Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Promotes Sexual Slavery?

I want you to go read the most absurd thing I’ve ever read in my life.  Here’s a brief glimpse:

So why is Disneyland still asking us to laugh at an overt depiction of sexual slavery in its popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride?

Disney has unparalleled power to shape young hearts and minds. If the Pirates of the Caribbean ride normalizes sexual slavery with humor, it can desensitize viewers to this heinous and very real gendered crime.

When will Disney learn that sexual slavery is no laughing matter?

I’m just going to back you up here a minute, because the PotC ride is supposed to be a scary ride with a bunch of villains doing awful things.  It’s not like, hey here are the moral pillars of our society, it’s more like, these people were really terrible people, look at all the horrible things they did — like sell weeping young women into sexual slavery.

If we’re going to yell at Disney for promoting sexual slavery, I think we also have to yell at them for promoting looting, pillaging, plundering, robbing, ravaging, drinking way too much, kidnapping, marauding, pyromania, extortion, property damage, generalized debauchery, being scary skeletons and really bad eggs.

AND there are still actually pirates in the world doing horrible things — and real pirates did horrible things, how dare they make entertainment out of real people who did horrible things?  When will Disney learn that piracy is no laughing matter?

I find this completely embarrassing, honestly.  It makes me want to run around screaming at people.  Has any young person ever come away from this ride going, gosh, I think it’s a really good idea to set my house on fire, steal my parents money, and buy myself a sexual slave?

Some people obviously never evolved beyond It’s a Small World.

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Promotes Sexual Slavery?

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    I was wondering when someone in the business of being offended was going to notice that. The last time they came sniffing around “Pirates”, it was because they were OUTRAGED!! that the pirates were chasing ladies around the town. Disney corrected this by keeping all the puppets in the same place, but giving the ladies trays of food, so as to imply that what the lads REALLY craved after all that time at sea was some fresh fruit.

    (I always, personally, found it kind of brilliant that they managed to make that a plot point in the first PIRATES movie).

    But during the whole brouhaha, I kept thinking “Um, you have a problem with the chasing, but not the BRIDAL AUCTION?” Guess maybe one of them finally rode the ride.

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