Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition: Operation Gross Out

I’ve gotten two new emails from Mr. Kritzer. Can I just say “ew”? Because ew. Can I sue him for sexual harassment?

Dearest Ashley,

Since we made love last, I cant stop thinking of you; I hope you told me the truth, and you’re on the pill.
I love children, and hope they grow up to be a successful editor, and bloger just like their mom.

All my love,


Dearest Ashley,

I see you’re getting a little defensive, I see no credits on imdBPro.com on you, other then your little editing job
Poor little cry baby Ashley, I will give you credit for one thing, you do post everything, and for that.
I give you a lot of credit.
I know my grammar isn’t perfect, but IM not selling my grammar, IM selling shows, book, TV Shows, etc.
And yes I do require an advance, for just the reason I mentioned, I presume you think that all these aspiring, (and I use that word loosely) writers have a story to tell.
With over 125, ooo scripts registered with The WGA,,and IM sure you have a few.
However you have ZERO Credit’s that’s why you blog, you know you’re going to get published.
I notice you didn’t mention The Tiger Woods Syndrome on HCI Books….your’e just for the negative.
Again, please dont get pregnant, but if you do, I love children, and will give child support, but love making with you (again) is out for me………….

All my continued love,

Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition: Operation Gross Out

12 thoughts on “Eddie Kritzer: Holiday Edition: Operation Gross Out

    1. 1.1

      How did that “again” wind up there?

      I must have been thinking of something and written that by mistake. I have never met nor heard of him before, let alone “again”.

      [Note to self: proofread comments three times before posting because twice obviously isn’t working.]

      1. You can read the whole saga here: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/eddie-kritzer/

        But it basically started when I was trawling Craigslist some 15 months ago for writing and film jobs and there was an ad that seemed legit that I responded to. He got my phone number off of my resume and called me and said he wanted money to be my representative and I said that that was against WGA policy, no thanks.

        He then proceeded to continue calling me and threatening me. It got to a point where I decided that the harassment warranted not just repeatedly asking him to leave me alone, but a public condemnation of the guy. At which point he started e-mailing me and threatening me with lawsuits.

        I tried to get a restraining order, but they told me that until I changed my phone number and email address that they wouldn’t do it. However, he stopped calling me at that point and just sent e-mails and posted comments on my website. And those create such a negative impression of him that I post them all so that everyone can see exactly who this guy is when he contacts them and asks for $600 to read your script.

        And every couple of months I get an e-mail about someone who’s been scammed or who was almost scammed but saw my site, which almost makes putting up with it worthwhile.

      2. That’s odd. I didn’t get the “reply” link next to your (Ashley’s) reply so I have replied to my reply.

        I just read through all of your EK posts. Wow. Just, wow.

        When I did a Google search of his name, I noticed that your 2009/11/19 post comes up as the fourth link (the first not run by EK himself). I hope that means that people find your postings now about his scamming techniques before they give him any money.

        I’m sorry that you have had to deal with such a creep, but it looks like you are helping protect others in the process.


  1. 2

    What a repugnant, vile little ball of phlegm. And he doesn’t seem to comprehend what it is he’s supposed to be doing for a living. He implies that with 125,000 people registered, not all are worth something, so he has to collect the $1,000 to cover his own assets in case they’re not. Well gee, Mr. Bigshot Agent, last I checked it was YOUR job to only bother with the ones who ARE valuable, and not use the scattershot approach to sign every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally who wrote a script or novel (unread by you) just in case ONE of them happens to be valuable, while you meanwhile profit on ALL of them. Sorry for us raining on your parade by calling you out for the fraud that you are. Demanding upfront payment is against the regulations of ALL unions that I’m aware of (certainly it is of SAG, and according to Ashley the same can be said for the WGA), and a clear sign of what your actual goals are.

    By all means, Mr. Kritzer, continue your despicable methods if they’re profitable to you, but if you do so you have no place continuing to be insulted when you’re called out on it. Chalk it up to the price of doing bad business and role with the punches.

    That said, also find some semblance of value as a human beings. Your badly-worded sexual claims are possibly worse than your business, removing any remote suggestion that you’re a credible person and certainly proving you don’t have even the most mild respect for women. Pathetic.

    1. 2.1

      As for the Tiger Woods book it’s “#327,954 in Books” on Amazon. Which is lower in rank than a lot of things that were essentially self-published through Lulu and means that it’s probably sold less than 100 copies. http://www.webpronews.com/expertarticles/2006/06/15/navigating-the-amazon-sales-ranking

      That doesn’t mean it wasn’t legitimately published, though I have some thoughts on HCI from a philosophical point of view, but it does say a lot when that’s the only thing you’ve got to use for publicity.

  2. 3

    EDDIE KRITZER here trolling the craigslist, so you can craigslist while you decide what you has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    At least I think that is what he was saying, its hard to read his comments.

  3. 4

    And I thought there were some sleazy individuals in the so-called music business… I think equating his unfortunate prose to a CL troll is being generous; the man reads like a Youtube comment.

  4. 5

    Ashley- I would start sending letters with links to your posts about him to the WGA, SAG, and any company stupid enough to work with him, like HCI!

    Meet fire with fire!

  5. 6

    Do you even justify those emails with a response? Do you now read them and laugh hilariously at the fact that this guy is so busy with all his clients that he has all this time trying to upset you?

    I do think that posting those emails for everyone to read and decide for themselves what level of bottom feeding amoeba this guy is, is an excellent idea.

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