Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition: Operation Gross Out, ctd

I should note that the reason I post all of this is to A) keep a record and B) warn others off ever getting in touch with this guy.  I have noticed that the majority of his written abuse has been directed at women, and it’s almost always sexual in nature.  I’m not sure why this is.

He also appears to either be hoping that I’m either so embarassed by sex or by the possibility that someone would believe I had sex with him that I’ll stop exposing his scams. Basically these letters are a threat to try to defame me by saying I’ve posted everything as a spurned lover, and that the more I protest, the more he’s going to talk about me in a sexual context. At least, that’s all I can make of it.

And, if I hadn’t been previously harassed on the phone, I’d assume he was a thirteen year old troll, but he’s actually got a production office according to google:

Eddie Kritzer Productions
8484 Wilshire blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
[email protected]

My Dearest Ashley, It’s always tough when sexual relationships end, and I know you feel bad, because I complained about your prowess as a lover, but since you’re a public figure, I knew you would understand. Please remember “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” Just because were not fucking anymore, does’nt mean you have to knock me on The Internet, however you do have a website, and you continue to love to talk about me (and anybody else you have a cause for) IM sorry you feel bad about us not making love anymore, but things do end. I notice you’re knocking my poor grammer, and punctuation, probably good points, but IM getting my message across. Just because were not fucking and sucking anymore, doesn’t mean you go on a personal vendetta about me. Please feel free to take me to court for “sexual harassment” I will explain how you were a lousy lover, and when you sucked my cock, I thought you were going to bite it off. You think you’re going to sit on your limited perch, and just say any fucken lie you want, and IM not going to respond about it, by telling the world thatyour a lowsy lay (that’s’ fuck in your terms.) I love when you write about me, and Please keep on lovin me, and think about the days when we fucked and sucked. Your’e my bitch, All my love, Eddie All my precious love PS: The pimples on your fat ass are improving the puss is much less visable

MyLover and Dearest Ashley, Got your sexy letter, IM glad you posted it my regular mail…..please dont be embarrassed. When you’re letter told me how you loved my giant cock in your hot pussy, I must admit it turned me the fuck on. Oh, by the way your “Blog” is down, it’s probably because you kept on writing about how you love to fuck and suck me off………I love it when I come in your mouth, it turned you on. Keep on writing about me in your blog, and remember (my bitch) you’re a “public (nuisance) figure” buy most of all you’re my fucken bitch…… Pleeeeeeeease let’s go to court, I can tell the judge all about our fucking and sucking, with your big fat ass……….you’ve gained a bit of weight since we last fucked. Keep on writing about me, it keeps me thinking about you and makes me want to write you our sexy escapades All my fucken love, your my bitch, Eddie copy to literary development part of the press

Dear Ashley, I hope we come to an understanding and we can be civil to each other, I think you get my point. Pllllllease remember, when you step on land mines, they sometimes blow up. All my precious love to you,” Eddie

Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition: Operation Gross Out, ctd

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  1. 1

    Interesting, I have a client in that building. Next time I’m sent there it wouldn’t be difficult to check out that suite and see if his name’s actually on it, or he’s merely using it as a maildrop.

    And yes, clearly he’s trying to intimidate you to give up the posting about him because he seems to think he’ll strike a nerve by accusing a strong, independent woman of having sex with someone she finds so vile, and is also trying to head off the legal threats by stating he’ll make those claims in court. He’s obviously not particularly bright though, as his claims are worded absurdly and poorly, and he adds in elements he couldn’t know currently. All in all any judge with a modicum of intelligence could look at said claims and see the guy’s lying through his teeth, and miserably disgusting to boot. He’s failing and grasping at straws.

    And when all of your statements about him are accurate and worthy warnings, it reduces whatever point he’s trying to make even further, since even in the off chance you HAD had a sexual relationship with him, he’s still a scuzzy businessperson who’s breaking union regulations and should be avoided.

  2. 2

    I still think you should take the extra step of contacting anyone you possibly can to embarrass this guy. Find out who his family, friends, and business associates are and send them a nice letter with a link to your blog. He will get the message quickly then.

    1. Cyn

      Frank, I suspect there’s not much (any?) in the way of family or friends. Business associates would consist of the very small number of folk who paid the $600 and signed his agreement before putting his name through Google. And they already know what he is.

  3. Cyn

    I love that Eddie Kritzer is self-aware enough to understand that the thought of having sex with him is horrifying, yet dumb enough to think that someone who hasn’t actually had sex with him would be equally horrified as someone who has. It’s so cute!

    Still waiting for report of his violent yet still pathetic end.

  4. 4

    If you’re really concerned about this, the law unfortunately seems to not have much coverage for internet harassment, nor does it have very good coverage for a victim who is victimized outside of the workplace. However, you might be able to make an argument that, because you’re a writer and your home is your workplace, he was creating uncomfortable working conditions for you.

    Here’s some links that might be helpful:
    http://www.eeoc.gov/policy/vii.html — the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    http://www.uiowa.edu/~cyberlaw/cls06/papers/bwfinfin.htm — U of Iowa information about online harassment; section B is pretty good

    http://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/sexual-harassment-laws — a rough overview of the laws.

  5. 7

    Yeah, I couldn’t read it all.

    And I’m saying that as someone who was recently contracted to write a dirty novel requiring a 1,000 word sex scene out of every 2,500. That’s 20 sex scenes requiring 20 different ways to describe these things!

    Well, back to signing Eddie up for various email newsletters and SMS alerts from mass transit authorities around the country [because how else am I going to get my money back if not in entertainment value?].

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