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Do any of you have any favorite entries of mine that you think would be worthwhile to include in a small collection of things that I’ve written?

I’ve been putting together a portfolio of writing samples for this fellowship thing. I’ve had some real success getting freelance gigs, writing articles and blog posts for other people, so I’ve been in the mood to make some progress writing wise. I’ve just also been exhausted from some combination of colds, migraines, nausea, and boring job syndrome, which makes that difficult.

Maybe I’ll post some poetry from when I was in high school! Or some essays I wrote for college… Free Content! Already written. Maybe I could do “This day in history”s with my old blog.

Or not, since my taste for public humiliation is somewhat limited. Somewhat.

Someone do something to piss me off so that I’ll have something to blog about already. Jeez.

Stuff and things and Stuff

One thought on “Stuff and things and Stuff

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    You are ugly and your writing is comparable to that of a one-armed chimpanzee who failed grammar school. In fact, the only thing worse than your writing is your god awful body odor. The worst part is your left big toe. It’s ginormous. I mean, really.

    Hope this helped. 🙂

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