Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition, ad nauseum

Man, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even understand what he’s trying to say anymore.


Dearest Ashley,

Action’s bring consequences, you dont live in a vacum, and I gave you some good advise.
You put yourself in this position, and I looked at imdBPro.com and saw no (added) credits for you

You’re feeling of self importance (ego) is beyond belief, to deny our relationship and try and embarass is me is not really helping you’re delusional behaviour .
You look so dumb, bottom line, IM giving you an importance you dont deserve, and to deny is ridiculous.
Publishing our private sex notes makes you look dumber then when we (well you know what I mean)
The only good thing is not many people are goiing to read it, and most people will realize it’s true, it’s as true as everything you say about me.
You have a hard on for someone, well dear ashley remember, there are consequences for every action.
You think you’re going to moan and groan about every body, and I know IM not singled out, you have many enemy’s and some people tell the truth, and somepeople dont.

On the other hand, I wish you well, however you have to accept what happens when you bad mouth someone, just because I didn’t take on your script under my terms.
If you sold your script, congratulations, why dont you mention what company, who’s attached, director, etc..Ashley you’re an editor, and IM sure a good one, you should take my advise about your blog, or stick to your knitting.

All my lovin.

eddiekritzer.com some details

And if you’re thinking it’s just me getting these emails, here are a bunch of links






Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition, ad nauseum

8 thoughts on “Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition, ad nauseum

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    Eddie needs to learn that what goes around comes around. I think the companies he works with would be very interested in the type of company they are keeping. I wonder how the Chicken Soup For The Soul people will feel when they learn that someone who brags about working with them is acting like Eddie is? Well, Eddie won’t have to wonder much longer, because I have begun the process of contacting those very people! From now on any company that Eddie brags about working with will get a letter with links to all his activities! Karma is a real dicey thing, Eddie!

  2. 2

    PS- Anyone else who feels like taking part, please do. I am sure multiple voices complaining about Eddie will surely get listened to. Oh, and I might start contacting these other people that he is out there harassing and bamboozling as well! I bet they would love to know what companies and representatives to contact as well!!

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    Wow, good for you, Ashley, for not being intimidated. He’s clearly got some mental issues in general, and around sex in particular.

    He’s still actively looking for writers, by the way. I saw an ad in LA’s Craig’s List with his email address, which lead me to look him up before submitting anything. Really, really glad I did.

    And seriously, as graphic and antagonistic as his emails are you should at least be able to get a no-contact order from the courts.

  4. 4

    Well well…Kritzer is sill around after all this time.

    I dealt with him once in 1997 – 1998. I sent him a script, which he said he liked. He told me that he had contacts in Hollywood that could get us studio funding to produce it. Now, the movie was a period piece set in Elizabethan England, and I wasn’t sure if, judging by his bio, he was the right man for the job. But I was young and hungry and naive and signed a one-year option with him. He did not ask me for money….I wasn’t THAT young and hungry.

    He was not easy to deal with. He talked extremely quickly, was glib and slick and so full of industry jargon that it took full concentration just to follow the conversation. He also had the annoying habit of cracking his gum in my ear over the phone. “So, babe, tell me about the script,” he said. “What? There’s no sex? What, the hero dies in the end? Well, what the hell, it worked in ‘Titanic’…” As others have mentioned, he did ask what I thought were inappropriate questions. He asked me if I was married, because if we did produce the script, I would have women crawling all over me, if that’s something which interested me.

    As it turned out, EK did in fact know Robert D. Wachs, who produced several Eddie Murphy movies. EK sent Wachs the script, and Wachs did indeed pitch it around Hollywood. Wachs sent me copies of the rejection letters from Miramax, United Artists, and Kenneth Branagh Productions (actually, Branagh would have done a great job with the script, I think). Those were the only contacts Wachs made.

    When Wachs was unable to get backing, I asked Kritzer if we could end the option and he agreed. He blamed Wachs for not working hard enough (“He’s already made his millions”) and me (“The script is just lacking a certain spark.”)

    So that was my one and only brush with Hollywood and, I hope, my only encounter with Kritzer. I have to say that he never tried to get money from me, and he wasn’t lying when he said he had Hollywood contacts. Maybe if Wachs had gotten backing, EK could have broken into the feature film business as he wanted so badly to do. But it was not to be. Still, he was so crazy that I’m not surprised at your story of his neurotic behavior. Apparently he ran out of people to use in Hollywood and has fallen to simply trying to scam newbies.

    Best of luck, and nice work with the blog.


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