F all this, I’m talking about Harry Potter

The best part of the the Harry Potter movie? Definitely the Death Eaters. The part where Voldemort breaks Snakey? OMG.

Also, while we’re referring to Makani, let’s do a link to this comic about Voldy staying at Malfoy Manor. And I’m gonna put another one in because it refers to both DH and Emperor’s New Groove.

OK enough of that. Let’s talk about Emmy.

Buahahahhaha. Oh, right the movie. Hmm.  It was pretty good.  I really admire Steve Kloves for making everything so funny.  Or maybe everything just seems funny to me.

F all this, I’m talking about Harry Potter

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    A terrible writer? Oh wait, I know why some may think that.

    It is because of the target audience. We forget that the Harry Potter series is not adult fiction but aimed to a readership of older kids and young teens. More mature readers may find her style too simplistic. But we cannot discount the fact that her readership has been huge and varied.

    She created a fantastical world that has enchanted millions of readers. She managed to create characters with longevity that readers really cared about. Everyone hates Snape, but secretly hopes he turns out to be a good guy. Everyone love Dumbledorf and is shocked when we read about his fate in book 6. Everyone cheers on Henry and the gang as they take on more and more responsibilities in the quest to defeat Voldemort. To be able to keep that going for 7 books is quite remarkable.

    She matures the younger characters with each book, taking them through some of the angst and relationship issues that many young people have, and it is believable. That is not an easy feat.

    The movies, at least the ones I have seen are quite enjoyable and give faces to the characters portrayed, and a sense at what Hogwarts is like. I am pretty certain that Ms. Rawlings has had a big hand at making sure her stories maintained their integrity on film, and from what I have seen they have. HOWEVER, they are always the slimmed down version, with the director taking a focus on storyline that may or may not have been as important as it was in the book, or leaving out large sections of plot because of time constraints.

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