello Ashley, for allowing the pingback to my article on my blog covering this tragic event.
    I am continually updating and editing the post, as I am doing my best to be as accurate as I possibly can.
    My hearts go out to Congress person Gifford, and pray for her to pull through this.
    May all who were murdered today, including the 9 year-old little girl, rest in peace.

    1. 71.1


      From this point forward, she IS the very definition of a terrorist. A dangerous enemy of America; a country she professes to love, yet hates the individuals.

      I hope she grows to accept her legacy as the Timothy McVey of this century.

  43. 73

    “Oh and by the way, hows that cross-hairy, hit-listy, thingy working out for ya SARAH?”

    Thank you for this Charlie…..that is priceless!

    I agree Ashley….the language of violence is inflamatory and therefore dangerous no matter what side of the fence it originates on. In relation to the current political and cultural climate of our country it (from my observations) does seem to be much more frequent and severe an issue with dialogs coming out of the right…if someone can show me that such violent terminology/symbolism is being originated (in anywhere NEAR frequency & severity of recent right wing rhetoric) on the left then I will condemn that too.

    Was it a “political attack”? Well somebody tried to murder a Congresswoman during a political event….I think by definition that IS a political attack….unless it is found out later to have been a personal issue or something else (is he like a disgruntled ex-employee of the congresswoman or something I dont know about for example) then it certainly is a VERY strong possibility it was politically motivated.

    Now did this person do this because he was following Palin’s inflamatory language & symbolism as if it were intended to be taken literally (which I dont really believe Palin intended)? Possibly….stranger things HAVE been behind assassination attempts (remember Hinkley’s obesession with Jodie Foster and the Reagan assassination attempt?)…but even if this idiot never SAW Palin’s map with gunsight symbols or read Gifford’s name on her list of “targets”, the energies of Palin’s violent (weapons themed) dialog & symbolism HAS inflamed the political environment as have the same political tactics used by others on her end of the political spectrum.

    This is basic cause and effect in the dynamics of political posturing. Even if such dialog is only being used as a tactic to elict a specific emotional response (used for dramatic effect) it is still political posturing that can be taken literally or even just inflame attitudes to the point where they believe violence is sanctioned and justified. The “ends (quite simply) do not justify the means”.

    Bottom line, fear, violence, hate and language that encourages, validates, inspires or supports those energies is a very volatile and unstable thing. It is like playing with nitro glycerin. Sooner or later it will trigger violent and dangerous reaction. It’s like winding up a pack of hyennas with the promise of a blood soaked rag and then unleashing them to have a feeding frenzy at a shopping mall. It is flat out irresponsible for those in a leadership role to do such things…as there is inevitably a price to pay. Today it cost 6 human beings their LIVES. One of them a 9 year old little girl for God’s sake.

    I also dont think most folks (even those on the far left) want to see revenge in this political match of wills. Nor is this a “tit-for-tat” in a battle for political superiority from the left. I think what we as a country need to see is that ALL our LEADERS (from whatever side of the fence) take responsibility for their role as such and stop wielding fear, violence and hate language (and the unstable energies such creates) to manipulate the masses which DOES include many who may not be stable in themselves.

    Our leaders (politicians, political speakers, religious leaders, media and all those who wield influence over our cultural & moral views) owe us better leadership than this and if some of them cannot handle being a RESPONSIBLE leader of the people then they should not be allowed any such role in any leadership capacity.

    With great power comes great responsibility.

  44. 75

    I do not wish to defend the ‘target list’ that Sarah Palin published. I would like to point out, however, that the Democratic Party published a similar list with similar targets, which can be seen here:

    It’s unfortunate that people immediately attempt to associate a tragedy with their political agenda. Laughner (Loughner?) has mental issues that go far beyond any political association.

  45. 76

    Palin did NOT preface her advertisement to “target” Gifford with crosshairs marked on the map by stating: “No to be read by anyone with mental instability”. But even if she had, any public statement of hate with direction to “shoot a fully automatic M16..” has to assume that there are some mentally unstable people out there who would be provoked and incited to commit murder. That statement is directive and a mentally unstable person, especially a schizophrenic, who would view that as an order. Wackos like Palin know that almost all assassinations are done by mentally unstable people, and her directive is aimed at them. She should be charged with incitement to murder.

  46. 78

    I agree that Sarah Palin provided the ammunition for the deranged shooter. All of you tea party activists have to realize that there are mentally ill people out there who believe they are being heroic due to your rhetoric. Go to yahoo comments and see yourself in most of the disgusting postings.

  47. J

    If this kind of perversion I am reading here keeps up, America will suffer a second civil war. There is no middle ground anymore. You are either a Leftist/Progressive/Statist or a Conservative/Libertarian/Constitutionalist. The line has been drawn and people are taking sides as this horrific shooting has shown.

  48. 82

    Scott, please get your facts straight. That map your referring to is made by the DLC, not the DNC. the DLC has been has essentially become an influential corporate and right-wing implant in the Democratic party. Marshall Wittmann, a former senior fellow at the DLC, former legislative director for the Christian Coalition, and former communications director for Republican senator John McCain, and Will Marshall, a vocal supporter of the war in Iraq, are among those associated with the DLC who have right-wing credentials. Take time to read GUY!

  49. 83

    Scott – I would like to point out that the chart you provided a link to does not show targets through cross hairs and does not name individuals to “target”…..not the same.

    Today, in Arizona, a young man with a poisoned mind shot 12 people: 1 a Democratic Congresswoman who had the distinction of showing up on Tea Party “target lists”, 1 a federal judge, 1 a child. The Congresswoman was clearly the target — shot at point blank range in the head. God save us from this spiral of blind disdain that has infected our nation — One Nation, Indivisible, indeed.

    First – I will be willing to buy the notion that the Tea Party’s primary objective is a limited government when they get as loud and emotional about repealing the Patriot Ac…t and ensuring REAL net neutrality as they have been about repealing the Affordable Care Act and recent financial system reforms. Let me know when one of the Tea Party Congresspersons reads the Patriot Act through and compares it to the Bill of Rights and hits the ceiling.

    Second – Calling out Tea Party leaders for poor word choices and/or deliberately inflammatory word choices on many occasions, for lacking the discipline of mind necessary to refrain from the ugliest strains of Beck/Savage/Limbaugh rhetoric, is far from pouring gasoline on a fire. Rather it is more like pointing out the guy holding a gas can at the edge of a raging wild fire, who is already loudly protesting that he didn’t realize a few gallons of gas would do that to a campfire he only lit to keep himself warm.

    And let me be clear, I do in fact know a few folks who identify as Tea Party members. They would never THINK of physically attacking another person. Never. Not in a million years. They will never be the sparks that leap out of that Tea Party campfire to set the forest ablaze.

    However, all it takes to turn a campfire into a raging inferno when the environment is dry and brittle and full of irrational fear just waiting to explode, is one unstable, unbalanced, nut job exposed to the incendiary, conspiracy theory, fear mongering words of the Beck/Savage/Limbaugh strain. All it takes is one cracked psyche hell bent on visiting the dark misery and pain of their poisoned mind upon the lives of those whom he has been repeatedly told intend him harm. Leaders, in this environment, are responsible for their words. Words have meaning. They have consequences. If one wishes to be a responsible Leader, he/she had better grow up and come to terms with that fact.

    Though, sadly, I do understand that there are some people who attain leadership positions who have no desire to be responsible leaders, they just want the power necessary to force others to conform to their belief systems and to force their feudal economic ideology (the rich are rich because they are better than the rest of us, the poor are poor because they want to be poor, and the middle classes are dangerous when they are large and well-educated) onto the entire economy of the Republic.

    And THIRD –the “but they do it, too” defense? It just does not hold water here. The passing angry moron on a blog or in a comment thread is not who I’m talking about. Even those ridiculous little piss ant rednecks who hurled slanderous words, cups, curses and birds out their car and truck windows the Summer/Fall of 2008 and the old white men who declared their D party affiliation only to also immediately declare that “but I ain’t votin for no nigger”, are meaningless. It is the people with microphones and teevee shows on broadly heard, broadly viewed opinion networks that need to own their rhetoric and it’s inevitable consequences. It is the people who run for high office and toss off “we may need second amendment remedies” and “I want you to make [him/her] afraid to come out of his office” and “the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” … I mean, seriously …

  50. 85

    If this shooting was Tea Party or Palin related because some nutcase decided to take matters into his own hands for the good of the country, both the part and Palin obviously will deny all responsibility for inciting anyone to do such a thing. Standard operating procedure.
    I do not write a daily blog and spew hatred, but rather do write a daily blog with humor and tend to highlight the stupidity of some of the media as well as those with opposing political views in an attempt to show, with humor, just how stupid people, as well as politicians can be. It’s okay to disagree and have differing viewpoints whatever the subject, but it’s not okay to take matters into one’s own hands because you personally feel you have the God given right to. Such as in the event that took place yesterday in Arizona.
    Please look at what I write on a daily basis, especially any political rants I have posted, and you will see that I get my point across with humor and not malice towards anyone.
    There are ways to make a point. Violence is NOT one of them.

  51. 87

    My prayers are with the Gifford family and to all affected by this shooting. Violence is never means to solving political differences, and this really highlights how we must stop the partisan bickering, and make sure that this does not happen again to anyone.

    I am a Republican, but I vehemently disavow the militant rhetoric used by Sarah Palin. I understand what many people are saying about how she didn’t mean it literally, etc. However, would we want our children using violent rhetoric against people they do not like? I would be appalled if my son drew a map of children in the class he disliked with crosshairs over their desk. It’s not just poor taste, it is deranged. As responsible Republicans and Christians, we must let go of the pride and hold our politicians accountable for the ignorant, harmful things they do or say.

    The violent rhetoric is also just barbaric. It makes us all seem like high-school bullies yelling “Drill Baby Drill!” and pointing guns at anyone who opposes us. Why do you think Republicans are so vilified in the media? It’s because of ignorant hot heads like Palin who make us all seem uneducated and racist. If we are going to progress as a country, we must stop the bickering over party pride and blame and get real about the examples being set by our politicians. I would not want my children following in Palin’s footsteps.

    As a responsible Republican, I am not afraid to agree that Palin is ignorant and deranged, speaks too often in poor taste, and very well could have played a part in inciting violence against the Democrats. It’s just plain logic here. Hate mongering is wrong, and when I see rifle crosshairs, I think guns, and any argument otherwise is just more logic-dodging for the sake of pride.

    May God bless the families affected, may we all learn to speak respectfully to those who disagree with us, and may we all learn what hate speech can do when it reaches the wrong ears.

  52. 88

    My wish for Ms. Palin and her grifter family is to be sued into bankruptcy by any and all who were affected by this tragedy. Hit them where it hurts, people, in the pocketbook! I hope she and her idiot husband have to find minimum wage jobs and lose their home and all their assets defending themselves. Sue them into oblivion, then they’ll wish they were dead.

  53. 89

    We need a final solution for the Sarah Palin problem. I think its time we take aim at this woman and eradicate her political career. We need a 2nd Amendment Solution so let’s not just sit down and take it, let’s reload and take a stand! To get the ball rolling, I’m holding a Final Solution For Sarah rally. Come on by. I’ll provide the guns and ammunition.

    What? I didn’t say anything out of bounds!

    You crazy moonbats are trying to control my grammar and ‘put words in my mouth. I can’t help what you;re reading into it.

  54. 90

    Feed the dimwit to the polar bears! How can anyone in their right frame of mind even bother to listen to her gun toting redneck views. Isn’t violence a problem not a solution?

  55. 91

    When are Americans going to wake up and see the home grown terrorists are the out of control so called republicans like Sarah palin and the tea party fanatics…Glenn Beck is another one…terrorism comes in different forms inciting hatred brainwashing to take someone out…or simply instilling fear into ppl brought on by lies…Sarah palin does all of this..

    If this jerk did this because he listened to plains constant hatred towards democrats in different risings she should be charged with a crime…

    Americans meaning the weak ones who have given this woman votes and a forum to spout her hatred are also to blame…what is happening to America since bush was in and then McCain bringing her on as vp on his ticket is insane…

    I don’t even know where to begin to understand how anyone can be that stupid to think she is good for the country or to even sit in the white house….palin is dangerous because she is motivated from self interest money and has even said herself she would not want advisers…

    To think the way this hate filled woman does is scary…

    The blood of these people are on her and every unstable republican tea party trashes shoulders…they are animals who think violence is the answer to getting elected into power…

    My thoughts are with everyone who was killed injured or there to witness this heinous act…

    Palin needs to be given no more airtime and the u.s. Needs to get back to normal..

  56. 92

    This guy was obviously mentally ill. It has nothing to do with politics. Look at the facts. The guy was writing about “creating your own grammar” and talking birds, for God’s sake.

    1. 92.1

      Well yes he is Ill what’s your point? Are you saying he didn’t listen to or read all the hatred put out towards this congress woman? Or what he didn’t know how to hear and read….repubs are screaming mentally Ill as an excuse normal people are saying that is who palin and the tea baggers attract the unstable…

  57. 93

    Gabby Giffords served our state with heartfelt compassion and dedication–she didn’t stop even when her office was vandalized and she was threatened. Gabby continued to reach out to the public in the most vulnerable way. She made me proud to be an Arizona citizen. God Bless her, her staff and family, and all others involved in this nightmare.

    On the other hand, if S. Palin were really interested in “serving” the public, why did she resign as Governor of Alaska? Originally I thought it was to be a mom to her youngest child. I was absolutely shocked that Palin chose instead to become a celebrity and rake in the millions–through spreading such hate and venom at politicians who see things differently. Her hate material and “crosshairs” lined her pockets–but it surely didn’t make America a better place. I believe Palin helped to make Giffords a target.

    I have a choice..I refuse to watch Palin’s big, fake, smiling, annoying face while she kills animals and makes millions. And you can make all the excuses you want for her, but there is NO place in Washington for even one more greedy, evil self-focused politician–who professes that their way is the only way. That does NOT represent a democracy. Sarah Palin has proven to us what she really is. She wants money, attention, and power–period–not to serve anyone but herself. PLEASE, let her continue to be the “star”–just don’t let into Washington.

    Time will tell if the shooter is officially designated as mentally ill–looks like he is. But what if……..his troubled mind just happened to focus on the “crosshairs”……..and that comes out too. All extremests must see that we have to come together for the benefit of our country. I do hold Sarah Palin and her awful material as contributing to a divided America–and maybe to this sickening mass murder. STOP THE HATE–WORK TOGETHER!

    1. Jo

      “On the other hand, if S. Palin were really interested in “serving” the public, why did she resign as Governor of Alaska? Originally I thought it was to be a mom to her youngest child.
      I was absolutely shocked that Palin chose instead to become a celebrity and rake in the millions–through spreading such hate and venom at politicians who see things differently. Her hate material and “crosshairs” lined her pockets–but it surely didn’t make America a better place. I believe Palin helped to make Giffords a target.

      I have a choice..I refuse to watch Palin’s big, fake, smiling, annoying face while she kills animals and makes millions. And you can make all the excuses you want for her, but there is NO place in Washington for even one more greedy, evil self-focused politician–who professes that their way is the only way. That does NOT represent a democracy. Sarah Palin has proven to us what she really is. She wants money, attention, and power–period–not to serve anyone but herself. PLEASE, let her continue to be the “star”–just don’t let into Washington. ”

      Katey: I am not from Arizona, but I echo every word you said.

  58. 95

    People dislike palin because she put herself out there to be the fool she is…palin has stooped to every low she possibly could to be on national t.v as often as often as possible..

    Media bears a lot of responsibility for putting trash like her in the limelight..

    I am excluding fox I don’t see them as media. They are a safe haven for republicans to spout lies…

    Look at Glenn beck he is mentally unfit and gets paid plenty for spewing his hate filled lies…

    No one can say this jerk didn’t follow the media and listen to the teabag fanatics and palin I think he very much paid attention to them because they fit into this idiots mentality..

    This is one guy that needs the death penalty. Not a mental institute..

    Look at what cry baby boenher or boner as I like to call him said soon after….he is for himself his 67000 in golf course costs this year shows that..but his comments show the republican mentality..

    The problem in America is both republican and dems. They don’t serve Americans anymore repubs are for themselves first then corporate America. The dems are for unions and themselves…the people don’t enter into this at all..

    Why do Americans keep voting in the same garbage each and every election? Why don’t Americans stand up and get the incumbents out..meaning by votes not palins tactics of violence..

    And the tea party freaks is not a solution they are palins idea of a better amrica but only because she needs these type of unstable dim wits to help her into office..

    Palin,beck,hannity and others all spout hatred and they have all played a role in violence against Americans who don’t tow there line…

  59. 97

    go Sarah, lets put more Hit targets up , but obviously not to kill, but to send them packing that the left will long remember sitting on the side lines of their out of touch agendas. Lock and load..
    pray for the victims… no one wants violence…

  60. 99

    To the person tHat asked if there is a shred of evidence about whether this killer listened to or read about palin is there a shred of evidence that he didn’t? Stupid question to even be asking because I don’t think people generally document what they watch on the news or read in papers.

    The reason why palin is being brought up is because she did target this congresswoman and guess what it is documented because the stupid woman posted it online along with others she wanted targeted…do I think this killer didn’t know about it NOPE….there is better chances he knew than didn’t…after all he had a grudge to begin with so palins targeting message with the reload and other crap she did would of attracted this nut job…

    There is a lesson here to all politicians. Shut hour mouths behave as adults and stop the violent hate filled ads…

    Republicans are generally known for there ignorant hate filled ads it is how they work…

    The tea bagger trash well that is endorsed by palin because she can’t get normal followers so her audience is them beck hannity and others…another thing Arizona McCain can be thanked for bringing this woman into the spotlight…all because he thought Clinton needed competition palin doesn’t hold a candle to that woman…never will..

    Fox will be a gong show this week parading all the fanatics on the airwaves the best anyone could hope for is a power outage..

  61. 101

    I already know why Palin is being brought up – becaise it is politicallly expedient to link Palin to this evidence.

    The question I have is is that claim based on any actual evidence? Did reference Palin or the Tea Party or any similar group in his writings and Facebook pages? It’s a rather simple question.

    If there is no evidence for such a link, then the people who should ‘shut their mouths’ are the people who are making things up about the motivations of the shooter.

  62. 102

    Hmmm disagree I think it is about time pAlin and her antics was finally questioned…so nope it is time for people to not keep quiet and actually question that lunatic…

    She started this with her targeting no one else…

    This is great for a political debate and change because no wanna be trough dweller of American tax dollars should be allowed to do what she did…

    And that goes for both parties…the hate filled ads and targeting is wrong…palin is the worse right now so because she targeted this particular congress woman who also received other threats because of palin and the tea bagger trash she is rightfully being talked about…

    Wouldn’t a true republican like everyone to shut up when it centers on when of them…LMAO

    palin is being brought up because of her own site showing a target GUN and using the reload words and target wording…nothing else…to think this killer didn’t hear or read her trash is laughable…he is typical of one of palins followers…

    I might also bring up the violence pre election with the tea baggers they had guns they went out of there way to go to any democratic event and the lowlifes they were did nothing but want to use violence who endorsed this behavior but palin…

    So I am glad this is a discussion and she is the focus this is better than seeing her pointing a gun at bambi shooting it and her father saying oh baby you are good…

    As you can tell i dislike this woman immensely she is self serving trash…

      1. So, i agree with you here…Sarah Palin convinced him to act on his longstanding hatred for congresswoman Gifford.
        Palin’s rhetoric and targeted hit list she gave him, sent him out to act on his dormant hatred.
        He was Palin’s ‘Manchurian Candidate”.
        ..just like Charles Manson and his followers.

  63. 103

    Actually, Daily Kos targeted the same district with the same sort of imagery when they were trying to oust blue dog Democrats. Is George Soros to blame?

    Not to mention Loughner has been interacting with Giffords since 2007 – long before Palin or the Tea Party had any influence.

    So I ask again, is there any evidence, even the slightest shred, that Loughner was influenced by anything you mentioned above? Any evidence he even saw the image you are citing? That he attended a Tea Party rally?

    Is there a reason you can’t admit you are just making it all up because of your own political biases and hatred of Sarah Palin?

    You are claiming that demonizing Giffords is what caused Loughner to act out – aren’t you afraid demonizing Palin will have the same effect? I am guessing not, because you really don’t believe it.

  64. 104

    Well if this happened solely because of 2007 he would of done it sooner…I believe he was fueled for his hatred to the congresswoman because of palins and the tea bagger influence…

    There is no evidence YET however there is no evidence suggesting he didn’t see what palin did…

    I by the way am neither republican or democrat I think most politicians are a disgrace..they have forgotten what serving the public is…they have chosen to serve themselves first and then serve the special interest people who gave them there bribes in the form of campaign contributions second..

    I find palin to be one of the worst people out there..things have deteriorated greatly since bush and his eight yrs…then America became a gongshow when McCain brought his gongshow on board meaning palin…no matter what McCain says privately I would think he regrets that decision immensely..

    I am not telling anyone to shoot palin I have not done up a target of her nor have I said load up and shoot her…I am against violence of anything including animals…

    I however want her to be seen for what she is…when she did what she did she opened up the door to this situation…

    I am against any politician who gets dirty and spews hatred or violence in attack ads…

    I deep down believe her and the tea party rhetoric and ads played a role in this dimwits thought process, just as the school shootings did with others when that started to be reported on national and world television…what people say and do 100% influences others if they are weak enough to buy into it…mental case killers buy into the trash…if it suits there mental status at the time and with this creeps hatred to the congresswoman anything palin or the tea baggers said against her he’d of paid attention to it…that is a fact…that is how some human beings are…

  65. 105

    You admit you have absolutely no evidence that the guy saw, read, or otherwise had knowledge of anything Palin said or published, and yet you keep insisting she ‘opened the door’ for this.

    One doesn’t follow the other – it appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with Palin. You hate Palin, so you are projecting her fingerprint in the incident, but anyone with the slightest bit of objectivity wouldn’t agree.

    You need to see past your own hateful rhetoric.

    1. 105.1

      Where did I say he didn’t follow it? Re read it I said there is no evidence as you fools are thinking you need…However us with a brain do know people watch t.v. Read papers…and go online so the chances he never paid attention to palin and the tea bagger who lost is zero…

      I 100% belie e he paid attention to anything regarding this congresswoman…

      Yes I dislike palin and the tea bagger nuts what’s your point?

      I have no vested interest in this one way or another I just dislike morons who spout hatred and violence and I don’t care what party they may be with…

      the facts are the tea bagger placed an ad with targeting then she talks about an M16 palin targeted this woman most people knew about so please don’t act like this boy lived in a bubble and wasn’t aware….

  66. 106

    I prey everyday that sarah palin gets shot in the head with a 9 mm, the person who did it would be doing the world a huge favor, who cant have a retard running for any office in this complex world.

    1. 106.1

      Well done – not – for missing the point that we have here – stop the rhetoric! It is not helping! It never will and all you are doing is stirring the kettle – enough is enough.

    1. 109.1

      Keith oberman is not a politician….so who cares what rhetoric he spouts…this is about politicians even ones who quit half way through like palin did who spout nothing but hatred against different people who are running…did oberman target anyone? Actually I don’t care this is about actual politicians not the supporters of a party…because if one had to discuss the supporters wow we would be days on here discussing the loons on fox…

  67. rob

    That’s like saying if my kids watch Elmer Fudd shoot Daffy Duck in the face with a shot gun, they will go out and shoot someone in the face…..RIDICULOUS!

    1. ab

      It’s not the same because your kids know a cartoon is a cartoon. it’s supposed to be fun. Nothing about the political climate now, especially when people use threats and targets and burn effigies of their enemies is fun. It’s people preaching violence against other people, and it’s taken seriously.

      1. rob

        IT IS THE SAME…Theirs crazy people every where!
        If i tell you to go and kill someone are you going to?
        NO….Maybe I’m not so sure, reading all this SH*t.

    2. 111.2

      What you people aren’t getting is the mentally unstable people are influenced….if your children were nut jobs like this punk you don’t know what they might do….there is many mentally Ill out roaming the streets and it doesn’t take much for some of them to be influenced into doing exactly what this jerk did…

  68. 112

    “If the bring knives, We will bring guns.” Obama

    “Stone Henry Hyde and then go to his house and kill his wife and daughter. ” Alec Baldwin

    “We need to target republican districts.” A democrat website sporting a map with cross hairs over districts the support GW Bush.

    1. ab

      It’s amazing how often those few quotes are showing up in so many blogs in the past couple days without any context whatsoever.

      So… was it Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly… who is pushing these talking points today?

      Nice trolling, Kahuna. Power to the sheeple!

  69. 115

    Let’s put this all in perspective. During the last election, ACORN and company declared Virginia, my state and a couple others as “Target States!” The term refers to the fact that one party or the other wants to swing the state in question by ousting the elected officials in said state with their own candidate. It is a common expression used by “both” parties.”

    The man who shot Ms. Gifford was stalking her! Whether for sexual, political, or other reasons a person is being stalked, they or their life is in serious jeopardy. Stalkers are extremely dangerous. The victim frequently does “not” know he or she is being stalked. Stalkers are so dangerous that when therapists find themselves being stalked, they discontinue helping the person and refer them to another therapist.

    I am appalled at the attacks by the left [communist, socialist, Marxists] directed at Palin, the Tea Party, and Republicans in general. You see, I know what they are all doing. It would behoove people to read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Pay particular attention to his directions on diverting crisis by blaming the issue on the other side over and over enough and people will begin to believe what the radicals are saying and ignore the truth.
    As for Sarah Palin, accuse, demonize, attack, by whatever non-life threatening means available.

    To me these personal attacks only demonstrate how very afraid the left is of Sarah Palin! Be afraid, be very afraid!

    1. 115.1

      DDog …
      Let’s put it in perspective;

      Bill O’Reilly ‘joking’ about decapitating Post reporter, Dana Milbank for his liberal opinions in opposition to O’Reilly;

      Fox news Liz Trotta during 2008 election coverage, discussing knocking off Bin Laden and Obama, ‘if we could’;

      Huckabee, in a speech to the nra, making an Obama assasination joke;

      Beck, on air hoping out loud that Rep Dennis Kucinich would ‘burn to death’;

      or in Sept. 2009, where he acted out a skit poisoning Nancy Pelosi;

      Or, the Fox nation comments wishing for the assasination of President Obama, some of which are still on the site, suggesting that Pres. Obama should “get what Kennedy got” or calling for the CIA to “take this president down”, or, warning the President that the Koran, “ain’t thick enough to stop a .308 round”.

      Something’s wrong DD and that’s perspective in the context of the hate and vitriol being spewed by those accepted as representing a right wing view.

    2. 115.2

      Holy crap your reading a page out of the republican how to hand book….

      There is a difference when it comes to the use of targeting…most don’t start on another line discussing how to shoot an m16 as what happened in the election in tuscon…

      Most of us are intelligent enough to understand what palin and others meant…we also are intelligent enough to know what targeting of a state means and in different risings….it is when it is done the way palin did and the message was loud and clear….

      I am loving the spin going on here republicans 100% can’t handle the truth ever….

  70. 116

    All you leftys need to pull your head out of your butts and face the facts…Palin had nothing to do with the shooting, by proxy, influence or whatever. If the shooter did this for political reasons, then ALL the politicians and big mouth haters of politicians are just as responsible….But the reality is he targeted Gifford 3 years ago…It was completely unrelated to Palin….ACCEPT THE TRUTH AND STOP SPREADING YOUR HATRED….YOU ARE JUST MAKING THINGS WORSE……..IF YOU CAN’T DEBATE WITHOUT PERSONAL ATTACKS ON PEOPLE, THEN DON’T BOTHER POSTING ANYTHING….IT IS LIKE POURING GAS ON A FIRE….UNLESS YOU WANT A CIVIL WAR….BUT GUESS WHAT…THE GUN TOTING CONSERVATIVES WILL WIN THAT BATTLE….SO LAY OFF BEFORE MORE PEOPLE GET HURT.

    1. 116.1

      Palin did it, just the same way as Charles Manson did his evil deeds.
      Charles Manson ans Sarah Palin work their followers in the exact same way as each other.
      She will be hela accountable…and she will recieve the Manson treatment, OR, she will create a defense that Manson can use to have his sentence repealed.

      1. So you would advocate to have Manson freed form prison, just as long as Sarah can not be held accountable for doing the exact same thing as he did?!?

        Now that is sick,you syncophantic-fanatic!

    2. 116.2


      You said “stop the personal attacks” and you end with a threat of greater gun violence by conservatives with guns, a description you’ve been denying since the beginning of this chain.

      You should take a break. Threats of gun violence are the last thing we need just now.

    3. 116.3

      Hmmmm doesn’t your hate filled palin spout lies and hatred every day she opens her mouth? It makes me laugh how mad you republican tea baggers get so angry when things get pointed out….did you read the ad placed prior to Gabriel winning the election her republican opponent ran…if you think this nut job didn’t see this ad or hear about it or hear palin bashing Gabriel your highly mistaken…yes he was mad three yrs ago however he acted Saturday…he in my opinion followed everything including the targeting ads and the hate filled messages handed out by palin and others….so what’s your point on bush?

      Was any of it a lie? Nope….I always thought he was the ultimate worst person to ever be put in office I might add by the supreme court so I won’t use the word elected into office because that would be a lie…but if palin runs and wins she will top him big time….

      Many people had good reason to dislike bush…he was a loose cannon just as palin is…I think they have the same level of intelligence

      there is one huge difference politically and that is deems don’t threaten violence they don’t use targets Meaning gun targets…I don’t think any politicians threatened to do harm to bush nor did any political ads…show me one politician who did that…and I mean a politician…not a deem supporter…big difference so remember that…

      We are talking politicians even ones who quit half way through like palin did…

  71. 118

    I haven’t laughed as hard as I just did when reading the post about people being afraid of palin….what a joke that is….maybe if I was a deer I might be concerned because she does love killing animals however to be afraid of dimwit like her politically is laughable…you republicans have a lot to be worried about mentally thinking this woman is fit to even enter the white house…

    Since bush it is very evident that the criteria for running for president needs to change…having an IQ of something would be nice for a start…

    There is a difference between being afraid and feeling nauseated which is what I feel seriously every time that woman appears on T.V. With that horrid voice of hers…

    You people who don’t think some mental case wouldn’t of listened to everything that palin said regarding a congress woman he hated since 2007 are in la la land…

    But keep trying to push your spin on it that is what repubs do best….

  72. 119

    Sarah Palin’s putting politicians she doesn’t agree with on the internet with crosshairs is very inappropriate.
    She should be ashamed of her behavior especially now!

    1. 120.1

      Given that no Democrat shot a Republican elected official in the back of the head like Sarah Palin’s Tea bagger assassin, then this proves that there is something fundamentally wrong with the thought process of a Republican Tea bagger,who are predisposed to kill by viewing a coded language .

      Their thought process is twisted, because they can not decipher fantasy from reality, and they have made guns availible to the crazies among their ranks.

      No party should target a duly elected public official, that is clear,but the Democrats, instead of running away from their responsibility, hedging, or celebrating and applauding mass killing, like they are doing here on this blog and in their media Spin machine,we simply admit that such actions do not further our political ideology, and have changed course…without having to be convinced only after a child has been killed among others.
      You Republicans do nothing but say…see, you did it…and go back to the Bush era..but fail to realize that Bush nor any of his cronies were killed,..
      Like what happened her with this Sarah Palin supporter.

      The tea bagger Republican neocons would rather co-sign their leaders evil behavior, rather than correct it.
      It is top note, and I think a study should be done on it, that the Republican Neocon brain would rather resort to murder, than to stand behind their policies, use intimidation and fear, rather than their policies, terrorize their non-believers , rather than their policy.
      We need to find out what the physical anomaly is in their brain to make them so evil, and correct it.
      iv you do not actually support these mass killings by your Republican Tea bagger party member, then I am sure that you agree with me, if you are a reasonable human being.

      There is no other sane way to look at all of this.

  73. 122


    I live in Tucson, What I experienced was the whole gamut of emotions on Jan, 8th. I was shocked, angry, tearful, scared, and my mind rocked with confusion and raced with a burning desire to know why. I know here in Tucson we are all grieving and shocked. I also know that it is normal to be angry and look for some cause. Blame can also be a factor in the grief process. I would caution everyone to not judge anyone’s process at this time.  At the same time I do have to stand on a point here. I was a witness to Gabby’s opponent in the last election and saw his horrible metaphors of taking her out with an M-16 and gun target symbols all over town on his posters. I have also seen the same posted by Sarah Palin. That horror was compounded now by what has happened. Words are powerful… the thoughts can become the deed. This can incite people who have anti government leanings. I also know that mentally ill many times can’t make the distinction between reality and their delusion. Also peer pressure and the like hold sway over even normal people. So I ask you, if we condone gun and shooting metaphors like this… does anyone wonder why this sort of thing happens? I can see clearly how a deranged boy could hear this fear and hate fervently spewed at our president, our government, and our country by the media; How it could be distorted in his mind causing him to act on it.  We have to look at this, it is not about blame, it’s about resolution and looking at causes and what needs to change and heal. This mean spirited attitude among opponents has to change. I see this as an opportunity for us to shift the current tide of fear and hate to brotherhood and kindness. This was what our once great nation stood for Brotherhood. I was in a grief group with Phyllis, the 79 year old woman who passed in this incident. I am still shocked over her death and I will miss her. She was a republican who wanted to shake Gabby’s hand. She reached across the table of party lines to Gabby. I imagine she admired another strong woman like her self. I think she appreciated what Gabby was doing in this world. I feel her action should be followed and honored. We all should begin the healing by reaching across many tables.. tables of indifference, bigotry, territorialism, different cultures, socio economic differences, and become people united once more. I also feel we can use the power of thought and prayer to call on the light within all people in the world to rise up and open our hearts and minds. We can envision healing and thereby make it happen. The paradigm shift that many have longed for or feel is coming is here right now. This is the time to make it all happen. By Erin Madden 1/9/11

  74. 123

    Erin what you just wrote is so true…I feel so badly for the lifes that were taken…for this woman to do what she did is awesome and the loss of her life from such a senseless act is awful…

    You are correct that people need to reach across and work together however I never see this happening…it will only happen when this world stops with the me me attitude…

    Everyone has there own agendas and have lost sight of what public service is all about…

    Politically things are out of control and I don’t live in Arizona but I am outraged at what has happened…I watch the t.v. And I do blame media for even televising the hatred rhetoric because it does influence certain individuals…

    I also found with palins response on facebook and her using people years ago dueling it out with guns to be of extremely bad taste considering this was a mass shooting that just happened…

    What her point was who knows…and I don’t care…

    It would be nice to see politicians agreeing to grow up and walk across the aisle but I don’t see that happening anytime soon either…

    I have been sickened for the past few years over the childish hate filled actions of some politicians but this past sat events did it for me…

    I don’t feel palin said shoot anyone but her ads with the repubs ads were so out of line and I do believe because this punk hated Gabriel so much he did pay attention to the rhetoric…

    My heart goes out to all the victims and they should be the only focus…

  75. 124

    Perhaps Sarah Palin wouldn’t feel quite so sassy if supporters of Representative Giffords were to launch a media campaign today displaying crosshairs over the Palin name and using words like “Target”, “Reload” and “M16”.

    It’s quite obvious that the man who committed this act of violence in Arizona suffers from mental illness. No one can assign direct blame to Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner’s actions. The harshly shrill and antagonistic nature of recent political debate in this country, however, could very well have played a role in facilitating this man’s slide into the abyss of paranoia, delusion and criminality. To say otherwise is foolhardy, self-serving and self-delusional.

    Jared Loughner was, in fact, paying a lot of attention to the current state of political affairs in this country. We can easily see proof of this in his obsessions with Gabrielle Giffords at the center left of the political spectrum and the outspoken David Wynn Miller on the far right. The only vacuum Loughner was living in was the one he created in his own mind. Who knows which soundbytes, visuals and opinions he ultimately latched onto as his mind descended into criminal insanity.

    We have choices to make each and every day. We can continue to shake our fists, villify each other and scream “Hell no!” to this or that person’s ideologies, or we can learn to be moderate and responsible in our words and in our deeds. We could make the effort to work together as civilized beings to find mutually beneficial solutions to our problems and move forward as a unified people, but I think it’s more likely we’ll continue down our well-trodden path of ignorance and self-destruction.

  76. rob

    “This was what our once great nation stood for Brotherhood.”
    This type of thing has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue for ever, its called “humanity”Theirs lots of crazy humans and there will always be.
    Don’t forget ,Lincoln, the Civil war , JFK,MLK… and many more.
    Deal with it and move on!

  77. 126

    Rob don’t be the problem it’s time to change that and soon you will see how this does change the world. Please refrain from telling me what to do….I suggest looking for your compassion buried deep beneath your cynacism.

  78. rob

    Erin..Its time for you to take a big bite of reality.
    There will always be some crazy that thinks he or she has the right to take a life and he or she will and there’s nothing you or me can do about it.
    Not all the prayers or kindness will ever change this fact.
    All we as a nation can do is go on living our lives to the fullest , protect our family and friends and above all be aware!
    Life is a precious thing and it can be lost in a moment,as we get older we all realize that none of us will live forever so what are we to do?
    Pull your head out of the sand, love your family and friends
    and be kind , but tragedies like this WILL occur again!

  79. 129

    You are (as Gandhi advised so wisely) being the change you wish to see in the world. Do not let the youngest and most unevolved of souls discourage that….for they are lost and without any personal power or awareness that can possibly imagine anything beyond the mundane. They are the very energy they defend…against all logic, all reason and even all compassion. THEY already HAVE given up but you need not let that deter you on your path for they will be forgotten and you have many places to go and much still to do to shape the world of the now into the reality that you have the courage to envision for the future. Bless you!

  80. 133

    Some interesting things this week with the republicans lax of any compassion…

    They had the nerve a few of them to demand a election for gif fords riding because she isn’t there for her constituents…the republican gov however stomped all over that…

    Then they were asked if they would give up there tax payer funded health care all of them said no..

    So thank goodness the gov has such fantastic health care because this congress woman would not of survived maybe and certainly unlike millions of other Americans would not of been airlifted to a top notch rehab centre..

    So the dems want all to have some form of health care and also an end put to this crap repubs like which is pre existing conditions being denied coverage yet they don’t want it to apply to themselves…and many of them since going to work have become million aires…I wonder how that happens but hey we know what contributions really are…

    Giffords is what all Americans should be entitled to and that is top notch health care…everyone remember that the republicans don’t want you to have affordable care and probably really don’t want you having any if the truth be known…

    they put the message out violence is ok….they put the fear message out on health care….and they quiet frankly do this with everything so why why why do people vote this trash in…I don’t think it’s to see boner crying and I spelled that wrong on purpose…or to listen to palin and her self interests…

    Americans need to grasp they are entitled to what the trough dwellers get…if they aren’t entitled to health care for example then the republicans as a whole should have there’s is about time they lived in the real world for a change…

    Palin gets loads of free tax payer health care through her Eskimo husband status and as her half time gov position before she quit to make her millions ….so here she is making millions for being an idiot and she is still receiving tax payer funded top of the line health care for herself and all family…go figure…

    So I know the tea bagger cult won’t help you and they want the same perks but come on people wake up….

  81. 136

    we must using Sarah Palin to destroy Khazar People who love Israel of God equals 666…….
    Sarah Palin follow my command…. i am deaf person and i really hate Khazar Jewish People put curse on me…… so i must destroy Khazar people to extinct…. Khazar Jewish People and Reptilians working together against Gentiles…. so we are Gentiles and can destroy reptilians and Khazar people……. I am Israelite and i know Khazar people are liar and cowards…. so we must unity and vote for sarah….. we must send $222 dollars to help Sarah’s power rising to kill Khazar People and we must throw Khazar Babies to Rock to death…. so i will set christians free from Jerusalem… i must redempition christians from Jerusalem…. Geula and Geulah means redempition…. you better to listen to me… so we must destroy Khazar People to extinct….. Son of Satan is not exist….. Khazar Jewish People created false story about Son of Satan Myth to curse me…. so i must destory Khazar People to extinct….. no matter what….. I am half israelite… 25% indian…. 25% aryan…. all aryans must listen to me…. i demand all aryan people to start to respect my torah people…… aryan people must destory Khazar People to extinct….. so we must unity to destroy Khazar People to extinct…….. all gentiles must folllow my command to killing Khazar People…. peace out John Bias

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